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8 Signs She is Hiding Something From You



hiding something from you

Last Updated on May 20, 2024 by Joshua Isibor

Some signs show she might be hiding something from you. But, it may not be necessarily bad or even serious or something to be worried about. Sometimes, we all keep something away from our partner, maybe we thought it wasn’t necessary. Things like this are usually less important and not bad enough to affect your relationship.

But when she started acting weirdly, avoiding you with other signs, it was serious! If she is hiding something serious from you, then there will be tell-tale signs all over her. Have you noticed any yet? Sit back and read the 8 signs that signify she is hiding something from you.

8 Signs She Is Hiding Something From You

1. She Seems Far Away

Maybe your girlfriend has started acting less present, always absent-minded or Not paying attention whenever you are together. Does she now look confused or easily forget things that are unusual or even out of her character?

If she seems cold and distant even on a topic she likes so much, then maybe she is hiding something. There may be many reasons why she is acting that way apart from keeping secrets. She may be in a problem or a difficult situation. All you need is to watch for other signs before concluding.

2. Avoiding Communication

When she is hiding something from you, she may start to avoid your calls, normal chit-chat, and physical meetings. She may start acting oddly, refusing to share about her day at work.

If she was a down-to-earth detailed lady before everything, you will surely notice. Her description may start coming out as vague, with her being short of words. She may start doing this to prevent her from talking excessively, so she doesn’t spill her secrets. That’s your girlfriend trying to be careful with her words in your presence.

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3. Avoiding Eye Contact with you

Even though avoiding eye contact may mean many things, it is also a sign that she’s keeping secrets. It’s a sign you should be aware of to ascertain whether she is really hiding something from you.

If your girlfriend fails to meet your eyes during a conversation. She may be shy, have low self-esteem, not confident enough, or even uncomfortable. It could also be a sign that she is hiding something from you. It could be her conscience keeping her from maintaining eye contact. It could also be a way of preventing her from spilling out everything she is hiding. You may want to find out why she doesn’t maintain eye contact with you. People who are guilty of something bad have the habit of not maintaining eye contact.

4. She is Suddenly Acting Too Nice

Being her boyfriend, you can identify when your girlfriend is acting too nice or sweet. Does your girlfriend seem too nice which is out of her character? If yes, she may be hiding something from you.

Don’t get me wrong, it is okay for her to shower you with gifts and other things. It’s okay for her to amend of improving your relationship. But when it’s too much, and she is over-doing it and you know it yourself. Then, something is wrong.

This may be an indication that she is hiding something from you. She may be showering your gift to relieve her pricking conscience or to prevent you from asking any questions.

Once you notice it, all you need is to settle her down to talk amicably.

5. Easily Annoyed and Over-Reacting

She may be hiding something from you, if she suddenly becomes annoying, and offended whenever she is with you. Even with a little thing, she is triggered and flares up easily. You may have to find out if that’s how she has behaved before. But if it’s not, you will have to get to the root of the matter.

Flaring up and overreacting may be an intentional act on her part. It may be a way for you to avoid a certain topic. Particularly, if she behaves this way when a certain topic is being discussed.

6. Hypothetical Question

Hypothetical Questions are questions that begin with “What if”, “Assuming” and others. For example, if she asked questions like; what will happen if you know I cheated on you? Assuming I am pregnant for someone else, what will be your reaction? Those are hypothetical questions.

If she constantly asked you this type of question on a particular topic, then she is hiding something from you. By asking hypothetical questions, she’s trying to find an answer from you without informing you.

7. Privacy and Protectiveness

Being protective of your personal space is good. In a relationship, there should be personal privacy for each partner, but not to the extent of bringing separation between you two. If you notice that she has started pass-wording her phone around you. She changes her password frequently after telling you. Something isn’t right!

If she’s angry with the fact that you didn’t inform her before visiting. She warns you sternly never to visit without calling her, something she doesn’t complained about before. Then she is probably hiding something from you. That is her being unnecessarily secretive to ensure you don’t discover, what she is hiding by coincidence.

8. Seems Un-interested and Easily Bored

When a talkative girlfriend or fun-loving girl suddenly changes to be quiet, something is wrong. When your girlfriend who loves a certain food seems uninterested at the sight of it. Or she doesn’t appreciate a certain gift she once requested. And you have been looking for her mood for some time. You may want to ask her what the problem is.

If she keeps quiet about it or shrugs it off, then she doesn’t want you to know about it. She is hiding something from you, keeping serious secrets!

If your girlfriend shows more than 2 out of the listed signs above, then she is hiding something from you. Even, if your instinct told you she is hiding something from you. Ensure you don’t jump to conclusions. Talk to her know the roots of her problem and settle it amicably.

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