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Kai Vinci Releases His Latest Book “Keep Love Strong.”



Kai Vinci Releases His Latest Book “Keep Love Strong.”

Keep Love Strong is a solid but sweet anecdote on relationships, with the vision to motivate readers and people to keep their love strong in their relationships.

The way a few individuals and professionals work towards adding more value to the lives of others through all that they choose to work on in their careers and lives has imbued more positivity and motivation in other budding talents of the world.

It is thus essential to throw more light on the lives and journeys of such individuals and professionals for the world to know their genius and inspire them in ways more than one.

Today, we would be talking about one such creative soul, whose magic in writing has resulted in the release of his book called “Keep Love Strong,” he is Kai Vinci, the go-to life and relationship coach, who has now also turned into an author with his latest book, available on Amazon.

Keep Love Strong is a beautiful anecdote about relationships, highlights Kai Vinci, and is for all those who are highly influenced by social media platforms. Kai Vinci wrote the bookkeeping in mind the youngsters of today, who very easily give up on their relationships by getting influenced by social media that can really mislead people in various ways.

People blindly follow what they see or hear on social media and try to throw away the beautiful relationship they have built with love. Kai Vinci says that it is his passion to make sure that people “Keep Love Strong.”

It is a short but sweet e-book that helps people understand that even if they see or hear instances that may make them question their relationships, they must consider the hidden truth of the damage social media can have on their love life.

Seeing the “happy times” of other couples on social media, many other couples question their relationships as to why they don’t seem as happy as the ones who post about their relationships on social media. Kai Vinci says most of these couples who pose as happy couples only do that to make themselves feel better. Hence, he wants people to not overthink due to social media and give up on their love life.

He also mentions how people cherished relationships and built real connections with each other before social media. However, by saying this, he doesn’t mean that people should quit social media; he only wants them to use it in the right way.

Kai Vinci is a certified relationship coach who helps people with a 1:1 call with him on his website,, to guide them through their issues. With his latest e-book, he makes a solid effort towards helping people strengthen their relationships.

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