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Mind-Blowing Places to Have Sex [Must READ]



exploring the different sexual location

Exploring the different sexual location

Exploring different sexual locations and places is something entirely new to most persons. We all grew up with the notion that sex is a secret and should only happen in the bedroom at night. However, times are changing rapidly. In this current century, if you only engage in such traditional ways of sexual activities, it may become a threat to your relationship. Things will get boring. So, spice it up by exploring sex in all its awesomeness. Hey, I am not saying you should go extreme like threesomes and such. Albeit, it won’t be such a bad idea. In other words, spice your sex life up. Try new positions, even the daring ones.

Come on; it gets boring saying Hello to the bed all the time. Sex is an art that we can create in places our imaginations take us to. So, reignite your sex life as you learn the best places to turn all your wild thoughts into reality without overthinking it.

Before we go into these location explorations, here a little extra tip for your relationship.

-Be aware that the fundamental emotional need of a woman is to be loved. And that of a man is to be respected and appreciated.

-To make a woman feel loved, give her these triple As:




And for a man give him these triple Rs:




To sum up, as long as the other’s emotional needs fulfill each partner, it thrives. Working together in this way encourages both giving and receiving. Hold on to your relationship with your heart generously.

Now back to our main focus of discussion, below are a few places where you can explore your sexuality.

At an event

Talk about naughty yea? Imagine sneaking out of an event to one of the bathrooms or bedrooms to get down. It could be a birthday, wedding, or any social gathering where you both are fortunate to attend. Always remember, the thought of getting caught increases the sexual tension and sensation.

sex at eventSo you could try out a quickie and come back to the event looking like nothing happened. But believe me when I say you would always reminisce on the moment for a long while. Oh, the exciting part is the rush of those hormones when you are anticipating the action.

Hurry and try out the Stand and Carry Position, Ballet Dancer Position, and the Doggy Sex Position before they catch you in action.


In a Hotel 

Sex in a hotel room is fantastic. No cleanups after sex, and imagine having ice-cream sex or food sex, and all. Then you have to clean up after the mess is yourselves?

You can do this in a hotel whenever you have the opportunity since you don’t have to worry about anything. I mean, room service does all the work from delivering food to cleaning up. Therefore totally concentrate on pleasing each other

sex in a hotel

You can even try it on the room’s balcony later to make it extra spicy. Especially where you know you can get caught but able to smoothly run into your room when that happens. “No one knows you, so calm down and enjoy the moment.”

Here, you can try out all the sex positions you have ever imagined, and switch them as the inspiration comes.

In the car 

You must have read this in the romance novels, here is your chance of being that character.

Car sex is fantastic because you don’t have much space. You can do it on the driver’s seat. Just slide it back and ride him or get in the back seat and try other positions. If you want something snappy yet highly sensual, you should try this out. The panting you’d have afterward could leave you wanting more.

I bet you think there isn’t much to explore here, but you could try the missionary style, Cowgirl style, Face-off style, and the Speed bump sex position. Amazing stuff!

In a Cinema 

I bet this sounds like something we do in a Truth or Dare game. But cinema sex is exciting even if you can only pull off fingering.

In between the high-level sounds in the room, your moaning can also add a rhythm. So long you got the best seats, which are the back seats. Ladies, make sure you wear something that makes it easily accessible for his fingers to slide through.

In case you are bothered about people noticing, pick a very dull movie. You know wouldn’t pull crowds and enjoy yourselves.

You can try out the hot seat sex position right here without attracting much attention to yourself.

On the beach 

Talk about romance. Imagine having sex in the sunset with sand in between your legs. The warmth and calm effect that soothes you while you engage in Ecstasy matters.

People wouldn’t disturb you as it is almost dark, so don’t fret. The only attention you should focus on is your partner’s on a beach

Don’t be too adventurous, though; lay a mat or towel on the sand before laying on it to prevent sand from getting where you do not want. You can even order sex on the beach before the explicit act. The drink is to make it more playful as you become the character you so desire.

Ensure you are away from the water as well since saltwater doesn’t exactly go well with sex.

You could try the G-whiz style, deck chair style, doggy style, and reverse cowgirl sex positions.

In the Shower or Bathtub:

Water and sex are a perfect match. You should try this out in the shower or bathtub.

A private swimming pool would be equally great. But not a general pool, as it makes you more susceptible to all the wrongs we don’t want in our body. Even condoms can’t save us from such.

shower sex

The shower is a beautiful idea as water, either warm or cold, dripping down your body, sends this crazy sensation down your spine. It is wet and slippery. Or is it the bathtub sex that can send you rays of wild sex creativity? Whichever team you decide to be on, be sure you make us proud.

In the shower, you can try the Ballet Dancer, Doggy Style, and the Stand and Carry sex position. In the bathtub, you could try out the Hot Seat and Face-Off sex position.

On the stairs 

Did you just say how? The stairs are there to help you go up and down. But it can also be a great place to explore your sexual desires. Here, you could try the Standing Doggie style, the Traditional Missionary style, and the Ballet Dancer style, but be careful not to lose grip, you can use the rails or steps as support.

After this mischievous act, whenever you see a staircase, down below would always be triggered with sexual excitement.

On top of the washing machine/ laundry machine

Have you ever seen a washing machine vibrate while in use?

Oh! Oh!! Oh!!! Now imagine you and your Sweet Lover on top of that.

Yeah, baby!!!

To be frank, sex on a washing machine sends all the right sensations to your body and makes the act more intense than usual. This act is what most of us need intense sex.

When last did you get that feeling? Don’t be scared of exploring, dear. Go on and have fun. 

On the sofa 

Have you ever wondered why it feels cozy when sharing a sofa with a lover? That is because sharing it is the real deal.

Either it is watching movies, porn, or just plain TV, it can ignite that passion for sex. So, instead of holding in it till you get to the bedroom, why not just chill overnight on the sofa?

The uncomfortable effect makes sex even more daring. And if you are lucky, the TV might even decide to add some juice to it, by following up with some sounds that would act as your sex beats.

You could try the Face-Off, Hot Seat, G-Whiz sex positions.

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The Kitchen table 

The kitchen is a great place to have sex. It is where you prepare delicious meals. But who says you are not more delicious to your partner than that meal you are cooking?

Trust me, heat and sex are partners. The kitchen alone is enough to heighten your sensitivity.

So, cook up something outstanding in the kitchen before adding a topping somewhere else. In case you choose not to end it in the kitchen. Try out the padlock sex position, but just make sure there are no sharp objects. We don’t want the story changing to sex gone wrong.


I hope this article helps bring back that vibe to your relationship and help you explore your sexuality. Don’t forget the list is endless. So, be sure to add yours along the way.


Other Cute and weird Places to Have sex

  1. Anywhere in your house other than the bedroom. Who says sex has to happen there? Anywhere is always better if it is spontaneous.
  2. By a waterfall. Just thinking about the sound of the water spilling over the rocks and the mist from the water gently spraying your naked bodies makes you want to go find yourself a waterfall right now, doesn’t it?
  3. On top of the kitchen table.
  4. On top of the washing machine.
  5. In the file room at work—there is just something about the thrill of getting caught.
  6. In your unfinished home.
  7. Or in someone else’s unfinished home — sneaking into a house that is still under construction in the middle of the night sounds even better.
  8. At the laundromat.
  9. In an open field during a heavy fog.
  10. In your office (with the door locked of course) (or not, depending on what you like.)
  11. On a warm car hood while it is raining.
  12. In a tent—either in the middle of your yard or while camping.
  13. In a jacuzzi.
  14. Midnight skinny dipping. Swimming at night sounds sexy in and of itself, but why not have sex in the pool too?
  15. In a public restroom.
  16. While parked after driving down an old country road.
  17. By the pool underneath the stars in the middle of the ocean on a ship.
  18. In the woods.
  19. In your backyard in a sleeping bag under the stars.
  20. On top of a mountain bluff just before the sun begins to rise.
  21. At the gym.
  22. On a dock at night.
  23. At a crowded party down a dimly lit secluded hallway.
  24. On top of satin sheets on a huge bed.
  25. Sneak into a park after dark and make use of the picnic table.
  26. Sneak into a children’s park after dark and make use of the merry-go-round.
  27. At a rest stop along a highway.
  28. Inside your kids’ treehouse or jungle gym.
  29. On a fishing pier at night.
  30. In a barn.
  31. In your parents’ bedroom.
  32. On a waterbed slick with baby oil.
  33. On a slip-n-slide.
  34. In the bedroom, you slept in as a child.
  35. In the bathroom on an airplane.
  36. In the back of a limo.
  37. On a public hiking trail.
  38. In a shed.
  39. On a motorcycle.
  40. On horseback.
  41. In a parking lot or parking deck.
  42. On the subway.
  43. In the back of a taxi.
  44. At a truck stop.
  45. A dark corner in a crowded bar.
  46. Besides your car at a crowded bar in the parking lot.
  47. At a strip club.
  48. At the movie theatre.
  49. In the high school auditorium (after hours of course).
  50. In the high school gymnasium under the bleachers.
  51. In the bath house at a campground.
  52. At a hole-in-the-wall motel.
  53. In your living room with the windows open, day or night.
  54. At a crowded high school football game underneath the bleachers.
  55. Inside the college library.
  56. On a fishing boat in the middle of the lake.
  57. On the 50-yard line at night.
  58. Just off the walking trail.
  59. Inside an old deserted house.
  60. Time for a check-up? Go with your partner and utilize the doctor’s office!
  61. Inside a horse trailer.
  62. At a rock concert.
  63. On a blanket at an outdoor concert at night.
  64. In the dressing room of a department store.
  65. Two words, people: Trampoline sex. Try it!
  66. On the balcony of your apartment or hotel.
  67. In a hotel room with the curtains open.
  68. Inside the cooler at a gas station or fast food place.
  69. At a fruit orchard.
  70. In the backseat of your car in your driveway.
  71. Inside a lighthouse.
  72. Inside a greenhouse.
  73. At the Empire State Building.
  74. At the bottom of a canyon or gorge.
  75. On the deck of a cruise ship.
  76. Down a dark alleyway.
  77. At a Christmas tree farm.
  78. At the zoo.
  79. On a train in the middle of the night.
  80. In the middle of a hayfield.
  81. In some dead-end corner at a haunted corn maze on Halloween.
  82. At an art museum.
  83. At any museum.
  84. At a vineyard.
  85. Under a gazebo.
  86. Inside the airport at night.
  87. At the mall.
  88. In the middle of the golf course.
  89. Late night at the ballpark.
  90. At the shooting range.
  91. Inside a cave or under an overhang.
  92. In a hunting lodge.
  93. At the end of an old dead-end country road.
  94. On top of a bar after hours.
  95. Onstage after hours.
  96. Somewhere close to the middle of a closed road.
  97. By a creek during the daytime.
  98. In the shower at your parents’ house.
  99. On your front or back porch in the early morning.
  100. On a 4-wheeler.
  101. At a pumpkin patch.
  102. In a dark cemetery.
  103. On a tractor.
  104. In the back of an old school bus.
  105. At the train station.
  106. On a soft rug in front of a fireplace.
  107. At the automated carwash.
  108. On your porch swing.
  109. In a hammock.
  110. At a state park.
  111. On a screened-in porch during a storm.
  112. On a rooftop.
  113. At the tanning bed.
  114. On your kids’ swing set.
  115. Underneath an overpass.
  116. On a vibrating bed.
  117. Inside a walk-in closet.
  118. On a deserted island.
  119. In a port-a-potty at some big event.
  120. Between the campers at the county fair.
  121. On the Ferris wheel at the fair.
  122. Inside the announcers’ booth at a football game.
  123. At the botanical gardens.
  124. Inside a sauna.
  125. On the deck of a yacht.
  126. On your blanket at a fireworks show on the 4th of July.
  127. In the judge’s chambers at night.
  128. In the courtroom when it is not in use.
  129. At the IMAX.
  130. In your garage.
  131. At a storage facility.
  132. On a riding lawnmower.
  133. In a tub full of jello.
  134. On a secluded beach.
  135. In a hotel room with two beds while your friends are there too.
  136. Inside the janitors’ closet.
  137. On top of a pool table.
  138. On the tennis courts at night.
  139. In the dressing room at an indoor pool.
  140. On an air mattress in the back of the truck down some muddy road.
  141. On a boat house.
  142. Inside your apartment at night with the lights on and the windows open.
  143. Sneak into a home for sale.
  144. On the beach by the ocean at night time.
  145. In a pile of leaves.
  146. In wet grass.
  147. In an outdoor shower.
  148. In the city park in front of a fountain at night.
  149. Under a stairwell.
  150. In a stairwell.
  151. At the far end of the bowling alley.
  152. Behind the building of your old school.
  153. In a university classroom.
  154. On a university quad during a school break
  155. In a chapel.
  156. In a planetarium.
  157. Underneath a state line sign
  158. At a scenic overlook off of the highway.
  159. In an elevator.
  160. In a locker room.
  161. In a closet.
  162. In an outdoor shower.
  163. On a lifeguard stand
  164. On a boulder.
  165. In an RV.
  166. In an igloo.
  167. At Disneyland.
  168. In a bouncy house.
  169. At a wedding.
  170. At a funeral.
  171. On a ski lift.
  172. At a restaurant after hours.
  173. In your high school cafeteria or college dining hall.
  174. Backstage in an auditorium.
  175. In an antique shop.
  176. In a historic mansion.
  177. In a used bookstore after hours.
  178. In a cathedral.
  179. In a furniture store.
  180. In the lighting section of Home Depot.
  181. In a bike shop.
  182. At a friend’s house or apartment.
  183. In the kitchen at a restaurant.
  184. In a hotel ballroom.
  185. In the newsroom of a television network.
  186. In a rental car.
  187. At a dry cleaner’s.
  188. Stopped at an intersection.
  189. On the set of a play.
  190. On a movie set.
  191. In a fabric store.
  192. Under a willow tree.
  193. At a botanical garden.
  194. At a hair salon.
  195. In a florist’s shop.
  196. In a secret garden.
  197. In a store display.
  198. On a tennis court.
  199. In a steam room.
  200. On a paintball course.P

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Sex Education

Why Should You Buy Big Ass Sex Doll?



Why Should You Buy Big Ass Sex Doll

Do you love big ass women? If yes, then you are an ass man who enjoys a woman with a big ass. If you fail to fulfill all your fantasies as your partner doesn’t have a huge ass, you don’t need to feel low. With sex dolls, you can satisfy all your desires and love. No need to make any commitments, and your sex doll won’t force you to make a heart-to-heart connection. All you need to do is – choose a big ass sex doll and have fun! Make sure you select a big ass sex doll made from medical grade silicone or TPE material as they make them realistic and beautiful.

The big-ass sex dolls are always ready to serve you however you want. Rough, tender, or anything in between, you don’t have to justify your fantasy or feel bad about it ever again. Visit a sex doll warehouse, check out a wide variety of big ass sex dolls available there, buy one and live out all your desires that you had to hide due to any pressure.

Accomplish Big Time Fantasies with Big Ass Sex Dolls

From inserting your big dick to enjoying the big booty and tasting it, you can accomplish all your dreams and wild fantasies by buying a high-quality, realistic big-ass sex doll. Strike, hit, or do whatever you like with her big ass and boobs; you will always find your sex doll up for it. She won’t complain, hesitate or refuse. You can make her do whatever you want her to do. She will listen to you, move, bend, and stand in the way you want her to; she will follow all your instructions. You will completely dominate. You will be the only commander. Enjoy the way you want to, and she will keep giving you the pleasure you always wanted to have.

Something Special About Big Ass Sex Dolls 

One of the best things about having a big ass and boobs sex dolls is the unbelievable realism that comes with one. Irrespective of the position, you will always feel good while having sex with the big butted beauty. The sight of a curvy and big butt is enough to excite you. If you have a massive collection of sex dolls, a big ass sex doll must be your favorite as it will give you the experience you have never had before. Big ass comes with an extra bounce of the flesh that makes big ass sex dolls a perfect choice for comfort sex seekers. You will find yourself overcharged while having sex with a sex doll model with a big ass.

What are you waiting for? Explore a wide variety of big-ass sex dolls online. You find them in different ethnicities such as India, Chinese, Japanese, American, Australian, Nepalese, etc. Choose your favorite type of sex doll, customize her as per your choice and run the horses. Make sure you choose only a trusted sex doll manufacturing company.

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Male Sex Toys: Why Men Should Use Them?



s*x toy

Nowadays, women are used to embracing their sexuality. But, men still have a weird relationship when it comes to their bodies. The social and cultural taboos existing in society make it difficult for men to discuss their private desires with the same kind of zeal as millennial women do.

You should not feel bad if you use sex toys or if you want to use one. Want to know why? Here are the reasons that will make it clear why men should use male sex toys.

You can become better at intercourse – Experts say that if a man becomes used to masturbating more quickly, it will be more likely to make him orgasm quickly while having sex with his lady love. It is not an ideal situation as it can make women unsatisfied. With the help of sex toys, men can last longer, thereby developing patience. He will not ejaculate faster. Furthermore, most men learn to remain erect even after ejaculation. No wonder sex toys improve your sex life, but they are also useful for people who do not have sex regularly.

It is enjoyable – Never be ashamed of using sex toys for pleasure. Many men themselves shame men who use these toys but don’t do that. Undoubtedly, buying the first sex toy from Mens sex store is a challenge, but it will definitely make you feel confident about your body. It will give you a chance for personal growth along with pleasure.

Improve your overall health – You cannot deny the correlation between male orgasms and their overall well-being. The chemical that releases when your orgasm comes with a multitude of benefits. For instance – enhancing memory capabilities and brain function. Moreover, using sex toys aids you in sleep and can also make you look younger. You can also experience prostate massage with these toys, which is beneficial for your reproductive health.

You will start taking control of your own desires – Many times, men are unsatisfied with their sexual life. They have a notion that they are entitled to something more than the kind of sex they are having. This is because they themselves don’t know exactly what they want from sex or don’t have enough confidence or experience to ask for it from their partner. Using sex toys like Belle Knox pocket pussy or prostate massager can make you know about desires. This way, you can also learn how to communicate your desires with your partner.

You get to know yourself better – You can develop a better intimate understanding of penis and prostate-specific sex toys. It will be a huge benefit to your overall well-being if you know your body properly. You can say that it is like maintenance. The better you know about your body and how it works, the better you will become at getting the most out of it.

To sum it up

The number of men buying sex toys is increasing slowly. And with the above-mentioned benefits of using sex toys, you should not feel embarrassed while buying them.

Now, it is time for men to think that masturbation is normal. So, get yourself the sex toys you want and have all the fun.

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Sex Education

What you should know about Rainbow Kiss ( The REAL TRUTH)



rainbow kiss


Rainbow Kiss: The whole secret about rainbow kissing

The first time I ever heard about a rainbow kiss, I thought it’s usually a kiss that only takes place when the rainbow is out. A lot of persons have probably kissed their partner at such time, and then come out openly to say… “Have you tried the rainbow kissing? I eventually kissed my partner when the rain fell yesterday evening when the rainbow appeared, and it was just mind-blowing.” The above statement, sounds too absurd, and the boldness to utter it publicly, only ends up making an individual classified as uneducated. So, in this article, we’ll get to understand the true meaning of “rainbow kiss” and all there is, to know.

What is a Rainbow Kiss?

A rainbow kiss may sound casual. Albeit, it’s a word, not for kids, the impact from it is so deep, with strong intimacy between partners. In one of our articles, we talked about different kisses and their meanings. In that article, there are kisses meant for someone you just met, probably a person who has a high social value, and there are kisses meant for someone who’s just a friend. You can’t have a french kiss with someone who’s just a friend, except you both have feelings for each other.

Rainbow Kiss definition: here, is a kiss between a woman on her period and another person, who is usually a man. It sounds so n@ughty. This particular kiss occurs when a man gets blood in his mouth after performing oral sex with his partner, and also she’ll do the same and get his s*men in her mouth. Afterward, they’ll kiss themselves with both contents in their mouths. That’s exactly what rainbow kiss is all about.

Rainbow kissing is better done when having the 69 position after having great s3x. According to Danyell Fima, a co-founder of Velvet Co. He said that rainbow kissing is actually a unique way of celebrating your sexual achievements.

rainbow kiss meaning

rainbow kiss meaning

Is a Rainbow Kiss healthy?

The fact to consider about this is that both blood and sperm have the probability of harboring lots of infected particles such as hepatitis, HIV, etc.

Also, apart from rainbow kissing, kissing generally, is one of the fastest ways of transferring diseases/pathogens like Infectious mononucleosis, influenza, coronavirus, meningitis, herpes, syphilis, gingivitis, and many more. If one’s partner by any means has nasal congestion, it certainly will be transmitted via kissing. These are researches made, confirmed, and tested by medical practitioners.

It is best advised not to share “rainbow kisses” with just a regular person or a friend, firstly, it must be someone you trust, and secondly, It must be someone whose STD”s status is properly known.

Here’s a thread made by a famous Nigerian Doctor on his  Twitter Twitter handle on the 30th of November 2020.#OurFavOnlineDoc 💎 (@DrOlufunmilayo)


thread 1


thread 3



Who came up with the rainbow Kiss?

According to Wikipedia, Simon Farquhar sang a song about Rainbow Kiss. he’s actually a Scottish writer. The script was published by Oberon Books.

Rainbow Kiss Urban Dictionary

According to the Urban Dictionary, A rainbow kiss refers to performing cunnilingus on a menstruating female, which is frequently followed by orally swapping semen, blood, and other secretions. THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH HOMOSEXUALS.

Are there any rainbow Kiss Variations?

From the urban dictionary, a rainbow kiss has to do with heteronormative sex acts. A rainbow kiss is not meant for g@ys or lesbians, it’s meant for those who are straight.

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What people may think about a Rainbow Kiss?

A lot of Christians out there think that a rainbow kiss is usually demonic or fetish in nature. So a lot of preachers out there may preach against it due to its awkward nature.

Why are people into rainbow kissing?

The founder of TickleKitty, Sadie Allison Ph.D. explains that one of the ways people can enjoy period s3x is to give a rainbow kiss.

A lot of persons do what they do not because they like it. Couples might have a rainbow kiss because they want to taste and see how it looks like.  Allison encourages couples performing the rainbow kiss to try using flavored lube to break a new dimension to their sensory play.

A Ph.D. holder Wendasha Jenkins, also stated that rainbow kissing is also good for those who are adventurous and kinky. Wendasha also said that orgasms can actually help to relieve menstrual cramps.

Also, Fima describes rainbow kiss as “the pinnacle of showing comfort with and respect for your partner’s body and your own.”

How is rainbow kiss performed??

A rainbow kiss is performed when a Man gives a girl head while she’s on her period to lick all the blood, holding them in his mouth. And the girl would give the guy a head and get his semen in her mouth, then both will kiss together holding the s*men and blood in their mouths.

The two keywords in knowing how and when a rainbow kiss is performed is that.

  1. It must be on her period.
  2. The best s3x position is 69 for it to be very easy.
  3. They both must reach orgasm at the same time so that one will not hold the blood or semen for a very long time.
rainbow kssing

rainbow kiss picture

Best tips for a rainbow Kiss

  1. Both Partners Must Agree:

Both partners must be ready to hold each other’s either blood and or sperm respectively in their mouth. Although, an irritable act, to some it sounds okay, so far as they are both comfortable doing it.

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  1. Study the best time your partner reaches his/her climax:

Rainbow kiss is not for novice partners who just started having a new affair and want to explore. They must be together for a long time so as to be fully aware of each other’s high time, else the whole fun comes to a quench.  Only a good communication and timing would help facilitate a rainbow kiss.


A rainbow Kiss is really one amazing thing for most people. A lot of persons have it all concluded in their minds, to certainly try it out. But then, if you feel you’re not ready for it, let your partner know in a very polite way, because being violent about your partner’s choice may result in losing your relationship to someone else who’s ready to do the seemingly dirty things with him or her.


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