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13 Sure Signs He Loves You At First Sight




Last Updated on January 18, 2022 by Joshua Isibor

Love is beautiful and it is the most loving experience. Knowing that someone loves you or is in love with you is one of the most spectacular feelings ever. Everyone wants to be loved and to love, it’s difficult to find true love but when you find it, it’s sincere, fulfilling, and magical.

When you are attracted to someone at first sight, you might find it difficult to figure out what you are feeling. You may not have the perfect description for it, but you know you feel something. The magical feeling of love sometimes make it difficult to explain and express because you are overwhelmed by your emotions.

You come across someone for the first time and you feel this strong connection with this person. Maybe you guys have talked and you felt an electrical signal feeling that you can’t explain. You notice this guy and how he looks at you with so much admiration. If you are confused about how you feel and if he really likes you, then these signs will answer your questions.

Obvious signs he likes you at first sight

1. He is confused by your reaction

You just met him but he feels so attached to you. Whenever he is around you, he doesn’t want to leave neither do you want them to leave too. You don’t know why but he craves to be with you always.

2. He is compelled to talk to you

There is a magical propelling force that pushes him to talk to you. His nervous reactions are so strong that he wants to communicate with you. Well let me burst your bubbles, is not just a feeling it’s obvious he likes you.

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3. He gets personal

If he likes you he will begin to act SO personal. He might ask questions about your personal life, your relationship status, everything about you. If you observe he is being personal but not in a harassing manner then it’s a sign he likes you.

4. He’s eager to please you

Pleasing a woman he likes is a good sign. When he becomes so eager to please you at all times, he wants to do everything to make you happy, he goes out of his way to please you and to make sure you are comfortable.

He does this unconsciously, because of what he feels for you he is overly concerned about making you comfortable despite the fact it’s your first meeting. Boom! he is fully attracted to you.

5. He tries to touch you a lot

when a guy touches u

Does he always look for a way to touch you? Perhaps he hugs you for long, he makes excuses to touch you, or willingly removes something from your hair. If he does this at every interval then he likes you.

6..He compliments you

A compliment is a common expression towards someone out of admiration for that person. If he compliments you often then it’s a sign too. When a man likes a woman he wants her to be seen and he does that by complimenting her.

For example, he might tell you how beautiful you look, or how your smile is appealing. He might compliment you beyond your physical appearance. Probably your level of intelligence or your level of reasoning.The fact that he compliments what he admires about you is a direct sign.

6. He ends any interruptions quickly just to listen to you.

If he quickly ends any interruption like a phone call or he cuts a discussion with his friend he ran into. It’s so certain he likes you.

When he focuses his attention on you, leaving every other thing behind this means he wants his meeting with you to be memorable.

7. He’s hypnotized by you

When a guy unconsciously stares at you as if he is bemused or he gets carried away by your presence doing things in a funny way. He is being mesmerized by you, he is not being foolish but he is acting under the reflex of his feelings.

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8. He asks when he can see you again

If he asks you when he can see you again, this means he finds you interesting and wants to hang out with you. He finds you captivating and he wants to know more about you.

It’s your first meeting and he doesn’t want it to be the end, so if he asks you for more dates then he is deeply into you.

9. He makes it obvious that he’s single

If he emphasizes “being single”, it indicates his interest in you. He wants to court you, so he would tell you he is single and not in a relationship; so as not to make you feel uninterested.

10. He can’t stop smiling

When you observe he is always smiling while you guys are communicating, perhaps when you are not talking, he suddenly smiles it’s clear he likes you.

You only smile at people you are attracted to even when there is nothing funny to make you smile. So if he is always smiling it shows he finds you fun to be with and he is happy to be around you.

11. He wants your attention

If a guy likes you he will want you to give him attention. Have you ever been with a guy and while discussing with him, he gives you some looks to make you listen to him? He wants you to give him your full attention so you could get to know him better and understand him.

12. He is paying attention to you

A very good sign a guy likes you, at first sight, is when his eyes are all over you. If he gives you a listening ear and gives you his full attention, not minding if his friends are there then it’s obvious he likes you.

So if you like this guy, it’s an opportunity to create a very good impression to get him like you more and make a proper move.

13. He’s overprotective about you

It feels weird when a guy you just met it’s being overprotective. If a guy likes you showing off his protective skills is one of the signs that he likes you and he wants you to know that he can protect you and wants to be your superhero.


If a guy likes you, at first sight, these signs will show you. So you need not be confused anymore. Just observe and take note of these signs, but be careful don’t mistake likeness for love. Love it’s a gradual process, you nurture likeness and attraction before it becomes true love.

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