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9 Clear Signs You Are In A Fake Relationship



fake relationship

Last Updated on January 22, 2022 by Joshua Isibor

What Is a Fake Relationship?

A fake relationship is one where the feelings are not true, there is no sincere commitment. Only one party puts in effort while the other feels unconcerned. A fake relationship is a worse situation to find yourself.

Nothing really comes out of a fake relationship, you only get hurt by committing so much and not receiving anything or getting attention.

It’s worse because at the initial stage you won’t realize you are with the wrong person.

It becomes obvious when you start feeling alone as if you are one man standing alone. There is nothing you have achieved in the relationship, you keep changing yourself just to suit them and yet they don’t even notice or appreciate your efforts.

Alot of couples on social media are in a fake relationship but they just put up an act just to appear good and loving. They post pictures of them as if they are truly in love but when you dig deep you discover is all show-off and nothing more.

A fake relationship doesn’t grow or progress to the next level rather they are stunted in one position, they don’t even know where the relationship is heading.

How to Define A Fake Relationship?

A fake relationship looks like any other loving relationship but looking deep, something is not right.

At the initial stage, you might not perceive it but as the relationship progresses you eventually notice that your partner is not as committed as you are or as you thought initially.

How will I know what fake love feels like?


Fake love is more like infatuation, it’s not sacrificial nor isn’t unconditional, it’s an obstacle to real love instead of having close love gestures, deep conversation, and romantic activities, your relationship goes shallower.

The only thing you will be left with is little connection, relationships based on sex, arguments, complaints, and grudges.

How can you tell true love vs. fake love?

True love will make you feel good about yourself but fake love will make you feel less of yourself.

If you are really in love with someone you will feel:

1. Satisfied

2. Respected

3. Happy

4. Appreciated

5. Important

If your partner is faking love, you will feel:

1. Cheated

2 Insecure

3. Unhappy

4. Lonely

5. Pained

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 Signs you are in a fake relationship

Most times people turn blind eyes to this because they just want to pretend and accept that everything will be fine.

Below are the signs that tell you your relationship is fake or it’s a fake relationship:

1. They are just comfortable, and not in love

It’s obvious when they are around you, they are comfortable being around you, feel happy but they are not in love with you. They just enjoy your company.

Most times the fake relationship is more of getting rid of loneliness than taking advantage of the person. They are just with you to while away time not for the sake of establishing something real with you. It’s possible your partner is just trying to cover up the loophole created by someone and getting over loneliness.

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2. There is no emotional intimacy

Do you feel any connections? Do they want to know your emotional level? Does your partner want to know more about you and how to please you? If the answer is no then what you guys are doing is fake.

A very good example of a fake lover is that person who doesn’t make attempt to please the other.

If your relationship lacks emotional intimacy, your relationship can never progress more than just being friends with benefits.

3. The relationship feels shallow

Another way to tell your relationship is fake is when your partner doesn’t treat you right. Nothing feels right it doesn’t go deep or beyond the normal casual relationship.

Do they show they value the time you spend with them?

Do you know any personal things about them?

Do you feel you are the only one committing to the relationship?

If your relationship is shallow without progress it’s a giveaway sign to tell your relationship is fake.

4. You’re changing to accommodate your partner

If you are in a fake relationship you will see yourself changing and making unnecessary adjustments just to suit your partner. You compromise most times and reduce your standards just to satisfy your partner.

They never commit to you, which makes you try different things just to make them fall deeply in love with you.

True love accepts you for who you are while fake love will want you to change totally for their own benefit.

5. You’re always the one initiating things

Are you always the one initiating things to spice up your relationship, chances are your partner is not into you. One of the biggest signs of a fake relationship is when it’s one-sided.

If you are always the one fixing dates, initiating conversation it’s a danger sign. Do you receive love texts from your partner and they act differently when they are with you? This is a dead sign of fake love.

6. The relationship constantly feels like it’s ending

If your relationship feels like it’s always about to end or you guys are about to break up, you don’t see any hope for the future. You are always in the blink of a relationship, this is a danger sign.

Couples do fight or argue in a relationship but it doesn’t mean you should feel your relationship is about to end.

7. You don’t put each other first

If your partner can’t put you first or go out of their way to make you happy, this is also an obvious sign of a fake relationship. If they are faking their love for you they won’t make sacrifices.

8. You don’t communicate

Communication is the building block of a strong relationship, without communication, the relationship can’t progress.

If you don’t communicate with your partner often it simply means they are not into you.

9. You haven’t met his friends and family

If he has not introduced you to his family and friends, that is a sign they don’t want you to be part of their lives. They don’t want something serious with you.

Final Thoughts

If you notice these signs, it’s advisable to quit than get yourself hurt. You can never have a future with someone that doesn’t love you or in a relationship that lacks commitment and true love.

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