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15 Signs You Have A Spiritual Connection With Someone



Signs you have a spiritual connection with someone

Last Updated on January 22, 2022 by Joshua Isibor

At some point in our lives, we meet someone special. Everyone is unique in a very special way knowingly or unknowingly, and they leave an impact either good or bad.

Fortunately or unfortunately we can only have a spiritual, cool, and divine connection with a special person and this strong divine connection leaves a good impact on us.

Do you feel you have a special connection with someone but can’t really place your finger on it? You just hit the right button; here are some tips on how to know you have a spiritual connection with someone.

Surefire signs you have a spiritual connection with someone

1. You have a very strong gut feeling

Did you ever feel a strong conviction that person is the right one for you immediately you met? This will happen when you have a spiritual connection with someone, You will feel connected to this person and be certain about it without any doubts. Do your instincts direct you to them always, then this is a sure-fire sign of a spiritual connection?

2. You always feel secure

Another sign is feeling secure, security is one thing one doesn’t joke with. If you are emotionally and physically secured when you are with them, that’s just your instincts telling you something.

When you have a spiritual connection with someone you will feel secure especially when you feel scared or heartbroken. These kinds of people help you get rid of emotional pain and low self-esteem.

3. A feeling of liberation

With this person you feel free, to explore. Nothing stops you from going higher or getting to the point you want. They are just like a good influence that brings out the best in you. You are free around them.

4. You have a very deep strong connection

If you just met this person or you have known them casually, you will discover its as if you’ve known them for a very long time.

Being with them makes you feel more relaxed and comfortable, there’s a sense of familiarity and you even get closer as you spend more time with them.

5. You have Complete trust and deep conversations

You have Complete trust and deep conversations

There is a tendency you would share your secret with them, this is because you trust them without reservation.

Even if it’s a personal affair you are so free and relaxed to open up your emotions and feelings. There is this strong bond that gives you the energy to have a deep conversation and helps you bond at a very deep level.

6.No constant need to talk

This spiritual connection makes it easy to relate with this person you don’t need a reason to talk, being silent is enough for you. This special person can tell how you feel without you telling them.

7. You can hear the other person’s silent thought

You can hear the other person's silent thought

With someone you are spiritually connected to, it is easy to read each other’s thoughts even if it’s not verbally expressed.

You understand each other perfectly, you put yourself in each other’s shoes, you both go through each other’s stress, pains and hardship together. The moment they walk in through that door you know how their day went.

8. You know each other’s flaws and benefits in them

Yes, it’s true we all have flaws and also benefits. We have our bad and good sides, you look out for the good even when it doesn’t seem good. The good always complements the bad and even the bad have its benefits.

9. You can feel each other’s pain

You know when this person is hurt, you feel their pain and help them get over it.

You both help each other overcome your pains, stress, and worries. You make each other comfortable and peaceful without any selfish reasons.

10. You share the same life goals

You guys have the same ideas, mindset and share similar goals. You may have a different way of accomplishing your goals but you both have the same end result.

That’s the unique thing about having a spiritual connection with someone, your same goals make the both of you plan together always which gives you a better understanding of each other and value each other’s opinion and ideas.

11. You are not afraid of having a conversation

Initiating a conversation can be very challenging, but in this case, you find it easier to communicate,share your ideas or feelings,you are free to engage in a conversation,you don’t feel belittled or scared to speak your mind.No matter how demeaning it sounds, you let it out knowing that they will accept you for who you are.

12.You respect each other’s opinions and differences

You sure both have different opinions,ideas and thoughts, because people with spiritual connection are polar opposite, instead of agreeing to disagree you allow the other person complete you.

Though it seems difficult but you respect each other’s differences and opinions knowing you are both from different backgrounds.

13.You’re real with them

Alot of people change their personality, because they feel they won’t be accepted in the association or society they find theirselves.But with this person you are real and always yourself around them you don’t need to pretend for them to accept you.

14.Your morals and values align together

You don’t have to argue about values or goals because you both share same values and goals.With this alignment you are deeply connected to this person in a way you can’t even explain.You reason at the same level,you don’t argue unlike you and your friends because your kindred spirits align together.

15.You support each other wholeheartedly

If you support them willingly without them asking for your help it is a sign you have a connection that wants you to be with them.

No matter the challenges you face you both have the zeal to help each other succeed,you wouldn’t want the person to be alone in their quest to succeed.Your kindred spirit is a strong force for you guys. This is why finding a spiritual connection is a life changing experience.

Final Thoughts

Spiritual connection is not just any feeling or connection you have with anyone.It forms a special bond that establish a strong union with that special one.You are only drawn to them because of the kindred spirit that links you together.


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