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11 Signs Your Woman is Manipulative



Signs Your Woman is Manipulative

Last Updated on July 30, 2022 by Joshua Isibor

Life is filled with unexpected behaviors. The irony of life is embedded in the experiences we encounter daily. People exhibit different characters and being manipulative is one of them. Any body can be manipulative. In as much as it’s common with women, it doesn’t mean men don’t manipulate their spouse.

Someone who is manipulative in nature displays their attitude when they are in a committed relationship. They must have a level of control over their spouses before they can fully manifest. A manipulative person always use emotions to get you. You can be blackmailed emotionally, even without you knowing you are being manipulated.

Manipulation usually is a dangerous sign in any relationship. In most cases the signs of a manipulative lady is usually noticed, but men turn a blind eye to it.

Women who are manipulative in nature do this for their selfish reasons, or they want you to do things the way they want. They can’t see themselves compromising to the lifestyle of their spouse.

Psychologist have proven that these women do this without even realizing they are being manipulative. This attitude can be traced to their childhood or adulthood. Some of them had such experience with their parents. Probably they had toxic parents or friends, so they copied that lifestyle.

A person who manipulates uses words that are tormenting which they know will make people complain. They’re usually sarcastic, they use different attitude to trap you. Attitude like shouting, screaming, raging, destroying items and faking tears just to get you into doing what they want.

In this article, we will be looking at the red flags indicating your woman is manipulating you to do her bidding. Keep reading as I unfold the signs.

Signs Your Woman is Manipulative

1.She is a critics

A critics is someone who coitizes or finds fault. She would rather praise someone else than appreciating your work. A manipulative woman finds fault in anything you do, she condemns you just to make you feel worthless. That’s their number one skill to access you, so once you fall for it, they use the critic to console you into doing what they want.

She will disgrace and dismiss you at every opportunity she gets. If You’re not watchful, you will be thrown off and you loose your self esteem. She will insult and criticize you just to have control over you.

She does this to a point where you begin to imagine that what she is saying is true. A manipulative woman plays a perfect game, and you begin to feel worthless and useless. She would always focus on the negative aspect in your life, without giving you solutions to help you. You become an emotional fool because of her words.

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2.She plays with your emotions

If you are involved with a manipulative woman she will break you down emotionally. She will blackmail you emotionally so you fall for her bidding. Her conversation with you is to convince you until you see reasons she is right and eventually fall for her terms.

She will take advantage of your weaknesses and use them against you. If you get angry easily she will use your weakness to place you in check. To avoid this you have to get a hold of yourself and put your emotions in check. Take note of these signs in your woman.

3.She is a smooth talker

Smooth talking some one is using their words to manipulate their decision or choice. She will smooth talk you just to make you feel good even if it’s bad. She will use your emotions to cajole you to cooperate with her. A smooth talker will convince you in a smooth corny way and she acts so fast before you change your mind.

It’s expected that you decide quickly so you won’t have time to reconsider. So it’s important to think carefully before you decide.That’s the work of a manipulator, they are crafty with their words. They have this pretensions attitude and they talk calmly as if they are kind. A smooth talking woman will always be manipulative.

4.She acts ignorantly

They try to act ignorant even when they know what is going on. It’s their skill of getting you. She would pretend like she doesn’t understand what is happening so that everything will be on you. A manipulative woman tend to shift responsibility claiming the “Naïve” attitude.

This people know how to hide their intentions and they play their cards very well. If your woman is always acting naïve she is obviously trying to manipulate you, so be warned.

5.She Is Manipulative if She Plays the Blame Game

Women who are manipulative are perfect in pushing blames on people. They always act like the victim, they will take the blame even if the fault is theirs. They pretend so well until you have no choice than to believe them. A manipulative person will use this scheme to trick you. They will make you feel you are at fault even if it’s actually their fault. They portray this Narcissistic attitude. You eventually start pleading for no reason. Always stand your ground when you know you are right.

6.She Uses Emotional Outbursts

Some women manipulate with emotional outburst. When your woman knows she is faulty, she might use her emotional outburst to get you. Emotional outburst includes actions such as crying, shouting, nagging, keeping a long face all in the name of touching your soft spot. You will just find yourself doing things contrary to what you want.

When you are involved with such people, do not give in to their terms. Stand by your decision, because manipulators are good at using others to their own advantage even if you get hurt. They don’t care of how you feel, as long as they achieve what they want.

7.They Deny Things They Voiced Earlier

Manipulators are pocket liars. They always twist their words, and they are never straight forward. They often alter plans, a manipulative person will agree to disagree.

She will at first agree to your terms but will later lie that she never agreed. She will at all times want to dominate in every argument, you can never win. They pretend to be nice. You will never be right, they will always want to be in charge.

8.She Uses Subtle Threats or Aggressive Language

Most times they talk aggressively and if you want to react, they threaten to leave you or harm you even if they don’t mean it.

9.She has a didactic personality

A didactic woman is someone who believes everybody should learn what they know and believe that what they do is for everyone’s good. A didactic personality believes they are very smart, intelligent and clever to run things. This is a clear sign of a manipulative woman, if you observe this, don’t allow her outsmart you.

They want you to feel less of yourself. Your advice or skill is never enough for a manipulative woman, she will often find fault in your style. Nothing pleases her, she keeps finding fault untill you surrender and see her as a superior person over you.

10.She uses emotional blackmail as a weapon

Blackmailing someone emotionally is what a manipulative woman is good at. Although it might be trivia to you but in the real sense it’s dangerous. It’s a format they use to make their spouse feel bad for not doing what they want.

Although this is common in most women, but when it’s consistent it becomes a red flag. Don’t play with these sign. She will use her emotions to get you.

11.She is the decision-maker

A manipulative woman will make you to be the head nodded in the home. You agree to every decision she makes without objecting anyone. Apparently she is the decision maker. You can’t even decide on anything, reason is you aren’t smart enough to be a decision maker.

Is not that you are not smart, but because she wants everything in her favor she maneuvers her way into manipulating your choice to align with hers. It’s a Danger sign!


If you have a manipulative woman, you have to act wise. Avoid being used and let her know you are the man.You are not to be controlled. let her feel your male personality, else she will use your weaknesses against you.

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