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11 Superpower of An Introvert Child



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Last Updated on April 30, 2024 by Joshua Isibor

An introvert is a person who prefers a quiet, calm, and minimal stimulating environment. Their type of personality is known as introversion. Introversion simply means they feel more comfortable, focusing on their inner thought and ideas, rather than what is going on around them. An introvert is often thought of as a quiet, reserved, and thoughtful individual. Introverts are terrific listeners. Hardly do they seek special attention or social engagement.

Introvert sometimes believes social engagement is a very tiring event and maybe a waste of time and energy. Social events or gatherings can leave introverts feeling exhausted and drained. An introvert is the opposite of an extrovert.
Introverts sometimes get a very rap for being who they are, especially when it comes to an introverted child or kid. They are always misconstrued as an awkward “beings” who does not know how to talk to people or socialize in general. An introverted child may be quite than other children, but they are no less smart than them.

There is some myths about children who are introverts; they are nervous, they don’t like other people, they don’t want to be social and they are basically shy people.
If you are an introvert, you are not anti-social. You just react to your environment on an entirely different level than some other kids. You are certainly not shy; in reality. There is a difference between introversion and shyness. Shyness manifest when you are scared of being judged negatively. Introversion on the other hand is a personality in which a person or individual recharges his or her energy by getting plenty of time alone.

There are sometimes society tells us that the only way to get ahead is by coming out of our shells. This might be hard for an introvert because introverts are the only ones who want to sit quietly and think. Introversion is very common, so don’t feel you are awkward if you are an introvert. Studies show that half of the people all over are introverts, that is out of 30 kids or children, 15 are introverts and each one of them has superpowers.
So as you are embracing your personality as an introverted kid let check out some of these superpowers.

Here are 11 superpowers of introverted kids

1 Deep friendship:

one good quality of an introverted kid is that they are very good listeners. Also making close and sometimes lifelong friendships is another great attribute of an introvert. Though they may feel overwhelmed or tired at a big, noisy party but they love spending time and catching up with very close friends.

2 Great readers and writers:

About 60 % of writers are introverts. Introverts prefer putting their entire time and energy into reading and writing, rather than social engagement. Introverts believe spending reading and writing is far more beneficial than spending time at social engagement. They also believe reading gives inspiration and a better command of the language, which they can show off in their imaginative and well think out writing.

3 Conscientious and careful:

One other attribute attached to an introvert is that they see the value of looking before leaping. information takes a long journey through an introvert brain than that of an extrovert. They tend to hang back and study the new situation before jumping in. This gives them an edge over their opposite extrovert because this gives them a chance to make good choices and decisions.

4 Amazing ideas:

Introverts tend to have very interesting ideas because they always spend time in a quiet place and tend to listen to themselves “thinking”. Introverts have one principle or rule which is ” keep listening to yourself and keep being thoughtful”

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5 Great leaders:

introverts have incredible leadership qualities. They think before they talk, project calmness in times of crisis. All these are great attributes of an effective leader.

6 Talented problem solver:

The prefrontal cortex which is the command center in the brain, which is responsible for problem-solving, information processing, and decision making. They are larger and thicker gray matter in the introvert than in their extroverted peer. When face with a challenge, introverts thrive on the energy in their brain to work out a thoroughly reasoned solution.

7 Observant:

Like I said in the beginning introvert like to spend time in quiet thought. When they do this, they tend to take notes of things going on around them. Since they think through situations thoroughly and tend to create worlds in their own mind. They remember events and details vividly.

8 Reliable:

monitor or check how your introverted child and his or her friend relate. You would notice his or her friend tends to rely on your kid and depend on your kid’s trustworthiness. This happens because they are organized and keeping to promises and plans is easier for an introverted child.

9 Fair:

Introverts are terrific listeners and tend to listen to each party and circumstances before jumping to a conclusion. People love to have introvert as a friend because they good listener and they also provide equitable opinions.

10 Peaceful:

Introverts are never bullies. For an introvert, rather than wasting time and energy picking up fights, they are more likely to be found thinking of how to explain their point of view through words without causing a problem.

11. They Know themselves:

yes, introverts know themselves because they like to spend time alone and enjoy their own thoughts and company. Spending time thinking about who they are and what matters to them is a great way for an introvert to use their traits to help themselves grow.

If your kid is an introvert embrace him or her because you have a great kid.

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