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Last Updated on August 5, 2022 by Joshua Isibor

Online dating or relationships is taking a huge ground on social media. As of 2010-2012, online dating wasn’t well recognized and most people didn’t buy the idea then, but as of now, most young couples met each other via different social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

I know of several couples who met online and are happily married with kids. Take a look at a popular celebrity In Nigeria ‘Williams uchemba‘ who got married. He met his wife online, so don’t let the negativity of social media rob you of your future partner. Online dating is getting more advanced and recognized day after day all over the world.

Before we go into the pros and cons of online relationships, let’s first understand what we mean by an online relationship.
An online relationship is a type of relationship that starts from a social media platform, it usually starts with both partners not knowing each other physically.

it only takes a strong-willed and disciplined person to go into an online relationship, because most times you have to stay months before seeing each other.


1 It is EFFORTLESS and convenient:

it is easy to start and convenient in the sense that, no one is stalking the other i.e trying to find or watch their partner’s every movement.

2 It is very fast:

we all know the effect of social media in our everyday life, a large percentage of humans dwell on social media, which makes things very much effective for them, the same way it is effective for those dating online, which gives them a 90% opportunity to talk to each other every day. here, you don’t need to write a mail and forward it to a postal service, with your phone, messages would be sent faster.

3 It is not that expensive:

online dating is not expensive, all you need are a smartphone, internet connection, and a social media account, unlike those dating and always going on dates. Online dating doesn’t need that at all, the time they could just possibly go on a date would be once in a blue moon.

For those doing online dating and who want to go out on a date, they can just prepare dinner at their apartment, then video-call their partner who has also made the same preparation and have that little chit-chat over dinner. This has cut down so many expenses such as transportation, payment of dinner food, etc.

4 It doesn’t lead to over-familiarity:

majority of those not involved in online dating always complain of this; my boyfriend is tired of me, he doesn’t give me the attention and love he do shower on me when we started dating. However, in online dating reverse is the case because each partner is thrilled by a new day because they see it as an opportunity to learn something new about their partner.

5 It builds trust:

when there is genuine love between two online partners, trust definitely tends to get built. This happens because of the genuine both partners share, so they believe since what they feel for each other is sincere, the other partner may find it very difficult to cheat on them and when it happens this way they won’t have a cause to be scared of a cheating partner when they finally meet.

6 Variety of options:

when one is dating online you tend to have so many options to pick from i.e you don’t have to talk to just one person, there are a lot of people to pick your preferred choice.

7 Step by step:

an online relationship is a step-by-step process and things are taking slowly, from being friends to getting to know him or her and so on. Let’s look at some of the disadvantages of online dating.


1. Distance:

this is one of the major problems of online dating and why most people don’t want to go into it. Like I said at the beginning of this write up it takes a strong-willed and disciplined person to go into online dating. Most young people these days want to always be around their partner and some will go as far as saying they want to know their partner well, which online dating may restrict you.

2. Cheating:

cheating is very common in online dating. Most online partners cheat when they can no longer bear the time apart from their partner, so the majority of them tend to cheat just to make up the vacuum their partner has created.

3 It’s usually short-term:

yes, most online dating is usually short-term because some of those involved in it get tired of being away from their partner for long and knowing there is no near opportunity of being with them, so they break up with their partner to look for someone else.

4 Lack of knowledge about their partner:

This is quite common with online dating. Most of those dating online hardly can tell what kind of a person their partner is. Most times when they are finally together they find it difficult to cope because they didn’t get to know the side i.e the personality their partner is showing them. This might lead to a breakup because they feel probably their partner has been deceiving them.

5 The line between reality and fantasy:

a few number of persons have fallen victim to this because it is hard for them to detect the truth. Sometimes what your online partner poses to be may not be back what he or she would turn out to be. Imagine dating someone online who claims everything is okay with him or her, the day you both finally meet you found out there is something wrong with them, probably either they are crippled or handicapped in one way or the other. This is another major problem of online dating, you can’t tell if your partner is telling the truth or not.


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