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fundaentals of parenting

Last Updated on April 9, 2024 by Joshua Isibor

In this article, we would be talking about the fundamentals of parenting. It is for those who are young in marriage and those who wish to have children in the future.

Parenting is an act or process of raising a child from birth. This often starts even when the child is in the womb but as soon as the child is born, the parents take immediate care of the child’s welfare: e.g. bathing, feeding, keeping the child warm, and general hygiene.

A parent has to be careful, knowing fully that a child’s upbringing is very tasking, parents should realize that the child’s future depends largely on the care and training they give.

There is no single principle in training up a child the training of a child is individualized to suit their personality.

Therefore during the infancy stage, the parents are totally responsible for the child’s welfare, without adequate care and guidance, the helpless child would suffer or even perish. During this period their mental, physical powers begin to develop and soon and begin to think clearly to express themselves.

The parents need to guide the child from the wealth of their experience, to enable the child to develop his understanding of the meaning of life.

With good guidance, a child becomes more able year by year to carry out responsibility for his life.

By the time the child reaches his late teens, an early twenty’s he should be prepared to act wisely in making life major decisions of his life as regard life work and choice of life companions.

The child should not be left to do whatever pleases him but adhered to the policy of the home.

Training of a child is a continuous work otherwise the child will turn out to bring shame to the family. Home training stands out above school and church training.

Parents should not rigidly control every aspect of a child’s conduct in the adolescence stage.

The duty of parents is to correct the child, not forcing the child to adapt their pattern of life.

The parent’s major duty is to make the child live a successful life.

  • Conscience development

Conscience is not ready-made; it is that element in personality that prompts an individual to act in harmony with what he believes to be right to have a trustworthy Conscience. The child must, first of all, develop the ideas on which his code is based.

Conscience enables a person to measure his choices and activities by comparison with his personal code.

When a child’s Conscience has been trained against lying, the child ends in telling the truth.

A parent has to make the child understand what is acceptable and what is not acceptable.

Throughout the formative years of a child life, the parents have the opportunity to help the child, round out his personal code.

Then the child becomes old enough to assume responsibility for his ways of life.

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