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What Is Romance In A Relationship? (and what to do)



what is romance in a relationship

Last Updated on April 23, 2024 by Joshua Isibor

Romance in your relationship makes it feel more exciting and beautiful.
Romance is not always about sex. Sex is part of relationships of course but it’s not always romantic.
Romance is not just about lovemaking either.
~Romance is an Idealized love which is pure or beautiful. It’s not deceitful.
When we say, this is a romantic relationship it’s not because the couple are sexually active. It means the relationship is such a beautiful one, that’s got passion too, a passion that never fades.
Romance could be those little things that your partner does for you that makes you feel both cherished and loved.
Romance novelist Rachel Hauck says, “Romance is not about the sexual encounters but the awakening of the heart”

Normally they say women are moved by what they hear and men by what they see. Have any idea how true that is?

Now let’s take a look at what romance feels like for women in a relationship.

1.) Respect towards her:
Women are moved by respect. This gender finds it absolutely romantic. Everyone loves respect, but there are some act of respect which women want/need.
a) When she comes over for the first time and you don’t make a move to undress her. Guys keep this in mind, even though she’s wearing a really cute dress that’s making you ache down there.
b) when she comes over for the first time and you don’t grab her ass. No matter how naughty you know she is or likes to be.

2.) Your gentle-man attitude:
Yes! They love it, we love it. Many women would tell you that they want a bad boy with a little gentleman’s character.
She won’t appreciate it if you are a bad boy all the time, at least once in a while take her shopping, send her cute texts in the middle of the afternoon when she isn’t expecting anything, open car doors for her even if the car isn’t yours.

3.) Random act of surprises:
Of-course she would tell you, “I don’t like surprises,” and all that. Nah! She does deep down she’s expecting something even if it’s a little surprise party on her birthday.
Women love surprises.
Not all but a lot though.

4.) The way you glance at her at every opportunity you get:
A woman can find it really romantic when her partner stares at her casually from across the room.
At that moment her heart starts acing, she feels the butterflies in her tummy once again. She feels wanted and loved.

5.) Random words of Love:
Could be a text saying you love her, could be a call just to let her know how much you adore her, could be a little note which you slipped into her bag or into the pocket of her jacket telling her she’s sexy.
Many people might find this old-fashioned but really women find it romantic.
Even if they wouldn’t admit, you should see the smile that lits up her face anytime she gets that text or ends that call.
Your acts of affection matter too, she wants to know what you think of her, if you think of her at all, adore her. Things like that.

6.) Random acts of kindness:
Helping out with an assignment, just something she might not think you would do for her. Giving her your jacket when she’s cold and trying to hide it. Helping her clean up when she gets her period at your place one morning.  Just those little big things can awaken her heart.

7.) Have a phone-free conversation:
There are men who can’t let go off their phone, every minute, every second, every hour the phone keeps going off with calls and emails. Yes! we know, you are a busy man, but chill out, you are on a date with a woman you claim you love. She might tell you “oh, it’s fine” anytime you take an excuse to answer your calls or reply your emails but deep down, it is not fine.
Nothing says I love and respect you than your undivided attention. Your phone can go to hell for all we care.

~Men ain’t really complicated. When it comes to romance with men, they just want to feel loved and appreciated by their women.

There are ways to show a man how much you care about him. Ways you can be romantic to your man to keep the relationship fresh and exciting.

1.) You can compliment him:
Just like you need some reassurance, little compliments that make you feel good. Men want that too, there’s a write-up that goes;
“People give effort to what’s important to them.”
You might not be good at giving compliments but at least once in a while make an effort to compliment him.
Even if his cooking is nothing to write home about, even if you hate his favorite tee-shirt with passion.
They might be just words and not mean much to you, cause you don’t take compliments, but to him, they would mean a lot.

2.) Listen to him:
They say women talk more than they listen. No idea why some men say that, but then there are women who are good listeners.
If you ain’t one of them, well, try to be. He sure would appreciate it a lot.

3.) Have Deep conversations with him:
Men like it, so sure about this one. There’s a friend who likes it when his woman gives him good advice and tries to come up with meaningful conversations.

Side note, not all men love conversations about sex. They want to know what your plans are for the future, what you think of them and yourself, how you view life, and all that.
Ask him questions about things you feel he knows more about, learn from him. Make him feel free to ask any kind of questions he needs to ask and even if you don’t have all the answers do some research for him and give him his answers.
Men love intelligent women, just as women Love smart men.

4.) Love yourself:
Sure you might be thinking, “ok, so how does this have to do with been romantic to my man?”
Well, many men have no idea how to handle over-emotional and insecure women. So the least you can do is, to love yourself first, even when he doesn’t compliment that dress you wearing…show him how much you love yourself in that dress.
The way you appreciate your self would make a man appreciate and love you more.

5.) Show interest in things that interests him:
This isn’t much, but really it’s important, whatever it is, even if it’s voodoo, political history, ancient history, psychology, football, golf. It might be boring.
But show him ‘how much of an interest you have in his interests.’ He might be surprised at first, but he’s going to have to relax and watch the way your eyes lit up when you talk or read about political history. Even if deep down you have no idea what it means.

6.) Give him your undivided attention:
Just as ladies love attention, guys love attention too. It might be how you hold his hand in public, how you caress his cheek, it might be kissing him on the cheek in the back seat of a cab. Might be how you listen and look straight into his eyes as he talks about everything and nothing.
Those tiny gestures which don’t mean much to you may mean a lot to him.

7.) Don’t Forget to flirt:
Every now and then, even if you two have been in the relationship for a thousand years (exaggerations) don’t forget to flirt with him dear woman, tease him a little.
It keeps the relationship exciting.


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