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8 tips for an overwhelmed working mother to run a near-perfect home





There’s nothing such as a perfect home, hence the topic “4 tips for an overwhelmed working mother to run a NEAR perfect home”. But who says things have to be complicated for a working mother? Alright, let’s face it. For example, if there are two kids and probably a baby to deal with, the house to take care of, report to write for work, and a whole lot of things to do, plus an overbearing boss. The tips below won’t take away all the work, but will definitely reduce the stress and help you understand how to manage your time and spend more amazing and valuable moments with your family.

  1. Prioritize:

What is a priority and how exactly can we do that?

Now think of all the things you have to do all day as a working mother. To make things easier, you can get a small note pad and write down all the things you do in a week. Take a good look at the list you have made and begin to arrange them in order preferences. You’ll get to realize how we tend to pay more attention to things that are not really important and simultaneously ignore the most important thing. Learning to prioritize your time cannot be overemphasized as a lot of things tends to get easier, as a result, time management becomes more efficient. You begin to take charge and be in control of your home affairs, by allocating time appropriately to each activity of your day. Here’s an example;

*Help Ryan with his mathematics study

*Visit Mrs. Smith, remind her of the next month’s activities

*Write a financial report for my boss

*Fumigate the house

*Get new shoes for Jamine

Now decide which is top of your list in order of the most important and do what needs to be done.

  1. Plan your day:

This point might seem vague and unimportant, but as a working mother it shouldn’t be overlooked. Someone said ” by failing to plan, you’re planning to fail”. A 2 minutes of planning will save you the stress of an unplanned day. From cooking the meal, helping the kids with their studies, working on a file and sending an application. Planning helps you to keep track of your activities and not miss the important details of your day.

plan your day

3: Prepare ahead: Prioritize and plan your day and week depending on how you want it, and then prepare towards it. If you plan to make a pot of stew on weekend, then get your tomatoes during the week and refrigerate. Preparing ahead saves you the stress of the last minute rush, helping you to organise your schedules.

  1. Give your kids a sense of responsibility:

For working mother’s that have kids from 7-8years and above, this is a very vital tip. It’s never too early to start grooming a child to face the world ahead. Little things makes the most difference. Have your kids start helping you around the house. For starters, they can help to start arranging their beds, picking the toys, disposing the garbage and a whole lot more. It also helps the children start taking account for there actions and have a sense of discipline and responsibility. This top actually kills two birds with a stone. You get the house clean and you train your kids!

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  1. Get your partner to help :

Except for single or widowed mother’s, tip 5 is essential. No doubt, running a home is a lot of task for a working mother thereby getting your partner to help greatly lessens the stress. There is no laid down rule for this tip and it is unique and different in each individual households. Sit with your patner and discuss what needs to be done and how. Communication is the key.

  1. Cook healthy meals: Why is this an important tip of running a home? When you cook healthy food, you have healthy kids making you spend less on drugs and medical bills. As a working mother, you don’t have to break the bank to make a healthy meal. A little planning and money saves the stress. Check for fruits in season, purchase and refrigerate. Do you know a way to preserve fruits? Learn. Go on internet and learn how to make Jam, mango puree and a whole lots of others. Also ensure your home and it’s environs are neat, helping you to avoid certain diseases and outbreak. You can as well cook food in bulk and store them at the refridgerator. This would really help to avoid your children getting used to JUNK
  2. Spend valuable time with your family:

The family that plays together stays together. Running a near perfect home involves spending quality time with your family. Spending happy moments with family helps to build the trust and keeps the bond stronger. As a working mother, it’s essential to make out time for your kids and spouse. Spend time together doing something you love.spending time with your family

8.Expect emergencies:

A near perfect home would be an illusion if you do not expect emergencies, things you didn’t plan for. Your kid may just catch a flu or cold. Your teething baby will keep you awake all night. Your spouse may travel for the week and you may get a fever. Be rest assured, it’s still part of a near perfect home. Planning your schedule and preparing your home will help you take care of the home effectively even when you have an unexpected expenses or an impromptu development.

As a working mother, it is essential you understand that your health matters in running a near perfect home. How often do you take time out for yourself? Indulge yourself in luxury, be it a massage, shopping, or a foot bath. Just do what works for you. Learn to focus on your achievements not your setbacks. And do not forget, the tips above won’t make you a perfect working mum, but near perfect!

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