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Do Aquarius and Virgo Get Along?



Aquarius and Virgo

Last Updated on April 18, 2022 by Joshua Isibor

An Aquarius and a Virgo are a good match. They make quite an interesting couple, although, in terms of their personality, they are different.

The Virgo (earthly virgin) is more serious and reserved. They are very coordinated and organized and tend to function better when things are going smoothly.

However, the Aquarius (airy water bearer), is somehow disorganized, they are very unique and kind people, who go with their own regulations and guidelines.

Nevertheless, they have a strong passion to help each other. The Aquarius is the most compassionate among the zodiac signs, the Virgo on the other hand are moved to support others and Serve them. They are opposite in nature as a couple.

These are obviously different people, the Virgo is mutable earth and Aquarius a fixed air,” Stina Garbis, says a professional astrologer and psychic, “They form a minor quincunx aspect, which means they are five signs away and it is neither good nor bad, but are able to exist contemporaneously or in the same way. Looking deep you will observe they also have similar features.

One similar feature is their ability to solve problems. They both look at things from a different perspective just to come up with a good judgment.

With Virgo as a Mercury-ruled sign and Aquarius as an air sign, they are both more rational than emotional. The two signs love acquiring knowledge and new skills and also follow the trend of things, to enable them to enjoy everything around them that matters and they are never short of things to say.

According to Garbis, “At its best, this can be a relationship full of lively conversations, exploration, and discovery”.

The rare quality of these two zodiac signs love combination is the fact that they are both subtle. They possess the ability to work efficiently or poorly.

These zodiac signs can easily fall apart which makes it difficult to stay connected for a long time. Most times their fragile nature makes it easier for them to succeed because they are very careful.

The Virgos are extremely conscious and think more. 50 plus treff kriens If you are close to an Aquarius you are likely to feel detached, though they are caring and also rational.

Virgos are more emotional and they can clash with logical Aquarius. The good part about them is that they are intelligent and they both value friendship and connection, which makes it possible for both of them to relate very well. They both have a special bond that exists between them which is potent enough to last long.

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Here are 16 reasons these pairs can last for a long time.

  1. They almost usually start as best friends first.
  2. The endurance and quietness of an Aquarius balance the practical and overthinking nature of the Virgo.
  3. They naturally agree on politics.
  4. They are also humanitarian oriented
  5. The signs easily get comfortable with each other.
  6. Their friendship makes them handle conflict and problems with a lot more grace.
  7. They both can be very sensitive. emmen beste singlebörse
  8. They both communicate intelligently
  9. They value personal growth and is paramount to both of them
  10. They can converse very well.
  11. The same things excites both of them
  12. They have almost the same hobbies and interests.
  13. They are both cautious of each other’s emotions.
  14. They are both empathetic.
  15. They both can appreciative in nature
  16. They both are loyal lovers.

Virgo And Aquarius’ Sexual Compatibility

Irrespective of their various personalities, they both have a good sexual connection. In fact, Garbis says these two make a very exotic sexual couple. “Virgo has a fascination with the taboo and Aquarius likes to live it,” she says. “This couple may start off as friends with benefits situation that leads to something more.”

These two make a perfect match during intimacy because they love to do something different and also explore. The Virgo personality could be sluggish to reveal is Sexual fantasies, but if the Aquarius does not criticize them, their sexual abilities begin to pop up, they tend to function if you make them feel relaxed in bed.

As they mature gradually they are likely to invite others to bed. Aquarius is more of what he wants than the common routine and is likely to take advantage of a polyamorous situation. “Virgo may not agree with this scenario but will keep their motivations secret,” Garbis says. Virgos are more fulfilled when their partner is happy.

Virgo And Aquarius’ Emotional Compatibility

They might find it difficult to relate emotionally. Aquarius has the greatest love sign, they go into a relationship because it’s fun and fascinating. According to Garbis, they want to “explore the limits of love.” when it comes to love they feel it’s too demanding. Virgo, however, goes into relationships for commitment and long-term. lausanne romantische dates To them, security is worthwhile, and they also want to be married.

“If Aquarius is upset, they can become chaotic just to ignite things,” Garbis says. “Virgo wants to serve, desires emotional stability, and may have a hard time finding that in Aquarius, who while passionate can also be cold.”

Nevertheless, Virgos are very emotional, they only take alot. Aquarius responds to text quickly, or even hang out on their own without informing their spouse. They are not very loving or emotional neither do they assure their spouse of their feelings in relationships.

The Virgos go extra mind for their partner. If they observe that they are not receiving the same attention as they give in they might give up.

The most challenging aspect in A Virgo-Aquarius Relationship

Their biggest challenge is proper communication, it becomes a challenge because of their personality. One is open to talking while the other is reserved. They rarely have the time to express their feelings which can lead to resentment. According to Garbis, little things may build until someone acts out and blows up.

“If this couple can be direct with how they are really feeling, they can diffuse problematic scenarios, avoid unnecessary drama, and grow closer together,” Garbis says.

Overall, Virgo and Aquarius make a perfect match. As Garbis says, this is a “curious” couple. They can also make a great couple, since they are both intelligent, they can explore and create new things that can spice up their relationship.


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