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Does she Like Me? Scientifically Proven Signs She Is Into You



does she like me?

Last Updated on May 13, 2024 by Joshua Isibor

“Does she like me?” is a question that usually arises, when you find yourself falling for a girl.

And it is quite difficult to know if the feeling is mutual. Also, your curiosity is aroused when you notice she relates to you in a way and you don’t fully understand her intentions.

Some people may be bold enough to walk up to you and tell you about how they feel. But due to individual differences, it is sometimes extremely difficult for others. Thus, it’s not surprising to find that there are people who struggle to be honest with their feelings.

Over the years, women have shown extreme complexity in terms of emotions. We discovered that they are incredibly hard to read.

Deep research into psychology (psych research), has shown that people tend to act out their feelings either consciously or otherwise. However, because women are more of thinkers, let’s keep individual psychological differences in mind.

And due to this fact, we have compiled those signs in this article.

It’s possible that the girl is showing more than one of these signs and this means she likes you. However, if she is not showing any of the signs, then It’s obvious she is not into you.

10 Proven signs she likes you

1. You Get Considered For Every Request You Make

when she gets a yes all the time, it shows she likes you

when she gets a yes all the time, it shows she likes you

It’s quite clear yeah?

If all you get is a “yes!” to any opportunity to hang out together, then it’s obvious she wants to spend time with you.

And what better way to show someone you like them than spending loads of time with them?

This is not a sign of desperation contrary to unpopular belief. It is a fact that either we acknowledge it or not, our body follows the direction of our heart.

Just like when you like a particular brand of chocolate, whether you are conscious of it or not, if you were to choose from a rack of various brands, you’ll eventually choose your favorite brand.

A Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Susan WhitBourne, says that “Someone who truly cares about you will use whatever time is left over to have some together alone.”

However, this point comes with a constraint; which is the familiarity factor. So, if you are not well acquainted, she may refuse to hang out with you every time. And this is because she doesn’t want to look desperate to you.

Just as mentioned earlier, women are thinkers and more psychologically complex than men. Thus, they intuitively know that an overly clingy person can turn off a more psychologically healthy person.

However, note that she will make time to see you as long as she is into you, even if she initially says no.

But, if she is already comfortable with you and you both have passed the initial courting stages. Then, if she likes you she’ll definitely say yes to any chance to be with you.

2. She Tries To Impress You.

she tries to impress you

From wearing a blouse you casually gave a nice comment on, to making hairstyles she knows you admire; a girl that likes you will go great lengths in impressing you.

She will do something just to make you notice her and what she is doing. A girl, who likes you, takes more time and care to dress up when coming to see you.

She wants you to Notice her efforts and also putting in real work whenever you are around.

In trying to impress you, she may do things that are not entirely convenient for her. Let’s assume she wants to hang out with you, and the only free time on your schedule is when she has to do her grocery is very possible she will propone her shopping to hang out with you.

3. She Wants To Know More About You.

She will ask a lot of questions about you and your life if she likes you. Even when you offer information about a part of your life, she’ll probe for more information.

If she is asking you lots of follow-up questions and digging into your life. She is very interested in you and your life.

She will ask about all aspects of your life like your career life, work, friends, hobbies, favorite everything, and more.

She wants to know everything about you and doesn’t want to miss a detail. However, if you aren’t used to girls taking an interest in you, don’t freak you out. It’s quite normal

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4. She Looks Forward To Your Next Meeting

If it happens that you met while in the line of duty or somewhere related to work, she talks about the next meeting.

She says things like “I look forward to seeing you at the next convention” or “I hope you will be here for the next project because I’d really like to see you”

5. She Becomes Active On Your Social Media Posts and Activities.

A guy once shared a story with us on how a girl he met at the mall did something really weird. When we probed further, we realized that the girl had liked all his posts on Facebook. I mean each of his posts; even the ones from over 5years ago. Now, that’s how you know someone who is interested.

Social media sites have an algorithm. So, if you click on someone’s photos, then the algorithm will think that you’re interested in that person and will, therefore, show you updates from that person.

Talk about social stalking.

Thus, if she likes your posts or she is one of the first to do so, she likes you. She’s probably doing what is known as online stalking. She is doing this by spying on your photos and your activities on social media.

And based on the algorithm, your posts are appearing at the top of her newsfeed and she is there liking them immediately because she likes you. She obviously becomes your “No 1 fan.”

6. She Responds To Your Texts Immediately.

When a girl likes you, there is no stalling in responding to your texts, she doesn’t think but just responds immediately.

A girl that is into you will do this occasionally. After all, she can’t help it when she sees your face pop up in her notifications.

But she’ll probably also mix it in with texts that are 15 minutes or 30 minutes late. This is because of the desperate factor. As she doesn’t want to appear too desperate or scare you off.

So if this mixture of response time is happening then, that’s a great sign.

7. She Blushes When You Give Her a Compliment.


Even for the “not really shy” type of girls, they can become really shy when in the same space as someone they like. If she has a crush on you, she will probably turn red when catch her staring at you.

If you compliment her while looking at her eyes, she may suddenly turn into a shy girl. It is usually very noticeable if she is an outgoing and jovial type.

Compliments make women feel vulnerable. Oftentimes, they don’t always know how to act following something like that; especially from someone, they like.

So if you realize she is suddenly cherry-faced, it might be because she likes you.

8. She Finds You Funny.

You are well aware that you are not a comedian yet your joke always cracks her up. This means something is definitely cooking.

Aside from the fact that your other friends don’t really find your jokes funny, you also know these are bad jokes. But there she is laughing, giggling, and giving all sorts of funny reactions to your jokes. Be rest assured that she’s into you!

Even a “not so conscious” comment on an event is funny to her. Sometimes, you don’t even find it funny but she laughs. That is a surefire way to tell if the girl likes you for real.

Not just your jokes but also your stupid stories.

You know they are stupid, everyone around you knows, she knows they are stupid stories. Yet, here she is, laughing her heart out.

If she’s laughing at stories that others usually cringe on and feel sorry for you for telling them, she likes you.

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9. She Often Lock Eyes With You.

image of a girl looking at your eyes

If she likes you, she will almost always stare at you. That’s why whenever you look at her directly, you’ll catch her eyes.

When you keep catching her eyes, then she definitely likes you. Unless you have something on your face that looks scary and you can’t always have something on your face.

If you always find her staring at you; it’s a surefire way to tell she likes you.

If she looks your way or is enjoying the view for any length of time, be assured she likes you. She may intentionally try to avoid eye contact if she is shy. But this is hard since she likes you.

She’ll avoid meeting your eyes because you might make her feel intimidated or vulnerable in her position. It’s not really weird, it’s actually quite common. So, watch out for it when you two are hanging out.

Just take the opportunity to make a comment or a joke or just generally make your move.

10. She reacts to your body language.

Studies coming out recently have proven that women are actually attracted to the nonverbal communicator’s men offer; rather than the way they look. This means that it’s a guy’s body language that makes most of the difference.

Also, how the girl responds to this body language gives an understanding that she likes you too. To be very sincere: looking good and having a nice shape is most helpful when it comes to women.

However, what is more, important is the kind of signals you convey to them. You may look short, fat, bald, or stupid.

Another way a girl that likes you will react is to copy your gestures and movements.

This is a sign that you have a place in her heart. Most times she is not even conscious of it. It’s something we all do anytime we are in the same space as someone we admire.

An example is when she imitates your hand gestures when she speaks. Or your speaking style and also using a slang you often use.

Other signs to look out for

  • She won’t stop smiling when chatting with you.
  • She is more relaxed around. Your presence makes her feel secured; so, she is more relaxed.
  • She wants to know if you are in a relationship. knowing if you are taken or not will aid her in making decisions and even trying to conceal her feelings towards you
  • She tells you something personal about herself. This sort of information is what only her closest friends know.

It’s a secret yet, within a conversation she’ll just let it out.

  • When in a conversation with you, she’s present and accounted for. She is not distracted or pressing her phone.

She is actively involved in the conversation. Even when other persons are present, her attention is on you.

  • She is picking at you or even teasing you. This is common in the office or workplace. If she is pointing out errors in the way your shirt is ironed or how your shoe is wrongly matched.

It’s a no-brainer; she is very interested in you

  • She is not pulling away when you lean. This is often because she is also leaning in. And this is what we call “having a moment”

Having a moment only happens when the two parties involved have a certain level of feeling for each other.

So if you two had a moment; then, she likes you.

  • She sends her best pictures. When it comes to girls, most of them if not all, take their looks seriously. She likes you if she sends her best shots to you.

This is because she wants you to only see her best side, best smile.

  • She compliments your looks. If you just got a new haircut and she’ll notice it. Even a tiny bit of change in your dressing will not elude her.

She is always looking at you anyways so, there! She will comment!

  • She is very conscious of her looks around you. This happens when you are talking to her.

She blushes a whole lot, smiles a whole lot, fixes her hair, and adjusts her blouse, and so on. That only happens when a girl likes you.

A Word From Relationship Seeds

Conclusively, it’s best to have in mind that due to psychological differences in humans in general especially in girls, some of these signs may mean something different to the girl.

But if she shows at least two of the sign, then it’s most likely she is into you.

So before making your move that girl, check these signs to be sure.

Hey, Good luck

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