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How to Fix Communication Problem in a Relationship Without a Therapist



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Last Updated on May 25, 2024 by Joshua Isibor

Communication is one of the most fundamental aspects of any relationship. Proper communication is one of the fundamental keys to a better relationship.

When communication issues start arising, the foundation of a relationship becomes shaky or faulty. You need to fix communication problems to avoid a breakup or divorce.

Communication helps to Foster trust and connection. Fixing communication problems creates more bonding space for you and your partner. Communication in a relationship allows you to express or explain your needs and experiences to someone else that he’s your partner.

This act of communicating helps to meet our needs and also helps you to be connected in your relationship. Communication in a relationship is not just about small talk.  Communication is about understanding your partner’s point of view, showing support, and letting your partner know you are their number one fan.

Lack of communication in a relationship can break it, and it should not be ignored. Instead, fixing communication problems should be your priority if you want your relationship to move forward.

Lack of communication in a relationship has the following effects: loneliness, escalated conflict, lack of intimacy, feelings of sin or unknown feelings, and ignored signs of bad communication, such as giving a cold shoulder, passive aggression, and arguments.

I have seen people who are struggling with the issues of lack of communication in their relationships on a daily basis. We are hardly taught proper communication in a romantic relationship, and people who grow up in families where they don’t necessarily learn it either, these set of people wind up in a relationship.
The goal of this article is to help you fix communication in your  relationship some of the ways to fix it are:

1. Firstly, recognize poor communication:

before you can improve your communication skills with your partner you must identify some areas that need fixing. There are some signs to look out for like using aggressive speech. Being hostile or defensive when talking to your partner shows you have fallen into a toxic communication pattern. Aggressive speech involves, blaming or criticizing, raising your voice, and controlling or dominating the conversation. All these are examples of aggressive speech to look out for when communicating with your partner this will help you choose the areas that need to be worked on.

2. process feelings:

Process your feelings first before talking to your partner about an issue that is upsetting you. Don’t go into a conversation feeling angry or upset or too emotional. When you start a conversation with any of the above feelings, finding a resolution becomes too hard and difficult. A quick walk or listening to relaxing music before talking to your partner can help reduce or control that anger upset or too emotional feeling. Do not practice the silent treatment or walk away option.

3. understanding your partner:

For you to achieve these you need to listen to your partner with great intent what this simply means is that you need to understand your partner’s point of view that is where he is coming from, and where he is going. This can help you understand each other properly and also communicate one’s emotions properly.

4. Validate your partner’s emotions:

After listening intently and putting yourself in your partner’s shoes, validate your partner’s emotions. This means you are telling your partner you understand how he or she is feeling. This is very important if you want to work on your communication, rather than condemning and criticizing your partner’s emotions validate them. Most times your partner feels you don’t understand how he or she is feeling, they find it difficult to tell you or express how they feel. This is why validation of emotion is important.

5. Show empathy and make sure your partner feels heard and understood:

Empathy is one of the greatest keys to communication. So show empathy and also at the same time make sure your partner feels heard and understood this will help in solving relationship communication problems.

6. Body language and tone of voice:

One’s body language says a lot about how he or she feels at the moment so when your partner is trying to share their emotion make sure to show the right body language because giving an I don’t care kind of attitude might discourage your partner from expressing himself or herself. Also, watch the tone of your voice when talking to them.

7. Show compassion and appreciation:

Show your partner that you care and you are worried about them. This will encourage them to share more about how they are feeling. Also, show your appreciation for having him or her in your life.

8. Leave small notes and cute messages:

Fueling the romance in your relationship by leaving small notes on the kitchen cabinets, dinner table, or bed stand for your partner can help increase your relationship’s once-burning desire and better your communication pattern. You can write cute messages about how awesome and wonderful your partner is, and what you love about your partner.

9. Seek professional help:

After trying to improve things, but it doesn’t seem to work, you can seek professional help. Book a therapy session with a professional to help you and your partner better your communication pattern.


Originally posted 2021-03-24 20:03:26.

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