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How to Get Money From a Stingy Boyfriend Without Stress



How to Get Money From a Stingy Man

Last Updated on May 28, 2022 by Joshua Isibor

We all know one of the fundamental characteristics of love is giving. There is no way you claim to love someone and not give such a person. No matter how little it can be. It is in us as humans who love someone to go all out for them.

Now, when your boyfriend or man has become “stingy” and has refused to give you money, the first question to ask is if he was like that from the start or if he changed. Albeit, these are some ways to get money from your stingy boyfriend.

How to Get Money From a Stingy Man

1. Gift Him

Oh, wait! Are you surprised? I mean you want to collect money but here I am telling you to spend money? Well, you are right.

As already mentioned, love is giving. The hallmark that you love someone is gifting them. You can’t claim to love someone and not want to give to them. Maybe when you start giving him, it will soften his heart. Most times, it’s not that they don’t want to give, it’s that they are always giving and you are always receiving.

Try to give, it is giving and receiving that balances life, not just receiving. Don’t be a pest!

2. Be of Value

This is also a bit related to the first step, however, what makes this a bit different is that, even when you don’t have money, you can still be of value.

Imagine your man coming home, all sad and you can’t even say comforting words? Imagine he is confused about something and you can’t even proffer a solution. Every single time! The relationship is just based on the cruise and you collecting. Even if he loves you, he will get tired at some point.

Most times, it’s not even about the money, do you have value? Can you give some sound advice? Can you have a sound conversation outside cruise and vibes?

Check yourself, no man is stingy, they are just not spending on you.

3.Ask Him for Money In The Presence of His Friends

To every general rule, there is always an exception. If peradventure your man is truly stingy, then, he must have pride at least. Ask him for money in the presence of his pals.

Guys love to form, they like to show to the world they care about their women, and they love to act like a provider even if they are not. If you ask him for money in the presence of his friends, he will be compelled to give you.

Even if he wants to dodge it, there is a large possibility that his friends will chip in for you that he should give you, how much are you asking for that he can’t give?

4. Make Sure it is Necessary

You already know your boyfriend is stingy, you have accepted it, and the best thing to do is to only ask him for important things. If you have a want and you can sort it out, just sort it out. Don’t bother asking for it.

Ask him about your needs. Also, chip in that you just want him to complete the money for you as you have raised a certain amount yourself. That way, he will even be motivated to give you.

5. Don’t Be Too Demanding

Guys love to give their girls money and all, they live to spoil their women. However, a demanding babe will wear a man out. Everything shouldn’t be about giving and giving you.

Sometimes, sort your needs out yourself. The relationship is not a get-rich-quick scheme or employment relationship. The goal of it is to be there for each other at every point in time.

Where he sees you need something and you got it yourself, another you need something you got it yourself. If you need anything again, he will also want to get it for you. Men have an ego, they always want to be the one getting stuff for their babe. Men even complain when their babes get stuff by themselves. They always want to show that they can get it.

So, one of the best ways to get your man’s money is to buy your stuff yourself. He will wonder why you are not asking him for the money, he might even go as far as asking you if another man is giving you money. That way, you can chip in that since he is not giving you, you are working for it. You let him know you are an independent person who can sustain herself. He will feel somehow about it and want to give you money even before you ask or when you ask.

6. Learn To Ask

Some ladies don’t know how to ask for money from their men. It’s not something very comfortable with them. But regardless, you must ask.

Your man is not the Holy Spirit, he doesn’t know if you need something or not. If you don’t tell him, he will not know. Some guys are like that, and they don’t do it intentionally. Some guys prefer to buy you a gift, but it won’t occur to them to just give you money. Not because they do not want to, but because it skips their mind.

So, if you want money, ask your boyfriend. Don’t conclude that men are stingy when you are not asking.

7. Don’t Be Stingy

If you want a man that is not stingy, also make sure you are a woman that is not stingy. If your man gifts you often and gives you money, It’s pertinent that you also should gift him and be there for him especially when he doesn’t have one.

Imagine your boyfriend treats you well and you have money or resources but you decided to withhold it from him when he needed you the most because you believe that men are meant to take care of you, not the other way around.

You believe that his money is our money but your money is your money. You are so stingy that you can’t even lend him money. Regardless of the reason, it is stinginess. You are just sugar-coating it with your money is your money. Change, don’t be stingy!

8. Talk To Him

If all fails and you realize that you can’t continue like this, the best thing to do is to talk to him about it. He is your boyfriend, right? And he loves you. Having a conversation is not bad. The conversation is the basis of a relationship. No relationship can survive without adequate communication.

Tell him how you feel, when you tell him, also give reasons. Let him see that it’s important for you to feel loved in this relationship as one of the ways to do so is by gifting you. Remind him of your love language and also let him know that you are willing to change if there is a reason why he is acting that way.

Communication solves a lot of problems and it should make him rethink and do better. If all fails and you feel you can’t cope. Step out of the relationship. Don’t cheat on him because of that.

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