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How to Move On From a Relationship in 5 Easy Steps



Last Updated on November 24, 2022 by Joshua Isibor

How do you move on from a relationship? It’s tough. You’ve invested so much of yourself into this relationship, and now it’s gone. How do you pick up the pieces and start again? You mess up your thoughts, imagining the signs he will cheat again. You try to convince yourself it’s all in your head, but you can’t stop thinking about it.

Breathe out. You’re going to get through this. They say that time heals all wounds, and that may be true to some extent. But when you’re in the throes of a breakup, it can feel like the pain will never disappear. The good news is that you’re not alone.

In fact, studies have shown that the average person spends 3.5 months recovering from a breakup. So take comfort in knowing that you’re right on track. And while there’s no magic formula for getting over a breakup, there are some things you can do to make the process a little easier on yourself.

We will provide tips on how to move on from your previous relationship and start a new one.

When the time for relationships moving on comes in your life, it can be extremely difficult to deal with the aftermath. Strong bonds are not easily broken. You may feel like you’ve lost a part of yourself, and it can be tough to imagine moving on.

And while you think there’s only true love behind tough breakups, new research suggests that’s not always the case. A study published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science found that people with a “positive illusions” bias towards their partner are more likely to stay in unhealthy relationships.

Other reasons why breakups are tough include:

-You may have invested a lot of time and energy into the relationship

-You may have built up a strong emotional connection with your partner

-You may be facing uncertainty about the future

-You may be dealing with feelings of rejection or abandonment

-You may be struggling with feelings of loneliness or isolation.

If you’re going through a tough breakup, it’s essential to give yourself time to grieve and heal. Focus on your mental health by checking out some self-care tips here. And while you’re preparing some candles and bubble baths, we’ll be over here with tips on how to get over a breakup. So hold on and keep reading – you’ll get through this.

Re-Play Your Memories

When moving on from a relationship, it’s normal to want to hold on to the happy memories you shared with your partner. But as much as it hurts, it’s essential to accept that those memories are in the past. And not all of them are worth hanging on to.

In fact, people tend to idealize breakups, said Erika Ettin, founder of A Little Nudge. ” We only remember the good times and forget the bad,” she told Elite Daily. ” But if you take a step back, you realize there were probably some not-so-happy times between those highs.”

In short, we have to say it’s essential to remember the bad times. The fights, the arguments, and the moments when you weren’t happy. The price of relationship nostalgia is that it’s one-sided. And it can prevent you from moving on.

The critical point of this step is a detailed analysis of your relationship. What went wrong? Why did it end? What were some of the problems you had? While doing this, it’s essential, to be honest with yourself. Don’t blame yourself for everything, but don’t ignore your role in the relationship’s demise either.

Get Rid of Your Reminders

When you move on from a relationship, it can be challenging to let go of the past. You may have fond memories of your time together, and it can be hard to let those things go. However, it is essential to remember that holding on to these things will only make it harder for you to move on.

If you want to start fresh, it is necessary to get rid of anything that reminds you of your ex. This includes photos, gifts, and anything else that brings back memories of the relationship. We don’t mean you should act as a hero of soap operas and burn everything (though, in some cases, it could be the only way).

This step may seem small, but removing these reminders will help you start fresh and move on with your life. Physical triggers can be powerful, so it is best to get rid of them as soon as possible. By removing them, you will be able to focus on the future and begin the process of healing.

Also, we recommend avoiding any romantic movies or posts like this one – they may remind you of your ex. At least for a little while, it is best to steer clear of anything that might trigger those painful memories. For now, it is best to give yourself a break.

Pursue Your Little Goals

The ways to move on from a relationship are never easy. One day you’re in a relationship, and the next, you’re not. It can be hard to adjust to being single again, and it’s natural to want to find routines for occupying your time and taking your mind off of the heartache. That’s why it’s essential to have something to focus on and look forward to after a breakup.

You can try to:

-Find a new hobby

-Start going to the gym

-Finally, start that blog you’ve always wanted to write

-Take a trip somewhere you’ve always wanted to go

Doing things for yourself can help take your mind off of your ex and make you feel better in the long run. And who knows? Maybe pursuing your small goals will lead to some big ones.

The sooner you accept that you’re going to feel sad, angry, and lonely for a while, the better. These negative emotions are all part of the healing process. Trying to push them away will only make them come back stronger.

Instead, allow yourself to feel whatever it is you’re feeling. Cry if you need to, punch a pillow, listen to sad songs—do whatever you need to to get the emotions out. Just make sure not to dwell on them for too long.

Care About Yourself Mentally and Physically

How to move on from relationship? Taking care of yourself mentally and physically is necessary. Many people think they can “get over” a relationship by moving on to the next one, but that’s not the case. It takes time to heal your heart and mind, and you must be patient with yourself.

Here are some tips for taking care of yourself after a breakup:

-Talk to a therapist or counselor about what you’re going through. Click to learn more about negative emotions.

-You need to take care of your body by exercising regularly and eating healthily. It will improve your mood and well-being.

-Spend time with friends and family who make you feel good about yourself.

-Do things that make you happy, whether reading, watching movies, or going for walks in nature.

-Allow yourself to feel sad and angry. Don’t try to bottle up your emotions.

-Write about your experiences in a journal or blog. Getting your thoughts down on paper can help you process them and move on.

These are just the examples, but I think you get the gist. The point is, there are things you can do to make the process of moving on a little easier.

In the End, Be Grateful

The best way to move on from a relationship is to be grateful. It’s hard to see the silver lining when you’re in the midst of a breakup, and all you can think about is what went wrong and how much you miss your ex.

But trust me, there are things to be grateful for even in the darkest times. Maybe your relationship wasn’t meant to last forever, or perhaps it taught you some important lessons.

You won’t agree with this right away, and that’s okay. Give yourself some time to grieve and wallow in your sorrows. But eventually, you’ll see that there are things to be grateful for. Ask yourself: would I start improving myself in though ways I have while still in the relationship?

Even if you think it would still be possible to do all those things in the relationship, remember that emotional baggage would hold you back.

After a breakup, you have the chance to work on yourself unhindered and even begin a new relationship, as that article states. Use this opportunity to better yourself in every way possible. Learn new things, take up new hobbies, travel to different places, and make new friends. A breakup gives you the chance to rediscover who you are.


It’s not always easy to move on from a relationship, but it is possible. By following the tips above, you can give yourself the best chance of success. Remember to take things one day at a time and reach out for support if you need it. With time and effort, you’ll be able to create a new life for yourself that is even better than before.


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