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How To Trigger The Hero Instinct In Your Man



How To Trigger The Hero Instinct In Your Man

Last Updated on January 20, 2022 by Joshua Isibor

When men are in love they can be weak to their knees. Making him want to be around you, do things for you, impress you, make you happy, make you feel protected, needed, wanted, and desired by him. He goes all out for your sake. But how do you trigger him to do and feel these things for you? There are a lot of ways to trigger the hero instinct in your man. But in this post, we would only see five major hacks.

But firstly, know this, triggering the hero instinct in your man doesn’t mean it was never there. You’re not planting it, you’re only giving it a boost. Boosting it requires patience, comprehensive and calculative methods. You can also use this to be sure he actually loves you or he is just using you. The hero instinct centers basically on if he actually loves you.

What is the Hero Instinct in a man?

What is the Hero instinct in a man?

The hero instinct is a form of relationship psychology first coined by James Bauer in his popular book His Secret Obsession. Basically, a man wants to feel needed by you.

The hero instinct says that a guy has to feel like he’s constantly rescuing his damsel in distress or saving the day somehow.

Basically, it’s a sudden feeling of  Overprotectiveness or marking territories to protect what’s his. He does this consciously and unconsciously. The Hero Instinct In A Man is a kind of feeling that makes a man feel like a hero. A hero that saves a damsel in distress.

The hero instinct is every man’s DNA, so triggering it shouldn’t take too much time. To trigger the hero instinct in your man, all you have to do is Talk and Act.

I’m pretty sure you questioned that, but it’s quite easy. During the course of the post, you’d understand.

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1: Fake an injury

Faking a cut, slip, or fall alerts him. He stops whatever he’s doing and runs to help. Men hate scars, physically or mentally, and if it’s on someone they love, it’s a total turn-off, and treating that scar becomes his priority.

2: Be Supportive

Daily Assurance, and helping him in your own little way create a sense of togetherness between both parties.

As a man, he wouldn’t want to lose someone who stays by his side through thick and thin. Being supportive creates a mindset of being wanted and needed by you. That way he’d always want to be with you. So always support him. Support him in front of his friends. Defend him. You could even stand in for him. Represent him well, celebrate his success.

3: Be Appreciative

Always be thankful for the little things he does.

Of course, he might say not to, but you must give him reasons why you’re thankful. Be thankful for him, with him, and by him.

Be thankful for his protectiveness, always praise him. Always compliment him. Be appreciative, not just by saying it but also show him how thankful you are by doing little things for him.

Buy him gifts, set a warm bath, prepare a nice meal. You could even add a little romance. This way, he’d do everything and anything to keep you.

4: Be Strong, Independent, Responsible, and submissive

Research has shown that 70-80% of men love their women to be strong and Independent.

Working for herself. Making her money. Men love a little challenge, and an independent woman is a challenging woman.

Being submissive doesn’t make you the weak one. It just shows that even though you’re strong and you’re independent, you are also a woman who respects him.

Challenge him but also yield to him. Stand your ground but also listen to him. You both already have that sense of belonging. He’d want to keep a woman like that forever. This way shows you allow him to make you happy because you make him happy.

5: Keep it Low-key

Don’t blow your trumpet too hard. You can do all of that stated above but never go overboard. Do things only when necessary. Do things because this is the right time to do it. Keeping it Low-key means the world has to know things but not everything. Don’t oversay things, don’t overdo things. Keep it moderate. Triggering the hero instinct in him is already a done deal.

The 12 Word That Triggers The Hero Instinct In A Man

The 12-word text is a statement that sends a risky signal. It’s one of the sentences that could end a relationship or make it stronger. That’s why it’s risky. But very effective.

1. I’m 2. Better 3. Off 4. Without 5. You. 6. Thanks 7. For 8. Allowing 9. Me 10. To 11. Discover 12. That.

All together it says, I’m better off without you, and thanks for allowing me to discover that.

This was gotten from the book by James Bauer’s secret obsession.

Now In sending a message like this it sends a signal of neglect. This shows that you make the guy feel like he neglected you or wasn’t there when you needed him the most. He comes running to you consciously and unconsciously. This sends thoughts running through his head. Whether you’re okay or not, are you hurt? Are you sad?…. Just have a lot of unanswered questions. But finding you would be his top priority.

In conclusion

Triggering the hero instinct in a man also requires patience. Men differ, so don’t expect too much but still expect it.

As long he loves you, then you have him wrapped around your little finger. Remember to always support him, praise him, be there for him, be strong, independent, responsible, and submissive. He’d always want to protect what is his and hold on to it and never let it go. In doing this you have become his damsel in distress and your hero would always be there to save you.

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