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Libra and Aquarius Compatibility in Sex, Love and Friendship



Libra and Aquarius Compatibilityw

Last Updated on January 12, 2022 by Joshua Isibor

Aquarius is good at helping people while libra expresses their sexual feelings. The problem with Libra’s (Sun) is that they call for attention, and also come to the way they show their sexuality.

They are rather too scared to be judged and tend to lose interest in sex, or may not show it despite everyone’s thoughts and it usually annoys their spouse.

In terms of sexuality, Aquarius has a totally different style, they don’t consider others’ ideas. They love to live a free life from any abominable act or restrictions and it usually assists the libra for a while.

However, their sexual life might be quite interesting for a libra, and a little bit stressful for Aquarius because they will still want to attack the libras’ from participating. Although, as two signs representing “air”, they seem to be more at ease to express their sexual feelings to each other.

They would love to experiment, also know what each other wants or likes, and relate with ease. They both have a strong sexual desire, but they consider their vocal expression as a good means of getting along, which is the best for their bond.

Personality Traits of an Aquarius

Aquarius man or woman doesn’t believe in love at first sight. They are controlled by their brains, and not what they feel, thus they require sufficient time to get to know someone before they can make a choice if they want to be with that person or not. Because to them, emotional attraction counts more than physical attraction, they will prefer to take things slow. They will like to be friends first and get into something serious than starting a relationship immediately.

Personality Traits of a Libra

Libra is like an air sign. They are creative humans and imagine a lot. They want to feel the good part of life and nature, through any possible means. They are known to make people feel happy and also themselves too, this is the reason they are good at flirting and communicating. the sun sign is favorable for them, they are social and balanced. For their worst they can be very angry and manipulative, they bear grudges alot and will avoid confrontation.

Trust for an Aquarius man & Libra

They are both righteous in nature so they tend to trust each other. If really they are sure of themselves. they both feel insecure, and would usually help each other but they have to earn and develop the trust, they can’t impose it.

They both love to appear attractive to various people they should relate this to each other rightly. They might start having issues when libra is attached and gets so emotional. Apparently, an Aquarius can’t handle this, and so it affects both of them and their relationship.

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Aquarius & Libra Communication And Intellect

They both have a part of their image they want to maintain. A Libra would want to be nice while the Aquarius is tending to the opposite, even if it’s not necessary. They both have strong convictions, changing their mind is one of the most difficult things for them if their mind is made up.

An Aquarius can’t be that patient to wait for a libra to make decisions for both of them, but the libra will love the sudden, unpredictable nature of Aquarius as they both depend on good communication.

They would always have something to discuss and have a special language to resolve their problems. Still, it won’t be easy to sort out some of their differences, base on how they handle it. Libra finds it difficult to make a choice; making them indecisive, they would prefer to manage than save their relationship from crashing, even though it’s an easy task to handle.

Aquarius would easily take a walk if he is pressured at any point, even though is the same task. Apparently, they are likely to have some issues even if it’s on the same task, considering their excesses.

Yet, they normally understand each other very well and both have some beliefs which usually help them take care of their challenges with ease, as they get along, their personalities will align well, and would come to know they value each other to an extent that cannot be compared with no other person.

Aquarius & Libra Emotions

Libra is a sign controlled by Venus which makes them emotional people somehow, but we should remember that it is also a sign of Saturn’s exaltation and being apart is what makes them feel comfortable. This is what they can receive from an Aquarius and it will aid their bond to grow stronger. They might be different emotionally but if they blend them, their bond will grow emotionally.

Aquarius & Libra Values

Though Libra appreciates unity, Aquarius would prefer aloneness. This is likely to cause issues in their relationship and Libra’s spouse might be possessive and would not give attention, while Aquarius might appear to be uncontrollable who is likely to scatter every other relationship where ever they find themselves.

Yet they enjoy communication, their strength and intelligence are enough to discuss all they require and it’s enough to help them resolve their differences.

Aquarius & Libra Shared Activities

Aquarius love to engage in anything exciting, even if it’s for a long time as long as it doesn’t affect them.

Libra will always have issues making choices, this is one of their biggest challenges and it could annoy their spouse alot. If there is anything that can move Aquarius into the orbit its spontaneity and the libra can be totally opposite.

It can make both partners be in a relationship where Aquarius takes the lead always and libra goes with the flow. Which is never going to be a good solution for both of them. Obviously, Aquarius would have to be more patient, so that they won’t lose their respect for each other.

Aquarius and Libra gender Compatibility

1. Libra man + Aquarius woman

These Libra and Aquarius pair will be really fascinating, but it does not imply there won’t be issues. Since Aquarius possesses the air sign you might not be able to predict them., which might thwart libra who loves everything to be intact and equal.

Libra will love to be fussy with their choices and relationship while Aquarius will be attracted to anybody that feels drawn to her, during intimacy, the Aquarius will be assertive and go after what she desires and if the Libra had no strength, he would start becoming aggressive gradually until he gets to the point he wants.

2. Aquarius man + Libra woman

They both will be on the same lane when it comes to values, sincerity, and trust. They do appreciate the same intellectual challenge, exploring and acquiring knowledge, and they will make a good couple and traveling mate. Although, they both may have issues during intimacy: she would feel shy, while he would want something more practical. These air signs may also collide as regards material things: Libra will like to spend cash on things that give extreme comfort. Aquarius will want to be more thrifty.But as far as they can communicate very well, they will make a strong pair.


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