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8 Sure Relationship Goals you should Pursue




Last Updated on June 24, 2022 by Joshua Isibor

Relationship goals are results one expects to achieve in a relationship. Presently relationship goals, are the basic search on social media platforms.

Most post on social media is basically on relationship goals, these relationship goals tell you what you are expected to accomplish in a relationship. When it comes to relationship goals it might be different for various individuals but there are some peculiar goals every couple should aim to achieve.

Basically, a relationship goal is a perfect lesson, value, or experience to aim at in a relationship. Instead of these goals seeming unachievable, they should inspire you to build a healthy relationship with your partner.

Relationship goals are better explained as a way of showing your partner love and receiving the same affection in return, this is the basic reason for having relationship goals.

The fact that you don’t have similar characteristics does not mean you can’t be best friends and have a beautiful relationship. So if you are searching for relationship goals to enable you have a wonderful relationship,

then you are on the right blog to get the best real relationship goals that are achievable.

10 Relationship goals

1.Have Mutual respect

Cultivating the act of mutual respect is very important in a relationship. It is needed for a long-term relationship. Respect is a key factor for a healthy relationship, without this you will feel cheated and invisible.

2.Know your love language

Another crucial aspect of relationship is knowing your partners love language,  how they want to be loved not how you want to show them love.

Most couples make the mistake of using their own love language for their spouse, this is a wrong idea. Having a love language and also knowing that of your partner is the hallmark of having a long-term blissful relationship.

For instance, your love language might be you wanting to be gifted always while your partner might want more attention and quality time. So discovering each other’s love language will help you achieve your goals in your relationship.

3.Going for Adventure together

An adventure is encountering new things in your relationship. It is nice you both go for an adventure to spice up the relationship. Go out for shopping, sight seeing, discover what you can do to ignite the spark in your relationship. Have fun together, it’s a very important part in a relationship, do not neglect this.

4.Financial prediction

Financial forecast is very necessary in a relationship, you have to be on the same page with your partner when it involves finance. What are your financial plans? What do you guys do to raise funds when there is an emergency? Do you want to run a joint account? Who is to take care of the expenses in the home or are we to allocate bills? These questions and many others will help you balance your financial forecast.

Having a mutual financial forecast will prevent any disagreement that might ensue when it comes to handling finances in your relationship.

5.Lit up your physical attraction

Let your physical attraction be as healthy as your emotions for each other. Your looks will activate your feelings, so keep it healthy. Some people think their feelings alone is enough. In the first place it is physical attraction that brought you guys together before you fell in love. So in other to maintain that “love pitch” keep your physical attraction healthy it will lit the spark in your relationship.

Send sexy messages to your partner during the day, be naughty at times We are humans and these things stimulates the active site of emotions. You have to be free and learn to flow with your partner. So, illuminate the “love chemistry” you want in your relationship

If you want to have a good relationship with your partner, do things that will cheer them up. Take care of them and show them how much you love.

6.Prioritize Each Other

When it comes to marriage or love relationship, a lot of us are always in a hurry to go into it, but when it’s gets to the point of putting their partners first they tend to be reluctant about it.

Relationship expert and author, Stan Tatkin, focuses on the importance of creating a “couple bubble.”

A couple bubble strengthens your goal of wanting to prioritize your partner by saying  things like “we” rather than “me.”

This is really difficult  for most couples because it means you are not standing alone but you are together with someone. Most couples seem to be selfish, they think of themselves alone instead of considering their partner too.

In a relationship it is two people coming together to be committed to each other and not just one party. Except you are not ready for a serious relationship, but if it’s a committed relationship you must also consider your partner when making decisions. Sometimes you might have to let go of your self-image and personal needs

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7.Communicate with love

Communication is one of the building blocks of any successful marriage or relationship. Proper and effective communication is paramount for every couple. When you are in a relationship you should be opened to relate and communicate with your partner.

You can’t claim to be “not the talking type” in a relationship and expect everything to be fine between you two. Effective communication will help you understand your partner and also help you guys resolve your differences without stretching it.

Most couples fail to understand the power of communication in a relationship. You can see a couple speaking to their partner with cruelty and disdain, someone they claim to love!

It’s so bad that they speak to their partner without any atom of respect. If you really want to achieve your relationship goals, you must learn to Communicate with your partner with love and respect.

8.Review your relationship goals yearly

If you and your partner set up relationship goals it’s necessary you have a yearly review to see the outcome of your effort. For example, if you and your partner decides to always forgive each other no matter the offence, or spend more time together to rekindle your bond. At the end of the year you guys should review your effort if you actually worked to achieve this goal. What level of effort did you put in to make sure the goals were accomplished? And at the end what is the result of the effort so far? Did you achieve your goals?

This review will guide you and help you know if you guys are committed to each other. If you achieved your aim, then both of you are on track. learn from your mistakes and know where to make adjustments to enable you accomplish your goal.

This is what you should do at the end of the year. Sit down together and answer these questions properly. Also support each others goal apart from your relationship goal as a couple.

9.Make sure you understand each other

Be sure you understand each other very well. Most times relationship are been ruined because of misunderstanding and misconception.

At times your partner might be hurt by what you have done but it was never your intention to hurt them, but they misunderstood your motive.

Make sure you understand what your partner is saying before you conclude . listen and talk to them to clear your doubts.

10.Avoid anger

Anger destroys any beautiful relationship. It leads to resentment and grudges. This might even lead to the end of your relationship.

Using harsh words, shouting and scolding each other should be avoided. Avoiding every occasion of anger should be your number one relationship goal.


Relationship needs constant maintenance just like every other electrical appliances .Every couple must learn to forgive each other in other to maintain a healthy relationship.

When you offend each other, instead of bearing grudges and keeping everything that has happened in your mind for years, forgive your partner and let by gone be by gone. Even if it hurts deeply try to forgive, if you wish to maintain the bond you have with your partner.

The wound inflicted on us might be really hurtful but you have to forgive. In fact forgiveness should be your most important relationship goal.

12.Stable and healthy Intimacy

Another very important goal is maintaining intimacy. Stay intimate with each other it’s very easy to be away from each other, your daily activities can distract you a lot to the point you don’t even have time for your partner. This is what you should avoid at all cost no matter how important your appointment is.

A healthy and stable intimacy requires physical attraction, connection, touching, kissing, caressing and hugging each other often.

These things should be taken seriously, they will help you have a healthy and loving relationship. This is what every couple should include in their relationship goals.


Relationship goals are goals every genuine couple should focus on and be intentional about. You and your partner should sit together and draft what you want in your relationship and how you guys can achieve your goals of having a wonderful relationship.


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