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Signs a Guy Is Turned On By You




Last Updated on February 21, 2022 by Joshua Isibor

This can be difficult to ascertain because some guys might act like they are turned on by you. It can be for real or for their own selfish reasons.

At some point, it might seem he is aroused by you, while at times he would want to be inconspicuous about his arousal.

Take a close look at these signs, before you draw your conclusion about him. Remember that some guys make their arousal obvious, while some guys are very discreet when it comes to their feelings. It can be possible the guy you are crushing on is easy to read like a book. These dead give-away signs will help you ascertain if he is aroused by you sexually.

Signs of Sexual Attraction To Know If a Guy is Turned On By You

1. He is always around you

You can only be around someone you are attracted to. You wouldn’t have any reason to be with someone you are not into, because you don’t like them. If he is always around you or a few distances away from you, that’s a pretty good sign. If he is not into you, he will keep his distance.

2. It’s in the eyes

Keeping eye contact with someone shows you really like them, a guy will only keep eye contact if he is attracted to you. This sign actually tells that he’s turned on by you. If a guy is turned on by you, you will see that spark of horniness. You can’t even miss this one, he will continue to give you eye contact which he would want to extend for a while.

You will notice he is staring at you, both up and down, he will literally undress you with his eyes. You might observe a little drunken expression in his eyes. Perhaps he is hornily drunk by you.

3. He’s really fidgeting

When he starts feeling nervous around someone he tends to fidget. Except you are a psychopath. Fidgeting also produces energy. He really wants to put his hands across your shoulder but since he can’t he fidgets.

Generally, men don’t talk too much, so if you observe him fidgeting whenever he is around you, there is a possibility he is turned on by you.

4. He is very interested in your stories

Notice his response and actions when you are telling a story. It could be about you and your friend or what happened in your office.

If he shows keen interest then it clearly means you turn him on. Not everyone will want to listen to what you have to say, but in this case, he listens even if what you are saying is not sensible.

5. It seems like he is trying to impress you

This is a natural occurrence, the male gender tends to impress the woman they are sexually attracted to.

If he is turned on by you, he will definitely want to do his best and show off his achievement just to impress you.

Men are different naturally, some might be secretive while others are “say it all up type”. Whichever one he belongs to, he would likely give you some highlights about his life.


6. He compliments you at every chance he gets

When he is ready to make his move this sign comes up. If you want to know if a guy is sexually attracted to you watch out for his compliments.

When a guy finds you attractive he would want to compliment you. He will compliment your appearance or even what you do and how you carry yourself.

The main reason he does this is to tell you he is interested in what is in front of him and to see your reaction, to know if you guys are on the same page. So if you want to know he is aroused by you be prepared to get lots of compliments.

7. He tries to make you laugh

A good way to win a woman’s heart is your sense of humor. If he makes you laugh, then he is into you. Laughing makes you bond with someone, so when he does this he wants to bond with you.

It will be so obvious he wants to make you laugh. If he is into you he would want to make you laugh often because he knows that’s his access card to get you.

8. He touches you

This one is a dead give-away sign. If he is attracted to you he will touch you often. If there is an opportunity for him to touch you he will grab it without hesitation. If he does this always then he finds you attractive.

For example, He might touch your chick, dress your hair or remove something on your lips. This is a clue to tell you he’s turned on by you.

9. He invites you to hang out at home

The truth is we only invite those we like to our house. He might make plans with you, but if he insists on hanging out in his house, he really wants you closer to him, he wants alone time to bond with you.

He might want to watch a football match with you or probably wants you guys to watch your favorite Tv series.

Honestly, he wouldn’t want to ask someone he is not into to hang out in his house, this is a foolproof sign for you.

10. He double-texts you

Sending text messages is not what men do normally. So if he texts you often especially when he double texts you, this is a sign he wants to keep in touch and also keep the conversation going.

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