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Last Updated on January 24, 2022 by Joshua Isibor

It is normal for a man to be jealous in a relationship but it gets unhealthy when it is not properly controlled. Jealousy has to do with unhappiness and feeling angry when someone you like or love is close to someone else (it is not like the person is getting emotionally attached or wants to share a bond with the person, it might be personal interest, religious interest, etc).

Jealousy is a subconscious feeling that comes from the mind. It destroys relationships and kills trust. When jealousy arises, it could be as a result of what you are doing or the kind of friends you keep. It could also be due to his past experiences in the relationship.

Below are signs that speak out jealousy in a man, these signs spell the word “JEAlOUSY” boldly on the face of the guy.


Signs of jealousy in a man

1. A man shows he is jealous when he’s stalking you

He gets too clingy. Always attached to you, steals into your phone, intrudes in your privacy. This speaks out a high reflection of jealousy.

2. He acts cold.

Most times he is not his usual self, maybe he used to be very interacting, outspoken, a man with good vibes, good communication strategies,a man who is chatty, and at a point he turns all cold, gives divided attention to conversations.

You guys might be conversing and his response to the conversation is an “OK”.ugh. So if you spot this sign in your man, it shows he may be jealous.

3. A jealous man hates it when you engage in conversations with other guys.

A man that is jealous dislikes it when you are conversing with other guys especially when you and your partner are having a “we moment” and you probably ran into an old male friend, or some other acquaintances, the both of you become all chatty with you laughing out so loud that he could hear you from a distance. It makes him feel so insecure like he would want to be in that position to make you laugh and not some other guy.

4. A man shows he is jealous when he pushes you away.

A jealous man most times might push you away because he feels he is not enough for you and that you can’t love him as much as he loves you.

His insecurity grows to a high extent so he feels that instead of getting hurt it is a better option to let you go because he can’t stand the sight of you with someone else conversing and most times he really doesn’t mean these things, he builds himself to act this way as a result of jealousy.


5. A jealous man tries to make you jealous.

On rare occasions, he might attempt to make you jealous by flirting with other girls just to see your response and the way you react to it. so if you notice this, don’t make a face but rather treat it with caution reassuring him of your undying love.

6. He always wants to be with you.

they always wants to be with you

If a man is jealous he  always wants to be with you, he wants you to spend enough time with him, making you fall deeper in love with him so that you see no other guy except him

He prides himself: If a jealous man’s ego starts puffing up, he then shows off and parades himself as your man, wanting to pay bills and spending on your friends when on a group date.

By doing all these he underlays a message stating how scared he is losing you, he doesn’t want you to feel that he is worthless especially in the company of guys desiring you.

7. He involves your friends and families in crucial matters.

This shows that your man is probably jealous as a result of his insecurity. He is scared of losing you and thereby involves your friends and family members. He calls them to know about your whereabouts when he can’t reach out to you and most times calls to know some personal stuff when he feels you are cheating.

8. He loses his temper at the slightest provocation.

He gets angry at times for no good reason. You talk to your friend, he is angry, you chat late at night he gets angry. He gets mad at irrelevant things.

9. He becomes overprotective

When a man becomes overprotective, it means he is jealous. He doesn’t want any guy to be seen around you. Most times he would prefer to accompany you to wherever you are going, just to ensure he knows your every movement.

10. He sends spy on you


When he can’t meet up following you, he would send someone to keep an eye on you. He does this to make sure you are not messing up behind his back.

11. He questions everything you do

If he begins to question everything you do, it indicates insecurity. He doesn’t trust you and so he doubts your words and actions.


It is natural to be jealous but if it’s not treated with caution the relationship might crash.

There should be mutual understanding from both sides. Don’t be in a hurry to end the relationship, if it becomes overwhelming you voice it out, seek advice from friends and family members. Avoid anything that will arise to jealousy make him trust you, that way your relationship will be stronger.

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