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12 Sure Signs Your Ex Will Eventually Come Back



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Last Updated on January 11, 2022 by Joshua Isibor

Breakup is tough! It is one of the incidents that can leave a person in a state of perpetual trauma for life if not well handled.

Often time, people end a relationship but leave a piece of themselves with their ex. They find it difficult to move with life and even when they do, chances are they still silently pray for their ex to come back.

First and foremost, I want to let you know that this feeling is natural. It is alright to hope that your ex will eventually come back.

A community of Psychologists and Psychiatrists has proven that this feeling is one of the stages of grieving a broken relationship.

It is the stage where you refuse to accept the reality of your broken relationship and still hope that someday, your ex will come running back to you.

This stage is called the denial stage.

Truth be told, nobody starts a relationship and envisions a breakup as the endpoint of that relationship.

We all want a happy ending. We want to tie the knots, give birth to beautiful kids and, build an awesome family.

Then suddenly, the unexpected happens-a breakup.

The fact that you are here reading this article is an indication that you wish for things to work out between you and your ex-you wish for your ex to come to whisper those beautiful words right into your ears: “I still love you and will want us to work things out”.

Your ex might indeed be reconsidering coming back to you, but for fear of rejection not be able to summon the courage to do so. Hence, these signs.

Before we delve in, I want you to know that some of these signs are subtle in a way while others are very obvious for you to see.

You must be careful to observe more than one of these signs in your ex before you comfort yourself with the notion of your ex coming back to you.

Here are the 12 subtle and obvious signs that your ex will eventually come back to you

1. You had a good relationship.

good relationship

If your courting phase was an awesome one, then it’s a good indication that your ex will want to come back to you because he/she will be missing those days a lot.

By good, I do not mean to say that your relationship was all rosy. There might be times
when you both had issues, but the most important thing is that you both made up amicably.

2. They have not cut all connections.

If your ex is still doing one or more of the following, then they are still into you and may eventually come back.

√ following your posts back to back on social media. (they could just be viewing, liking, or commenting on your posts).

√ Calling or texting you at every slightest opportunity.

√ Stalking you. A sure indication of them stalking you is that you bump into them everywhere you go. Yes! They have been doing underground work to know where to find you.

3. They are still in contact with your friends and family.

When an ex truly wants to stay away from you for good, they wouldn’t want to have anything to do with your loved ones as that would bring back old memories.

So, when you find your ex regularly keeping in touch with your friends and family, it only means one thing; they want to know the state of your well-being from them and sometimes show them how much they still love you.

4. They are Jealous.

If you find out that your ex is constantly showing signs of jealousy towards the opposite sex coming close to you, then trust me when I say that they are still in love with you!

5. They want to meet up with you.

This is an obvious sign that your ex is still all over you and wants to come back.

When your ex asks to meet up with you, there are two things that it might lead to:
a. They want to ask that you both come back together.
b. They acknowledged that they messed up and want to sincerely apologize for ending things the way they did.

Either of both goes to show that they think the relationship shouldn’t have ended. It all depends on your actions thereafter, to try to work things out with them or to allow things to slide.

6. They have not moved on.

When your ex just isn’t interested in meeting other people, they are shouting to you loud and clear you are still it.

Sometimes, it may be that they want to take out time to heal before starting another relationship. But when you discover that after a while, your ex is yet to move on, then you’ve got a chance that they may be coming back to you.

7. They are not happy.

You know the difference between someone being truly happy and someone who is trying to mask it.

The one who has moved on will invariably be happy doing whatever it is they are into. On the other hand, the one who is yet to move on may want to flaunt pictures of happy moments but the joy is missing.

In this case, it is left for you to discover if they are truly happy or not.

I guess that won’t be much of a work for you, especially if you want your ex back.

8. The breakup was because of external factors.

Did your relationship end on one or more of the following conditions?

√ Your parents didn’t agree with your relationship.

√ It was a distance relationship.

√ You were stressed up and needed some time away.

√ You both had a heated argument (or you both were extremely upset about something).

√ You ended things peacefully without a fight because you thought that’s what was good for the both of you at that time.

9. They behave strangely when they see you.

If you notice a visible change in your ex’s behavior anytime you bump into each other or in the same space, then, I make bold to tell you that they are still all over you.

Maybe their eyes light up and they’re unable to keep their attention off you or, they become really sad and quiet.


10. They were reluctant about the breakup.

Most times, people break up even though they don’t feel like It. The breakup may be painful to them, but they would rather stick to their decision.

If your ex ever told you that they didn’t want the breakup, then there is a good chance they will eventually come back to you.

They will try their best to grow as a person so they can get back to you and be happy again.

Conversely, you also have to develop yourself so that you can be better for them when/if they eventually come back.

11. They discuss dating.

discussing about dating

If your ex is still checking up on your relationship status, then S/he is still interested in you.

Your dating life wouldn’t be their concern if they have gotten over you.

The fact that they’re so interested in it is because they want to know what their chances are, and what the competition looks like.

Conversely, they may also want to let you in on their dating life.

Most times, they may tell you they are in a relationship with someone else just to provoke a jealous reaction from you.

If your ex is doing this, especially if you had a very deep and meaningful relationship, know that it’s out of a longing for you. They’re at the point where they’ll do anything to get your attention, even if that means dating other people.

Other times, they will come clean to tell you that they are yet to find another person worth dating.

Any of these is a clear sign that your ex is planning on coming back.

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12. They are still caring and protective.

If your ex is all out playing the hero instinct, then be rest assured that he still cares about you.

He will go out of his way to protect you and help you whenever he can just to prove that he still loves and care for you.

This is also applicable to ladies/women. They will show up for you any time you are in need.

Whether an ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend (or an ex-wife/ex-husband), once you notice that they are still all protective and caring, then know that they haven’t got over you.

Final Note.

The concept of whether or not your ex will come back is a sensitive one. The reason is that; your breakup might be one of the things you need to become a better version of yourself. Especially if the relationship was abusive and worthless.

If you can be courageous enough to go through this stage of denial, then you will be better of without an abusive ex.

On the contrary, if your relationship was a good one and you are wondering why you guys had to break up in the first place, then you’ve got to look out for those subtle and obvious signs.

Peradventure your ex is exhibiting all or some of those signs and you feel S/he is ashamed to walk straight to you, then you too have a role to play.

You too have to make some moves that will make your ex confident that you both want the same thing.

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