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Family is one of the most precious gifts given to you by God. Have you ever felt ignored by your family? What are the signs that show your family doesn’t care about you?

In this article, we will be explaining in detail the signs that show your family doesn’t care about you.

Family is the last bus stop during a trial or an emergency. Family is always family, in the sense that they always give you special treatment filled with love. Although, family differs from each other. Some show signs that they do not care about you, while some may show it to you gradually. The more they show you more signs the more you’ll get drained emotionally, which could even make you feel sick, or even ruin your self-esteem.

Top 7 Signs Your Family Doesn’t Care About You

1. They Never Ask For Your Opinion

A family that makes deep decisions without your opinion is toxic. At least we know that some decisions are made by the husband and wife. But if the decision requires the presence of the kids, and you’re not being informed, it means that no one cares about you. The only way they may want to compensate you with the info is by surprising you with the update.

2. They Don’t Call You

they dont call u

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Love is an action word!! It’s a word that is meant to be proven. If you truly love someone you would always want to hear from the person’s voice. If you noticed nobody calls, except you do, it shows that they don’t care about you. A family that truly cares about can stay a whole month without calling you at least once without checking on you.

3. They Constantly Criticize

If your family criticizes you constructively then it would help you to grow, but not constant and excessive criticism. A family that truly cares about you would always want to help you out in correcting the wrong you do. When your family always finds fault in whatever you do, it may be a sign that they don’t care about you.

4. Nobody Likes To See You Visit

Family members are supposed to find Joy with each other. But if you noticed their sadness or indifference when you visit, it is a sign that they don’t care about you.

I remembered when I was at University. Anytime, I want to come home, my mom will always ask me; Son, what are you going to eat? I’ll reply, my favorite.
Anytime, I’m coming back from the university, it’s always as if there is a ceremony at home. I’m always filled with Joy going home. That’s how it’s supposed to be when you get home. But when you get home and it seems as if your presence doesn’t count, it could be that they don’t like you at all.

5. Neglection

Your family is supposed to be the closest people to you, showing concern for all your life actions. If they care they will support your dream and vision.

A toxic family will always act like “do whatever you like, they like they don’t care!”. They should even be the ones disturbing you and making sure they see you following your dreams and goals.

6. Lack of Appreciation

When you do something to help out and nobody cares, not to talk of appreciating you even if it is little.

If nobody appreciates you, a good family must will, which means they care! But if not, it means your family doesn’t care about you.

We all know appreciation boosts confidence and self-esteem. If your family always puts you down, battering your self-esteem without any appreciation. It means they don’t care.

7. False Accusations

If something bad happens at home, the first thing is to check and access the situation properly before blaming anyone. If you noticed that whenever something happens, you are always received the blame. Even, when it is apparent you are innocent, it could be a sign that your family no longer cares about you.

8. Lack of Motivation

If your family doesn’t motivate you, it shows that they don’t care at all! In all areas of your life, they should be there to motivate and see you succeed. They should be able to bring the best out of you.

9. Competing With You

If you are experiencing unhealthy rivalry in your family, particularly among siblings, it shows that they don’t like you, they only want your downfall.

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10. Offending You Deliberately

A family who loves you will not want to offend you deliberately. Sometimes they may do this publicly or even at family gatherings. They may even do this to expose a particular weakness you have.

11. Lack of Correction

No one is perfect in this life, hence we are all struggling in the land of perfection. if you make mistakes and they don’t bother calling you to action and correct them. Then is a sign that they don’t care about you.

12. They Give Excuses Always

If your family doesn’t care about you, they would always give you excuses. For instance, on your joyous day, a good family that loves you would even help you to plan and even join you in celebration.

But for those that don’t care about you, the reverse is the case. They’ll give you all sorts of excuses including using meetings, other activities, or even a program as alibis.

You might be staying very close to them and they’d still offer excuses to you! Some of them even if they don’t come for your celebration, will not want to assist you financially.

What other signs do you think when it is displayed, it shows your family doesn’t care about you.

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