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what girls want in the morning

Last Updated on April 24, 2024 by Joshua Isibor

Women are the most complicated species on this planet. They might silently want something but won’t tell you, especially how they want their day to start ( the waking and romantic sides). There are certain things every woman wants in the morning but will never tell you, and they expect you to know them.
And sometimes, you find them weird, and they won’t stop pissing you off till you get to do some research about them. Here, I’ve got you covered. I know you are a good spouse who wants your woman’s happiness, and these little secrets are going to bring back another spark of love in your relationship.
Here are some tips on what every woman expects from you in the morning and won’t let you know.

1. They Want You To Wake Them Up Like Babies.

Nothing gives a woman greater joy than being woken up like a baby by her man. She wants you to cuddle her and whisper something that will send shivers all over her body. They always want you to treat them like they are the most fragile beings on Earth.
This is the part I enjoy about my man, especially those sweet moments, and I love his arms around my body. This keeps my day as warm as a morning-brewed coffee.

2. They Want To Be Kissed In The Morning.

morning kiss
I’m not talking about hot kisses. Do you know that calm, gentle pecking on the cheeks leads to passionate kissing on the lips? That’s the type every woman wants. It has been scientifically proven that kissing a woman in the morning helps to boost her happy hormones and increase her affection towards you.
Trust me, we love that more than the “ I love you” we hear daily. It makes us feel like we are the best thing that happened to us and creates room for more bonds.

3. They Want To Be Asked How Their Night Was After Waking Up.

She first wants to hear this from you when she wakes up. It makes her feel special and thankful for having a man who is concerned about her well-being and how she slept at night. This gives her room to always talk about you whenever she is with her friends cause she wants to show them that you are the perfect man for her.
If you are not close to her, you might send a morning text with a lovely emoji. This is the most important part of what every woman wants in the morning but will never tell you.

4. They Want To Be Told How Beautiful They Are.

Yummy, my man knows how to create those ‘butterflies in my belly’ feelings whenever we are together. He will look into my eyes and whisper that he is lucky to have me and that I am the most beautiful woman he has ever met. I will giggle and keep smiling like a baby.
Telling your woman how beautiful she is will only leave her feeling good for the rest of the day. You will see her smiling to herself and always want to check herself in the mirror. This is an excellent start to winning a woman’s heart and making her fall so deeply for you.

5. They Want To Be Told How They Are Loved.

Telling her the words “I love you.” in the morning has a long effect on her mood for the rest of the day. She wants you to tell her every second of the day and, mind you, romantically. Not that “I love you” with a harsh or high-pitched voice. You can write it down and keep it where she can see it. Maybe, places like:

• on the dinner table. She will always see it when she sets the table for breakfast.
• on the mirror of a steamy bathroom. This is good and eye-catching. I love this part.
• Inside her diary, notebook, or favorite bag she goes out with.
• on the kitchen door or in a mug filled with warm coffee. That is a perfect place to keep your love notes.
• You can paste it on the fridge door. She always finds it when she takes something from the fridge, making them feel special.

6. They Want To Be Told How Lucky You Are To Have Them In Your Life.

Every woman wants to hear her man say that to her, especially in the morning. She wants to be appreciated and see that she is everything you requested. She wants to feel like a Godsent gift in your life. This triggers her love hormones more, and she won’t regret having you too.

7. They Want Breakfast In Bed.

breakfast on bed

Breakfast on bed

Oh, yeah! I love seeing my man carrying that tray of freshly toasted bread with a cup of well-brewed brown tea to MY bed in the morning. He will make me sit and feed myself, too. So romantic to eat from his hands and be fed like a kid!!!

Who doesn’t want her man to give her the best morning treat? Even you guys wish to do the same. Breakfast on the bed provides room for a happy marriage. It’s not like you do it every day, but at least once or twice a week; it keeps her talking about it till the year runs out. This is the best part of having a romantic husband who knows what a woman wants. You don’t need a prophet to tell you; she will be happy if you do that. That’s the key to unlocking certain things in your relationship. She will always want to cling to you and not look at other guys cause, to her, “You are all she prayed for.

8. They Want You To Carry Them Out Of Bed.

Every lady always wants to be carried out of bed. I love it when he runs his hand on my hair, lifts me from the bed straight to the bathroom, and fills my brush with toothpaste to do my thing.
Awwww! Why wouldn’t I love him? These are small things you need to do if you want to create a stronger bond in your relationship. Even when you are not around, leave a text that reminds her of how you missed the warmth of her hands in your arms.

• Tell her you always want to carry her and are happy doing that.
• Tell her she is your baby and you love her body in your arms.
• Let her know, you love the way she smiles and shy away.
• Give her room to know that, without her, you are incomplete.

9. They Want You To Wake Them Up For Prayers.

Not like they don’t want to do it by themselves but having a man, who wants to see the progress and the well-being of his family is what every woman prays for.
Truthfully, you have won the battles of life. Every woman wants a life partner who knows God and always wants to lead them to Him. Waking your partner for morning prayer gives room for a stronger relationship, and she will always appreciate your efforts to help her.

10. They Want You To Make Them A Hot Bath Or Bath Them.

I don’t think I need to explain much here. Who doesn’t like the bathroom smooching while having a bath? Str*pping her off and running those bubbling water with the gentle touch of the sponge over her body, will permanently be imprinted in her heart. Every woman wants to be treated like this, and she won’t tell you, but she wants it so dearly.

11. They Want You To Help With The Laundry In The Morning.

Helping her with the laundry in the morning will send her off with a good smile. Helping around in the morning, start from:
• washing the dishes
• Cleaning the house
• waking the kids,
• preparing breakfast and many of them.
Hey! I’m not turning you into a house helper but you know every woman needs help sometimes. Those chores are tiring, and a hand can relieve a little stress from us. This also works best if you understand your woman’s love language, especially the language of the act of service. On the other hand, it shows that you are concerned about her comfort.

12. They Want You To Take The Kids To School.

This is one thing I love about my father. He knows his way around my mom’s heart. Those times, in the morning, he drives me to school using his bike.  You don’t see how happier my mom was, just for that. I don’t have kids yet but I know this is one thing I want my man to do for me every morning( if he is chanced). They might not ask you to do that, but this is the part in which they need help the most.

13. They Want To Read Your Text Messages Every Morning, Especially When You Are Not Around.

Women know how good this works for them. Getting a lovely text from your loved one is the best medicine to heal a woman’s loneliness. There are a lot of messages every woman wants to hear but will never tell you. You can start with:
• “I hope you had an amazing night.” This works best when you are not around or left earlier for work.
• “I miss you.” Tell her that you miss everything about her and you can’t wait to be with her again.
• “I wish I was waking up next to you.” This is so spicy to make her day good.
• “ you are always on my mind.”
• “You look amazing. Even without your makeup.”
• “I love you.” Always tell her that your love for her has no imperfections.
• “I have missed your beautiful face and your smile.” This will make her smile and make her always stare in the mirror.
• “ Hope the kids are not stressing you much?” Only this question will make her need you around.
• “I will be back soon to join you.” I love hearing this so much like the sound of romantic music.

14. Finally, They Want You To Compliment Them Before Going To Work.

Yes, I love to be complimented especially on the way I dress, my makeup, and my hairstyle before going to the office. Even if your woman is not working, always tell her she is the best wife and mother in the world.
Practically, Compliments work well more than the sweet things you do for her. Let her know, that she is unique and she looks hot in her dresses, whether at home or work.


Women are not challenged to deal with just that; they always think you know everything they want.
These tips will help you win your woman back, and she will always be happy, as you never thought she would. I get you, and I know that you are a genius at treating your woman nicely.


Originally posted 2020-12-14 10:14:39.

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