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Signs He Doesn’t Love You Anymore



Signs He Doesn't Love You Anymore

Last Updated on June 21, 2022 by Joshua Isibor

You tapped this link because you’re having doubts or you just have trust issues. But either I’m here to clear it up or make it worse, depending on whatever the problem is. Still, I am here to help.

Loving one person can be one of the most beautiful things on earth, and at the same time cause the ugliest pain on earth. But the main question is Does love fade?

It’s a question that a lot of people can not answer but can give reasons as to why their answer was yes or no. But I’ll answer this question In my own way.

Love does not fade, Instead, it renews. It may feel like you’re used to it, or being with that person has become a norm, but the fact still remains that you’d still love the entirety of that person. So if you see “signs” that he doesn’t love you anymore, then basically, he never loved you. So instead of seeing signs, he doesn’t love you anymore, here are the main signs that he never loved you.


When a guy is truly in love with you, you become the only woman in the world. In fact, other women would begin to look like dudes in his eyes because he sees you as his only woman.

So what happens when those things he usually does are no longer there. Does it mean he doesn’t love you anymore or the love needs a renewal.

Now a relationship requires daily renewal, and since it’s a relationship that produces love that means the relationship in it’s entirety needs a renewal. This can be done through frequent communication between both parties.

Here are the signs;

1: Withdrawal

When a guy is in love, there is no way on earth he’d want to be away from you, no matter how much he fights it.

He would always come back to you. But when that love isn’t there, he would create a distance from you. This might simply mean that what he actually loves you for was no longer there. He probably withdrew from you because that feature was no longer there. The love for that feature did not fade, but the feature wasn’t there to love. This is one of the major signs that he doesn’t love you anymore.
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2: Reduction of Communication

Now you might wonder why he doesn’t talk to you anymore. You start asking questions like “Why isn’t he talking to me?” “Did I do something wrong?”.

In fact, most times you ask yourself irrelevant questions for a guy that didn’t love the entirety of you. When a guy stops loving you he would stop talking to you. Basically nothing about you catches his fancy anymore. You’re not the problem, he is.

3: Distrust

When a guy loves you for you, he’d always trust you, he would always trust your decisions, he’d always trust you not to make mistakes, he’d always trust you to tell the truth, because he knows who you are and loves you for it.

But when he doesn’t love you for you, it’s just the other way round. He would make false accusations, he would be emotionally manipulative and his distrust for you would make want to change yourself for him. Most people might think this is life out of a book but reality would always be reality.

4: Enhancement of Toxicity and Negativity

When he loves you, he would always be the most optimistic in that relationship. If anything at all he would want to protect you.

He would tell you positive things, things that will cheer you up and make your day. But when he doesn’t love you, or once that feature that he loves in you disappears, he would become emotionally unavailable.

Also, He would be toxic. He could be verbally abusive or physically and most times there would be contrasts that both parties can’t come to an agreement to. Most times true love helps you compromise and it goes both ways. Both Male and Female.

5: Break Up

When he doesn’t love you anymore, he would find ways to stay away from you, he would find ways to look for faults just to break up with you. He would start fights and shift blames. He would blame you for his own faults and that way break up with you. You may think you’re the problem, but trust me I know you’ve tried your best to keep up with such a person. It is not your fault but His. He didn’t love you for you, he only loved you for what you might have possessed.

Solutions And Conclusions

Love is a beautiful thing, yes it has it ups and downs, but remember that love is a choice that can not be easily taken back. Once you make that choice to love someone, love the entirety of that person, don’t love just a feature, love everything and if you can’t love everything, don’t go into at all. Stay Away. Or continue as friends.

Secondly if you ever notice this signs, beat him to it. Face him head on and ask him what he really wants, never try to change yourself for him, even if you have to change let it be a positive change and let it go both ways. Do not be a relationship that Is one-sided, be a relationship that builds you both to be better people. When a guy doesn’t love you anymore and you see any of this major signs listed, be the first to withdraw, be the first to walk away. If he really wants you, he would come back for you. So be the first to break up with him and never try to change yourself for a guy, don’t try to make excuses for him, don’t try to change him.
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