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Why do we chase after love?



why do we chase after love

Last Updated on March 26, 2024 by Joshua Isibor

Why do we chase after love?

Everyone on Earth wants to love and get loved in return, and this is the primary reason we chase love.

It might interest you to know that this is not only limited to humans but also animals. Our pets in their animalistic way chase love too. Their love chasing attitudes or character is not limited to their kind alone but also to their owners/keepers.

They tend to try hard to ‘impress’ you. Your dog barks wag its tail, jumps around to show that it recognizes you, always being around you, loyal to you, and appreciates you.

Therefore, it will be accurate to say your dog is chasing your love.

There are various reasons we chase after love. These reasons could be personal or based on societal views of the subject.

Subsequently, research has shown that most persons are actually into the societal view of love other than their partners. Meaning, they love ‘love’ and not their spouse.

The love chase could be all exciting and intriguing in the early stage. However, this becomes hopelessly tiring as the duration increases.


Almost everyone will agree with me that chasing love and then getting disappointed is not a luxurious experience. It’s so terrifying it could break you.

Oh, I remember a story of a lady named Sofia, she was a pretty one with bright blue eyes and an exquisite figure.

There was this guy she had liked at her workplace since when she was just an intern.

However, Mr. charming didn’t even know she existed. She would do all the little sweet things she could to get his attention.

The funny thing is, the best response she got was a wave or a nod. Not even a hello or a how did you sleep.

This one-sided affair went on for 5years, and when she finally decided to open up and confess, she found out Mr. charming doesn’t do girls. He was gay.

That was how she allowed others to pursue her instead and gave up on chasing.

Do you know it’s not possible to choke from swallowing one’s pride?? Now you know.

I heard the above from a movie I saw recently, and it has absolutely nothing to do with this article.

Back to our primary focus, we understand that it’s all about the chase for many people. They want to feel the rush of excitement that comes with chasing love.


When this love comes easy, they do not cherish it. We aim for the ‘hard to get’ types.

We have come to a rational conclusion that playing hard to get makes us more desirable and not ‘Cheap.’

The baseless notion that must wait a certain amount of time before replying to a text or returning a call to appear not desperate is unfounded and far-fetched.

I previously thought this was a teenager thing, but I found out even grown-ups do this ‘Am not desperate thingy.’ They try to appear uninterested though they are probably more interested than the other person.

This character may be beneficial for a short term, not dangerous kind of relationship. But if you want something serious and future worthy then, this shouldn’t be an approach at all.

People often ask, why is it that most times, people we chase, don’t want us, and those we don’t wish to pursue us.

Most of the time, we are busy chasing the wrong people neglecting those who genuinely care about us. Aside from that, we want to be loved.

Other reason could be;

The psychological thrill.

I bet you didn’t know to chase love is psychological; in all actuality, it is.

The subjective reasoning behind the love Chase is the thrill that comes with not knowing the exercise’s outcome.

We could outrightly say that because you don’t see the upshot of the venture, it makes you want to try. Love chasing is like gambling with both risk and rewards inclusive.

The question is, why do people gamble when they are unsure of the outcome. Simple, because there will be less regret when they don’t eventually win at least they tried. However, when they ultimately succeed, it will be worth the chase.

The chemical Rush

Hilarious yea?? Of course. When most ladies fall in love, they blame it on stupid chemicals.

It has been proven scientifically that the feel-good chemicals or hormones are released when we are having a crush or falling in love.

Examples of the feel-good hormones are dopamine and adrenaline, which gives a sort of euphoric feeling.

Therefore, part of the chase is actually for these chemicals and not just the person involved.

When you have adrenaline pumping through you at a high pace during a race, it could be intriguing. And this is the same with love Chase.

To prove self-worth

This very point is quite disheartening. The moment you feel your worth depends on other persons; you start to lose yourself in bits.

This need for self-evaluation is why people will usually chase love. Either with someone they feel is more accomplished, appealing, and better than the former. To prove they are capable of loving and being loved in return.

In these present days, there is competition in everything, including love. You have people flaunting their so-called perfect love life in your face daily. And when you continue to experience this, it makes you want the same too.

So you start chasing the ideal guy for the perfect love life or try to fine-tune your current love life. Subsequently, you forget that there is no quintessential love life.

We all know to err is human, and this is supposed to tell us that humans are never perfect. We all have our shortcomings. Love is never just a feeling. It’s hard work; it’s a commitment, it’s a sacrifice.

You choose to love people not because they are the best in the world but because they are your best. You will find others that are way better than your chosen partner, and when that happens, you decide to stay.

In conclusion, there are several reasons why we chase love, and in those many reasons, even those not listed in this article, there are both right and wrong ones. It’s best to chase for the right reasons. Meaning;

  1. Chase with your interests at heart.
  2. In chasing, do not lose yourself.
  3. Don’t allow it to become a habit, as that will be detrimental to you.
  4. Do not get too involved in chasing others and forget that you also deserve to be pursued too.
  5. Playing hard to get doesn’t prove your worth.
  6. Forget the butterflies and thrills that come with the chase. It’s not the real deal
  7. Focus on what you NEED rather than what you WANT.


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