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Signs My Husband Is Not Attracted To Me



Signs My Husband Is Not Attracted To Me

Last Updated on May 28, 2022 by Joshua Isibor

Are you here wondering if your husband still has that attraction for you? When you start having doubts and that sense of panic, then there might be something wrong somewhere.

Of course, it’s normal for a relationship or marriage to wax stronger and other times to wane but it can be very painful when your husband doesn’t find you attractive anymore and does not want to have any form of intimacy with you.

However, it is necessary to confirm your Suspicions before reacting because there’s every possibility that he is still attracted to you and not cheating. He might be going through some stress at work, extremely busy or even a personal problem.

15 Signs Your Husband Is Not Attracted To You

If you are having a weird feeling that something is off or having some doubts about your husband’s attraction to you, here are some signs you should take into consideration:

1. He Flirts

If he flirts with other women openly,  it is a sign of disrespect. This is also a sign that he is no longer attracted to you but searching elsewhere for someone or something.

There is a problem if his attention is elsewhere; another person is getting it, and that is a problem. Find out the reason for this action, either your sex life is on the decline or some other things are contributing to it.

2.Lack Of Communication

No matter how we look at it, communication is paramount for a successful relationship or marriage. Words are better spoken out; anger is better vented.

When last did you and your partner really have a heart to heart conversation? Or is it just a “Hi” to each other?. Not recalling is a sign that your husband does not find you attractive.

3.He Does Not Touch You

He Does Not Touch You

He is losing or may have entirely lost his attraction in you if he pulls back whenever you try to touch him.

You should know that touching is not restricted to just having sex. When a guy is still attracted to you; he will always like to kiss, cuddle, touch or even hold your hand.

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4.No Engagement Even Though He Listens

This is a big problem that you are taking lightly. When in a healthy marriage, your partner would not only listen but also give his opinion.

However, if he agrees to every thing you say or even listens but something is lacking, then something else is on his mind. There is an indication that he has lost interest in having fun conversations with you and would rather be somewhere else.

5.He Doesn’t Express His Needs

There is trouble if your husband no longer tells you what some of his needs are. One of the basis for a successful marriage is being able to relate to your partner about each other’s needs and caring for each other.

Ask him if you notice that he is not volunteering the information and see if he will open up.

6.You Need Much Time Apart

Note that it isn’t a bad thing to spend sometime apart from your partner, like they say “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”. It is only disheartening when you both do not spend quality time together unless there is a very good reasoning like: travels, business or any other acceptable scenario.

Spending time together should be a top priority in a marriage for that connection to keep on being strong. If he(husband) always gives flimsy excuses to be away or does not show any interest at having private moments with you, it is a sign that the attraction is gone.

7.Problems In Your Sex Life

When your sex life which is usually mind blowing becomes boring or never happens, something is definitely wrong. For a man, their sex life is everything.

Although, in a long-term marriage it is normal for the amount of sex to reduce; buy when it is lacking completely, feels obligatory and doesn’t leave you satisfied, then the connection no longer exists.

8.He No Longer Invites You To Spend Time With Friends

Maybe he initially takes you out to hang out with friends but anymore or he is no more proud to introduce you to friends. If he persists with this attitude, then he no longer finds you attractive.

It is absolutely normal if he decides to have alone time with his buddies but when you are never invited even when necessary, something is definitely amiss.

You can ask to go along with him, it is possible he feels you are not interested. Let there be a clarification!

9.His Phone Takes More Of His Time

We are now in an era when phones take much of our time. We prefer to have a device fixed in front of our faces than look at your partner when making conversations.

There is nothing wrong with having a screen time but when it occurs every time you have a date or having a conversation, this is a sign that his attraction for you is on a low.

10.He Spends More Time Watching Porn

It is not a problem when one partner decides to watch porn except he finds it more enjoyable that having to spend such time with you. It could be that there is something wrong with your sex life or he does not physically find you attractive anymore. Look for ways to spice up your love making and look more attractive, so the blame won’t be on you.

11.No More Compliments

Nothing beats dishing out compliments even over trivial things. It makes one feel appreciated and valued. It also means that they take keen interest in your affairs. Not responding positively to some of these things is a sign that your husband is no longer attracted to you.

12.He Can No Longer Be Relied On

Yes, things slip out mind often times. We can’t always remember to follow through appointments or others except there are constant reminders. If he never shows up when he said he would not be there for you when you needed him to unlike before; without valid reasons, he is losing his attraction towards you.

13.He Verbally Abuses You

In as much as during fights or arguments, words which we do not actually mean flies out; however, there should be a limit. Some words can never be taken when said.

It is important that you reach out for help if your husband abuses you verbally, emotionally or even physically. If he doesn’t give you your respect anymore and no longer acknowledges your worth, it is a tell-tale sign that your husband is no longer attracted to you.

14.Picks Up Fights Over Trivial Matters

It is a natural part of a marriage for fights or quarrels to occur. It isn’t normal when it is over something that should not ever be up for discussion.

Also, if he finds it difficult to settle after an argument, then it is a sign that he is tired of the marriage. If all these have been going on for a long time and there are no signs of changes, you no longer appeal to him.

15.You Have a Gut Feeling That Something Feels Off

Even when they might have moved on or found someone else, some guys will still put up a front and make you believe that they are still interested in you.

If you are seeing signs, attitudes that are suspicious, it might be your gut telling you that the feelings are gone and that he is no more into you. It will be better if you listen to your instincts and come to terms with reality faster.


It is very much possible for you to bring back the spark in your marriage if you notice that fault is from you or even salvage the situation if you find out early enough.

There is no perfect man it marriage. Try your best to make things work between you and your husband. While doing this, know when to also take your stand, decide that enough is enough and walk away with your dignity intact.

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