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The Major Importance Of Communication In A Relationship




Last Updated on May 20, 2024 by Joshua Isibor

You might be wondering why communication is very important in a relationship. Well, the thing is, healthy communication brings transparency and trust to every kind of relationship.

No romantic relationship can grow well without effective communication between the couple involved. Communication is very important for all relationships, not just romantic ones. Communication is important between members of the same family, platonic friends, and coworkers in a company. Communication is the ability to transmit and share very important pieces of information and feelings between two or more people.

Having a successful marriage or any other romantic partnership can only be possible when there is an effective sharing of vital information between you and your partner. No wonder it is not a surprise that many relationships fail to last long as a result of a break-in, effective communication.

According to a survey conducted by Your Tango, ‘Communication problems is the most common factor leading to 65% of divorce.’ That is to say, lack of communication is the number one leading cause of divorce, including break-ups.

Couples who don’t communicate are not sharing an intimate part of themselves with their significant other. These might be a result of three things;
– Ignorance of the importance of communication
-Fear of rejection
– Fear of betrayal
– Inability to communicate
– Shyness
– Holding on to sentiments and grudges

While it may be a form of sheer ignorance or Inability to communicate effectively, not telling your partner what you need or how you feel and then paying attention to what they have to say can keep your relationship from changing and growing. Growth in a relationship is very necessary and beneficial.

Communication is the only means by which you can grow a relationship, when you know more about the person you are interested in and they know you intimately too, maintaining a relationship becomes easy.

Listening and communication connect a husband and wife and strengthen the intimacy that bonds their relationship together. So while you express yourself, also give an equally large room for listening. Only talking and not listening is not a healthy form of communication. According to experts, having an honest, assertive, and open style of communication is always the best. It helps to build trust, respect, and security in a relationship.

Effective communication in a relationship makes any romantic relationship easier, sweeter, and more enjoyable for both parties involved. Here are some of the five benefits of effective communication in relationships.

Five importance of communication in a healthy relationship

1. It Builds Trust

Communication helps to deepen the trust between you and your partner, which is a strong factor for a healthy relationship. At the early stage of the relationship, there’s physical attraction and then infatuation. After the infatuation phase, many relationships don’t make it to the next stage due to a lack of trust. This is because one partner can no longer trust the other one, however, if there is good communication, it can help build trust. Therefore, giving the relationship reason to move forward.

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2. It shows you value your partner

It is a fact that when you pay close attention, listening to another party’s words shows you respect the speaker or value what they have to say. It is the same thing in relationships. When having a discussion, listening to each other shows that you value what he or she is saying. In turn, you and your partner have this feeling of respect for each other. Although we might disagree with what’s being said paying attention can make your partner feel valuable. On the other hand, if there is a lack of communication among partners, then one partner becomes a burden to the other.

3. Ability to understand better

There is a clear difference between communication and effective communication, and that difference lies in the end goal of each. Communication that’s not done effectively might lead to fighting, dismissal, heated disagreements, and invalidation. However, effective communication makes partners understand each other better. That’s always the end goal The moment we tend to understand our partners, the way they truly feel, and listen to them even in times we don’t agree, we can move forward with the situation and take the necessary steps to enhance the relationship.

4. Grows love

Another reason why communication is important in a relationship is, that communication is the means to earn each other’s love and care. When you like someone and feel the relationship is worth investing in, there’s always a certain kind of expectation you will have.

It’s natural to expect your partner’s love and care in a particular kind of way but only effective communication can help you make yourself clear about what you want from the relationship. This is because your partner can not read your mind, so he can’t know how to treat you the way you desire. Once both of you know, what the other expects from the relationship, maintaining it is no longer difficult.

5. It makes your partner more open to you

commnication makes your partner to open up

In relationships, it can be a good thing to know that someone is there for us so that we can be very vulnerable and open. Effective communication can help others feel comfortable with approaching us any time they need or want to talk about anything that might be bothering them. We are likely to have a more open and healthy romantic relationship if our partner feels safe telling us just anything. Many partners live together in a room but they can’t tell each other so many intimate things, they don’t feel safe enough to tell them their deepest fears and intimate feelings.

It is very important to focus on effective communication as a vital tool in building and maintaining your relationship. We want others to be able to share just anything with our partners, our fears, our expectations, and our feelings, right? Then work on learning to listen and communicate just about any and everything. Practice makes perfect! Good luck with your growing relationship!


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