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Signs He Likes You More Than Just A Friend: 13 Signs To Watch Out?



signs your guy friend likes you but is hiding it

Last Updated on June 14, 2024 by Joshua Isibor

Have you ever been friends with someone and wondered why he acts differently towards you? Perhaps he treats you with so much respect and admires you. Friendship is always what we value, especially with people we care about.

You have been friends with this guy for a while now, and he is beginning to act far more than a friend should. You are asking yourself, what exactly is this guy up to?

You are really confused because his actions seem weird and you really can’t interpret them or ascertain what he wants.

If you are reading this article, I am sure these questions are popping up in your mind, and you want answers.

You need not worry because you clicked the right button. Just walk down with me while I show you the signs that he likes you more than a friend.

How Do You Know If He Likes You More Than A Friend

1. He remembers every detail of what you tell him

Research has proven that men have short-term memory, while women tend to listen more and remember more.

Men naturally have poor listening skills. They remember little because they process language with the left hemisphere of the brain, while women listen with both the right and left hemispheres of the brain.

Since emotions are processed majorly in the right hemisphere and language in the left, men find it difficult to connect words with emotions, unlike women, who can easily connect both.

So if a guy likes you that much he’ll listen actively just to get more information about you.

The fact that they find it difficult to remember things should tell you that this guy wants something more, especially when he remembers everything you told him. Men love to solve problems and appear as heroes; for this reason, they engage in any conversation so they have a space to come in and help you out.

If this guy remembers things about your personal life, such as your best color, perfume, best friend’s name, pet’s name, and favorite food, there’s a tendency he is into you.

2. Body language

Body language has been proven to be a way to pass messages across. This is a sign guys use to communicate with a lady they like.

For example, he might use eye contact, touch your hair and listen carefully and attentively.

Another way is if he feels comfortable and relaxed when he is discussing with you with his shoulders down. He would smile often and flirt around you, too; if you like him too, ask him softly, are you blushing?  carefully listen to his answer, this can be spotted during a conversation.

If he mimics your language patterns or your slang, it is also a sign he likes you. Guys only behave this way when they like a woman. Does he compliment you often? this is another giveaway sign.

3. He initiates a conversation

Does he always find a way to start up a conversation? Perhaps he uses calls and texts to check on you or ask you some questions about yourself.

If you have a male friend who does this often or a guy you just met, it is a sign he likes you. Men rarely engage in conversation with ladies; they only do this with the woman they are attracted to.

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4. He likes your social media posts.

You might think this is out of the sign, but it’s also a good one to look out for. However, our friends do like our pictures if this guy likes all your posts or pictures. This is another sign he likes you more than a friend.

5. He doesn’t mention other girls when he’s with you

Most of the time, when we are with our male friends, they tend to mention some of their female friends, but if a guy likes you, he would never mention any other woman. This is because he wants you to know he is into you alone and doesn’t want you to feel he might take advantage of you.

When he talks with you, he wants your attention and avoids anything that will ruin the moment.

6. He is ready to drop anything for you

This is a very good sign, and it spells out his intentions. Only a few people can do this for you. If he sacrifices his time and drops other things that mean a lot to him just to please you, then you should hold this tight.

Research has shown that men only go for what will benefit them, they don’t just make sacrifices.

In fact, men are known as the self-centered gender, in the sense that they fight only for what benefits them, unlike women, who give their all irrespective of what they gain. So, if he makes sacrifices for you, it’s a sure sign.

7. He confesses his feelings

he confesses

It takes a guy who is bold enough to take a step and confess his feelings to the woman he loves. When a guy opens up to you and expresses how he feels, he wants you to know that he is interested in you and wants a real relationship with you. So if you like him, you can give in, but don’t keep him hanging.

8. They want alone time with you

Another subtle sign he is into you is if he requires you to spend more time with you. Alone time gives you the opportunity to bond with someone. So if a guy likes you more than just a friend he would want to spend quality time with you, to bond and get to know you better.

9. They avoid gross discussion

This is obviously true, first impression matters alot in establishing a good relationship. If he wants to communicate with you he will avoid disgusting texts or calls so he won’t scare you off with such conversation. When he wants to chat he uses cool and pleasant words to communicate with you and get you engaged.

10. He introduces you to his friends and family

Family members and friends are people we value alot and we run to for advice, if he introduces you to his friends and family it simply means he wants you to be acquainted with them and also seek their approval. Their approval means a lot, so if they want something real with you, he would want you to meet them in person

11. He laughs at your jokes even if it’s not funny

Apparently, this happens often, when a guy is into you. Everything about you pleases him. Even if it’s the dumbest thing you say, he just finds himself laughing and smiling sheepishly. If your male friend does this often he is definitely into you.

12. He invests in you

Spending money on women is one thing a man doesn’t just do. A guy will only spend on you and invest in you if he likes you and wants something more. To a man, investment is a lifetime commitment from which he expects to benefit. So if he invests in you he actually wants to be with you and expects more than just being friends.

13. He sends You Love Messages

If he sends you love messages subsequently, know that he wants something more than just friendship. No guy will send a deep romantic message to a girl who’s just a friend except on her birthday.


If you notice one of these signs, it’s not enough to conclude that he is into you. Still, look out for other signs and let him make good moves before you give in. Don’t be in a hurry to start a relationship with him; observe carefully to avoid making silly mistakes that will hurt you.

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