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Ways to Prevent Your housemaid From Snatching Your Husband



Ways to Prevent Your housemaid From Snatching Your Husband


We would be looking at the ways to prevent your housemaid from snatching your husband.

Marriage is one institution you don’t graduate from until death do you part. That’s why you are  being given a marriage certificate before entering it.  As a woman your marriage should be one of the utmost priority, because when it’s affected, our whole life will be affected also.

Nowadays, housemaids have become part of many families and a great number of women have regretted hiring them. It is very important as a woman not to have  a lacadecical attitude towards them unless you’ll just lose your home.

You should bear it in mind that despite the negative sagas you’ve heard about housemaid doesn’t mean that they all are bad.

In Nigeria, most house girls are always known to be girls who come from the village to cities. There are simply rules you can implement or other ways you can adopt so your maid wont snatch your husband from you. It is very excruciating  to see your bed being shared with your housemaid. When you noticed any of the signs that your husband desires your maid all you need to do is to take  serious actions.   All you need is Maximum wisdom.

10 ways to prevent housemaid from snatching your husband

1.Never you employ a housemaid that is more beautiful and breasted than you: This is one mistake most ladies make.Although it is not a guarantee that employing an ugly or small breasted one  would solve the problem but this is a very important point. Never you vogue  for your husband that he takes you as the most beautiful woman in the world, this could be true, an adage says that “change is constant”. When you employ a beautiful, unknown to you, you’ve already employed someone you would be doing beauty contest with.

The moment you notice she is curvier than you, don’t take her!!! That’s an agent of destruction. Even if she doesn’t have a hidden agenda the man might be tempted.

One day, you  might start looking very vague and ugly to your husband.

  1. Be In charge: Even if you may tend to travel for one week, never give your housemaid the opportunity to be in charge. She shouldn’t be the one to decide the type of meal. For things to work you have to be in charge from the beginning. Whenever you see that you cannot control her it is better to relieve her of the post rather than manage it.

When you allow you maid to clean your husband’s room/toilet it means you’re sharing your managing post with her, and one day your husband would be banging her  in his bathroom.

As a woman you should be the manager of the home at all times.

  1. Don’t employ a Maid if there is no need: Maids are mostly needed when the work load is too much for the couple to handle. Many rich people often hire more than one housemaid.

One might be in charge of cooking, the other cleaning the house. Housemaid are very important too despite the evil agenda some of them. If you are a lazy mom/wife all you need to do is to buckle up, step-up and rise up to take responsibilities.

Perhaps, if you have insecurity/ Trust issues about women wovering your man, it is never nice to hire a maid unless you might die before your time.

And also to the Men, It is very important to be supportive, never allow your wife to do all the house chores. Remember you married a “help meet” and not a slave.


  1. Do Not over pamper Her:

One way to prevent your housemaid from snatching your husband is to avoid petting her unnecessarily. Rules and punishment should be implemented (This goes to those who are younger or in your age group). It is very important to avoid over familiarity with the maid because, some of them are wise before you know they would know your weak point and start using it to work against you.

One disadvantage of over pampering her is that when she starts sleeping with your husband you won’t know, it would come as a blurry vision to you.

  1. Time to Fire:

  whenever you notice that your house help have become more lazy, stubborn or authoritative and your husband feel unconcern about it, just know that there could be something fishy going on between the two of them. Sometimes the man may choose to fight or keep malice with you just because fof the house girl… My sister it is time she shared “ THE GRACE’.

  1. Travel Less: If you are a career woman or a business woman, if you don’t trust your house maid, never travel for two long… Even if you trust her, she can decide to break that trust. When you travel she automatically becomes in charge of the house.

iF your husband is too weak, he might even choose to be raping the house help as he pleases. If you travel also you can hiring a cleaning service that would be doing the house chores on weekend.

  1. Never Be Too Harsh on Them

One thing about women is that they love revenge so much. You have done them wrong  in the past, if they have any opportunity in the present they may want to retaliate in ways unimaginable.  So when you maltreat your housemaid, they may use your husband as a tool to revenge you especially if your husband  has been wooing them and they  have refused because madam is good.

  1. Do Not starve your husband Sexually

This is the number point to look out.  At this point, you need to feed him with enough sex, until he is tired and being drunk of sex. Don’t allow him to have a second taught. If you have never been romantic to your husband, when you have a maid you need to upgrade.

You can start by kissing him before he goes to work and profess your love for him, make him see reasons why you should be his favorite!! When you do all these he may never give a second taugh!!

  1. Encourage her to Learn A handiwork/ or trade

Apart from paying her a salary you can as well help her by investing in her future. When you do this she might never have a single reason to betray you or plan any evil against you.

They say an idle man is the devils work shop; If she stays at home doing nothing one day she might become the devils workshop one day.

Some house girl may think this way when you don’t invest in their life.

“oh my God!!! I’ve been in this house receiving penny, I don’t even have a handiwork…. Am not even sure of my future… I guess I have to seduce this man so I can getting more money.

in as much as you’re investing in her. Never you give her a salary that is not tangible.

  1. Ban the Wearing of Certain Clothes

When hiring a house maid it is necessary you set restriction to do’s and don’t for some clothes such as bum short, transparent night gown, the use of towel outside the bedroom. Hence, Never allow your maid to dress as she pleases.

Nudity shouldn’t be encouraged. Some women may want to want to tush her housemaid so she can boastfully flaunt her housemaid to her female friends and make them jealous. This a stupid act!!!

One of the best way to curb this issue of dressing is to get a uniform. You may decide the pattern of how you want the uniform to be sewed. Having a uniform is one of the best practice, and could be easily be identified as a maid but when she dresses as she likes someone see her as an inlaw or a girlfriend to your husband.

When you want to ban such tempting clothes, endeavor to get her new clothes. It is not advisable to give her old clothes from your collections… When your husband finds this out he may want to take the housemaid for a shopping.

As the lady of the House even if you have a sister residing with you don’t allow her moving with towels in the home, help your husband by helping yourself first.

  1. Have an age and size limit

Before hiring any maid never you hire someone within your age range and who is close to your class. You may choose to collect a maid ranging from 18-25 or from 45 and above. Size matters too!! You may lose your right if you employ someone who Is far bigger and taller than you.

  1. Be Vigilant

Try to notice if you would see any strange behavior from the house maid. No matter how busy you are as a career mum or business woman or whatever you do,  try to pin point errors whenever you see them.  Shine your eyes very well,  so to speak so as to notice minute changes in behavior in her and even in  your spouse.Always ask your children questions just in case they notice some  character change when you were absent from the home, you might get a very useful information from them. As a woman you shouldn’t sleep all through the night without checking on everyone in the home  including your maid. Sometimes that is the time the deed is been done.

  1. Do Background Checks; Series of Medical Tests should be Carried out before you hire her such as H.I.V test, Tuberculosis etc.You are not just preventing the housemaid from snatching your husband away from you but you are also protecting the intrest of your home.


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