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4 Signs It’s Time To See A Mental Health Counselor



Last Updated on February 20, 2024 by Joshua Isibor

There was a time when stigma surrounded mental health treatment. While some people were simply neglectful of their mental health, others avoided seeing therapists and counselors. However, not getting the necessary treatment affected their day-to-day lives and relationships. Suffering from a mental illness affects not only your life but also that of your loved ones.

People with untreated mental disorders turn into abusive partners, horrible parents, controlling bosses, and somewhat terrible human beings who put the emotional and physical health of people around them at risk. Keeping all this in mind, it is safe to assume that the root of most dysfunctional families is poor mental health. A chain of childhood trauma and emotional abuse suffered through generations was started by that one person who felt all the signs of declining mental health but refused to get therapy or treatment out of fear of being judged. However, you can break this vicious cycle for your well-being and that of others by seeking help from a mental health counselor if you feel like you are undergoing some sort of mental turmoil.

Seeking help from a professional to improve your mental health is not a sign of weakness or something to be ashamed of. It is really brave to embrace your vulnerabilities and acknowledge that you are not feeling your best mentally. Thankfully, people have now become more open to seeking help from therapists and counselors. Thus, the Job Outlook for Mental Health Counselors has increased by 21%, which is much higher than the average growth rate of any other profession, as now people have opened themselves up to getting the necessary help.

With that said, the following are four telltale signs that it’s time to consult a mental health counselor.

1. You feel empty inside

There must be times when you have said, “I feel dead on the inside,” to describe your disinterest in normal life events and activities. Feeling empty or dead inside is often linked to depression and suicidal tendencies. Around 73% of people who feel empty inside consider ending their lives.

There are chances that you might have told someone that you feel hollow inside and nothing excites you anymore, and that person may have countered your concern with a loud “SAME,” causing you to drop that concern then and there, but that feeling keeps on growing on you. With every passing day, you feel increasingly dissatisfied with life, and nothing makes you happy. If you feel like this, then it’s high time to see a mental health counselor.

2. You feel tired all the time

Our body is like a machine that runs on energy. Every day, we work, get tired, sleep for six to eight, and recharge, feeling more energetic when we wake up. That’s the normal chronology for every other person, with some changes here and there. There are certain occasions when we don’t feel energetic even after sleeping for a good amount of time, but those occasions are rare and happen only when you don’t get quality sleep.

However, if feeling sleepy and tired has become a norm for you, if you feel lethargic even after sleeping for 12 hours, then it is concerning. You should visit a mental health counselor immediately, as this is usually linked to depression and apathy.

3. You avoid people and gatherings

Most people feel a certain level of shyness around new people, which is completely normal. But if you feel like your shyness is having the best of you and feel suffocated at social events, then you probably suffer from social anxiety.

Most people suffer from social anxiety due to bad experiences, trauma, or PTSD. There is no fixed pattern of social anxiety. There will be days when you will be completely fine and enjoy social gatherings, and then there will be days when you will be willing to do anything to avoid any sort of social contact. Only a mental health counselor can find the root cause and fix it, so you should consult one immediately.

4. You feel multiple emotions at the same time

People suffering from mental illness experience two extremes: feeling a lot or nothing at all. It is concerning and problematic if you find yourself on either side of the spectrum.

Most mental health issues cloud your mind, take you on a rollercoaster of emotions, and make you feel alone, and this loneliness will eat you up. When you are emotionally overwhelmed, you feel a lot of intense emotions simultaneously. All emotions are loud and draining. Battling with them on your own and getting yourself through them is tough, and that’s why you should rely on a therapist or counselor to help you through this.


Our mental health affects our physical health, relationships, professional life, and growth, so do not take it lightly. So checking your mental health from time to time and taking all those little emotions and outbursts seriously will help you become mentally stable and emotionally strong.

People love to believe that mental health issues are only triggered when something traumatic happens or has happened in their life, and happy and chirpy people suffer from any mental health issues, but this school of thought is wrong. Many happy and emotionally stable people suffer from mental health issues silently. This silent suffering is often dangerous and can lead to destructive behavior and self-harm, so we should always pay attention and check up on our loved ones.

Lastly, when it comes to mental health, always consult a therapist or mental health counselor. People will suggest different remedies and quick fixes, like if you are feeling lethargic, get some caffeine, or if you feel empty from the inside, start practicing spirituality and stuff like that. While all these things are great on their own, you can’t rely on them to fix your mental health, as it will bring you no good and will only make things difficult for you because when you are going through any mental illness, you are at war with yourself. Only an expert can help you deal with all this and heal.

Originally posted 2023-01-13 07:45:42.

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