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How To Date Someone With Depression



how to date a depressed person

Last Updated on May 17, 2024 by Joshua Isibor

Have you ever dated or currently dating someone with depression? Depression is a demoralizing experience. No one ever wishes to be depressed, situations of life can put one in such a state and it takes time and sometimes a psychologist or therapist to talk them out of their mood. Most times a depressed person has to undergo therapy to facilitate the treatment.

Dating someone in depression is very frustrating, it takes true love and understanding to actually date someone in such a state. Depression weakens people emotionally and it takes time to get out of it.

Depression can affect a relationship in all aspects. Depression is a state of unhappiness or low morale that leads to sadness and makes you feel inferior. Depression kills your feelings and keeps you off track. A depressed person is always emotionally unstable, nothing entices them and they are difficult to please. Dealing with a depressed person involves a lot, you need to be patient and show them all the love you can give. Make them feel important and let them earn your trust, if they trust you then they can easily communicate with you.

Proven Tips On How To Date Someone That Is Depressed

1. Find Acceptance

Finding acceptance is a key thing for a depressed person. Once you accept them for who they are irrespective of their depressed state, it makes them comfortable and feels wanted. If you really want to be with a depressed person, you must be able to appreciate them, never criticize or shame them even if what they are doing is wrong. Rather correct them with love.

2. Don’t Try To Mend Them

Trying to mend a depressed person is the wrong approach to handling them. They are not totally broken, depression is a mental disturbance or malfunction. They don’t need you to fix them, they only need your support and love.

If you are trying to fix their life they will get bored and will feel you do not accept them for who they are.

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3. Set Boundaries

Dating a depressed person can be very tough. Irrespective of the fact that you want to make them feel loved, you should set boundaries. Your life shouldn’t revolve around them. For instance, if there’s something you want to do and your partner is not disposed of for it, you should go ahead not minding their refusal.

A depressed can be aggressive sometimes and most times they are unconscious of their actions. But this doesn’t mean you should tolerate their attitude if it’s abusive, it’s best you work away to save yourself.

4. Listen To Them

Listening to them will make a great deal. If they are willing to share their problems with you listen and let them know you will always be there for them. Since you can’t actually solve their problem, this is the least you can do for them. Ask them how they are feeling from time to time. Don’t try to correct them or blame them, just make them feel relaxed.

5. Encourage Them To See a Therapist

encourage to see a therapist

Visiting a therapist is very important for a depressed person. Therapy can help them solve their problem. If they wish to see a therapist go with them.If they aren’t seeing any suggest to them to book a session even if it’s online. But don’t pressure them to see a therapist.

6. Consecrate On Their Strength

This is applicable to all relationships. It’s wrong to always point out someone’s fault or errors, learn to focus on your partner’s strength. It’s difficult dealing with people but is much harder with a depressed person.

When you focus on their strength, they tend to gain more confidence, this can also be a source of therapy for them too.

7. Don’t Make Them Feel Vad

Depression comes with guilt, no one ever wants to hurt the one they love. They feel bad when you are hurt and it also adds to their depression. let them know you understand what they are going through and you are ready to be with them.

8. Try To Discover What Triggers The Depression

Try to find out the cause of their depression, it will help you relate with them easily. Observe their reactions when you speak or when something occurs, this will enable you to avoid what triggers their depression.

9. Be compassionate

Showing compassion is important for them too. if you are dating a depressed person. Be nice and cool with them. Let them feel your empathy, it goes a long way to eliminate resentment and the pains they feel from their mood.

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10. Avoid venomous positivity

It’s actually wrong to give someone the wrong idea of their problem. Even if you wish to stay positive but don’t give them toxic positive believe that will worsen the situation.

11. Communicate honestly

Honest communication means alot to anyone, especially to a depressed person. It shows your level of honesty and sincerity. The least conversation a depressed person would want to engage in is one that is filled with lies and fabricated stories. Let them see the truth in what you are saying.

12. Help them Discover Their Purpose

Discovering one’s purpose is important for every individual. It might take some people alot to eventually discover their purpose, for a depressed person is more difficult. As a partner to someone that is depressed you, need to help them discover what they are good at and their purpose in life.

Also, be supportive in helping them to achieve their dreams and let them know their depression symptoms can’t hinder them.

13. Don’t be Afraid To Ask  Difficult Questions

Speaking with someone in a depressed state can be quite challenging, one might be scared of asking some questions that might seem difficult or weird to them. Irrespective of their condition, never be scared to ask them any question no matter how hard it might be. Still relate it to them as you would to other people.

14. Always Encourage Them

Encouragement is one of the best support you can give to a depressed person. Give them hope and let them know all will be well with them. Don’t put it to them that they are suffering from depression, encourage them even in their worst mood.

15. Take Care Of Yourself

Even as much as you should take care of them, don’t forget to take care of yourself. If you neglect yourself, you might end up becoming depressed too. So don’t let the situation get to you, be relaxed and stay fit because they need you to be strong for them.

16. It’s Totally Fine To Call Off The Relationship

It’s really a great task to date and take care of a depressed person. So, if you feel it’s getting on you and you don’t feel them anymore, Or probably you are tired of tolerating him/her then it’s fine to break up. It is better to end it than pretending all is well when it’s not.


Depression comes with alot of symptoms. One of the predominant symptoms is sadness. If you are the partner that finds it difficult to smile or stay happy, it will really affect you both. Try to be more relaxed around them, talk to them but don’t take the role of a therapist. Set your boundaries right and respect their decision.

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