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6 Benefits of Helping Others




Last Updated on May 18, 2024 by Joshua Isibor

Do you think the emphasis on helping is overrated? Well, this article is just for you. There are tons of benefits we receive when we help others. Volunteering your time, and energy, and giving your money reaps you, countless blessings. Besides, the religious emphasis and instructions on helping others, socially we achieve more when we lend out our time and resources to people in need. Check out some benefits you get when you help others.


1. Helping others makes you happy:

One of the paramount benefits of Assisting others is that it makes you happy and gives you a sense of joy. Somehow, seeing the sense of relief and satisfaction on the faces of the people you’re helping gives you a sense of dejavu. Evidence shows that helping others may promote some physiological changes in the brain linked with kindness.

2. Helping others boost your self-esteem:


This is one benefit that cannot be taken for granted. When you feel let down and think you don’t amount to anything, try helping someone close to you and you’ll be surprised how different you feel! It is amazing to find out that by just giving a listening ear to someone, you can help them change their lives. This will serve to boost your self-esteem, self-confidence, and productivity making you look at yourself in a whole different limelight.

3. It helps you create stronger bonds:

Absolutely! Helping others gives you the benefit of creating stronger bonds. Little acts of kindness and generosity are never forgotten. Friendships that result from the act of helping others may span from generation to generation. It creates a sense of belonging among a friend’s helping you to give out positive vibes, and making you a model for other people.

4. It gives you purpose;

Some notable people in history have lived their entire lives and are now remembered for their generosity and contribution to the community. Assisting others gives you the benefit of purpose, giving you a sense of fulfilment and accomplishment. This benefit cannot be overemphasized.

5: Religious beliefs:

Religion promises multiple blessings from God when we help others. A whole lot of benefit is attached to helping others based on religious beliefs. Helping others paves the way for more blessings for you and helps you fulfil your religious requirements.
So now that we know how the benefits of helping others,

how can we help?

1. Donate your money:

donate your money

This is one sure way to see to other people’s welfare and in helping them. You can give your money to charity organizations, orphanage homes, and several other institutions as this will enable them to purchase the various things they need. Monetary donation doesn’t have to be in bulk, it can be over some time, weekly, monthly, or yearly depending on your preference.

2. Volunteer:

Helping people does not only involve giving out your money, picking a day, and helping out in the orphanage house in your neighbourhood. Volunteer for the IDP and refugee camp. Are you tech-savvy? Help someone with basic computing knowledge. Help educate teenagers about drugs and premarital sex. Offer a free counselling session. There are a million ways to volunteer. Find what suits you and go for it.

3. Listening:

Surprised? Well, don’t be. The greatest need of the human mind is to be understood. How can you understand if you don’t listen? A lot of teens and adolescents go through depression and harbour suicidal thoughts. Listening has been proven as one sure way to get to open up. So, be slow to speak and quick to listen. You might be saving a life.

4: Organize free skill acquisition:

Teaching someone to catch a fish is a perfect way to help someone. People pay a huge amount of money to learn various skills. Helping people for free is a great way to help. This ranges from agricultural skills, business, cakes, and baking treats, and chops, fashion, designing, plumbing, writing, etc.

4. Start a charity:

This is one good way a lot of people have used to help others. If you’re passionate about a cause, you can start a charity foundation that will enable you to pursue it actively. E,g. Feed the children, cloth a child, help a mum, and several others.

5. Blood donation:

If you’re enthusiastic about helping others and you feel like there’s nothing you can do. Wait, there’s something almost perfect you can do. It’s okay to donate your blood. You’d be surprised at the number of accident victims who’d died because there was no available blood type at the blood bank.

Several NGOs and hospitals are very welcoming of blood donations. You’ll be run through a couple of tests, and once you pass all the tests, voila! You can donate.

6. You will get help in return:

 Natural law says “Whatsoever you sow you must reap” Helping someone is all about sowing seeds. Whether you are helping someone for the sake of getting a favour or not, helping others attracts help in return too, and generational help.

Where can you help?

1: At home-

There are many ways to help out at home. If you notice your parents are super busy, you can offer to do some little things that will help out, like type an email or arrange some documents. If you notice the trash can is filled, take it out without anyone asking you. Doing it with your siblings can make it fun. Even for parents, it’s okay to help your kids with chores occasionally. Your bond becomes stronger.

2: Work:

if you have a friend or colleague going through a tough phase, you can take time to listen and even help with his share of the work.

3: Orphanage houses, IDP camps, and refugee houses:

There’s a lot to do here. You can clean, do the laundry, offer to help with the meals, take care of the kids, donations, and a whole lot more.

4: Online Free tutorials:

if you have a skill, you want to teach someone, you might consider doing it online. Cyberspace is highly populated and with proper awareness, a lot of people will turn up.

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