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How To Forget Your Ex and Move On




Last Updated on April 2, 2024 by Joshua Isibor

In this article, we’ll be talking on how to forget your ex. Relationships are always easy to get into. The experience, the memories, the fun, and the love are always beautiful but breakups are a lifetime trauma that you never really forget in a while especially when you loved your partner.

Being in a relationship is beautiful but when the relationship crashes and there is no remedy its quite devastating. It’s okay to still be in love with your ex but it’s not okay when you are not wanted anymore.  Moving on is quite hard but it’s better than being all locked up in your room and crying your heart out.

How to Forget your ex and Move On

1. Accepting the reality and moving on.

Once a glass is shattered it can never be totally pieced back together, so when that beautiful relationship that you thought it was gonna last forever ends. You realize that there is no going back to the way it used to be. So there is no need to hold on to the memories, texting or trying to get back together. You accept the situation and move on. Realizing that it’s over and walking away and never looking back. Knowing your place and accepting it and moving on is the only way to forget.

2. Deleting all pictures and videos and everything that reminds you of the person.

Most people always make the mistake of breaking up and holding on to the memories, constantly going through the chats, watching pictures and videos of you together, and reminiscing on the past. That way you will never forget and you will still be stuck in the past that you do not exist in anymore. Let go of the memories and create new ones and forget the past. all the energy into a self check and try to improve and also work on being a better person.

There are so many reasons relationships end and you could be the reason. So instead of crying over a spilled milk, try to seek a solution.

So you work on yourself, search for the inner truth, try to be better than you were before. Improve your lifestyle and be open to changes.

4.Try to go out more often, meet people, hang out, and keep your self busy that way your mind will be off the whole issue and create new memories.

This trick works all the time. Instead of staying at home and crying your eyes out.  Go out, and have fun and forget the might be hard but with time you would forget and move on.

5 Associate yourself with new People:

we all need someone at some point and time and being lonely wouldn’t help you to forget so instead of being lonely, you should look for a rebound.

Yes, meet someone new, start communicating, hang out, and that way your mind is over your ex. By doing this you would be thinking of how to make the new relationship better. Most people are not open to rebounds but it’s not a bad idea, it’s the easiest way to forget your ex and create new memories with the person.

6- Never try to be friends with your ex when you are still emotionally connected to them.

At some point, you may want to meet up for clarity and closure but if you are still in love with your ex there is absolutely no reason to meet up with them let alone hanging out with them because that way memories are refreshed and you find yourself broken again.

7- learning from your mistakes

No human is immune to mistakes, we all make mistakes and the moment you realize that people come and people leave you will learn to accept the fact that the relationship has ended and it was a lesson to be learned. So you take your time and find out what went wrong and try to learn from the mistake and move on.

7. being independent and falling in love with yourself

Whilst we all need people in our life at some point. You need to know that you have to fall in love with you and appreciate yourself before another person does that. Take your time, find what makes you happy, and do things differently. That way you accept the reality and move on.

8.Travel the world and see things differently

Do what makes you happy, create memories for yourself, and try to be happy at all times. For someone who is trying to move on, you need to have fun, take yourself out, those hobbies you have, enjoy them, travel more, and be adventurous. It makes you forget and move on.


If you forgive your ex and forgive yourself you will find yourself moving on and not holding back to the pains and hurt. Forgive and forget and you will do absolutely well on your own. If your heart is still full of hate and hurt, you will remain sad and broken and you won’t ever morning on because you still holding on and you haven’t forgiven him or her.

10. Don’t stalk them

Never try to know what your ex is up to, this particular goes beyond avoiding goes as far as not following them on social media and trying to find out who they are with or if he’s doing fine without you.

You don’t need to ask people around them what they are up to. dont try to be in their space. Stop trying to find excuses to meet up with them. You think you moved on but every time you are trying to find a reason to bump into them or meet up with them.

For you to move on, you should accept total defeat and not try to find a reason to meet up with them.

Finally, your ex should not be a reason for you to be sad. Everyone deserves to be happy regardless of their relationship status. Stay positive minded and never look back at the negatives. Always remember to choose you, your sanity, and your peace of mind.

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