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13 Things Unborn Babies Hate In Mom’s Stomach



Things Unborn Babies Hate In Mom's Stomach

Last Updated on February 28, 2024 by Joshua Isibor

When a woman is pregnant we always shout for Joy and also feel more concerned about what the woman is passing through. We’ve never talked about the unborn baby; such as what he/she may like or dislike.

It is so true that babies communicate with their mothers through the stomach. The unborn child also has this emotional feeling too especially when the mother is sad, they too will become sad.

The only way to know if the baby is disliking or liking a thing is through their kicks and movements.
In this article, I’ll be exploring some things unborn babies hate in their mom’s stomach.

13 Things Unborn Babies Hate In Mom’s Stomach

1. Bad-tasting food

Unborn babies usually can taste foods that their mother has eaten from the amniotic fluid. When the mother must have eaten, it will come in the form of fluid and then to their taste buds. One top-secret you should know is that babies dislike spicy and nasty-tasting foods. If you’re able to see what they dislike, then you’d need to avoid those foods except its part of your pregnancy cravings.

2. Getting It On In The Third Trimester

The third trimester of a pregnancy is usually from week 29-40. In this stage of pregnancy, the woman tends to get more tired and the excitements about the baby usually depreciate.

So in this trimester, when the woman decides to get laid with her husband or someone else, it would make the unborn child upset or angry.
Why do babies dislike sex in the third trimester?
During the process of lovemaking, the mom tightens her abdominal muscles, which later causes the baby to lose more space inside the womb.

3. Mom’s Belly Laughs

When you’re happy your baby will be happy. But when you laugh your belly out, it won’t certainly make him/her happy thereby causing discomfort.

4. Sad mom= sad baby

If the mother-to-be is depressed or anxious, the baby will feel the same. That’s why as an expectant mother you don’t need to stress yourself over depression because it can pose a very negative impact on the unborn baby. Babies usually feel this due to the pregnancy hormones which are passed along to the child.

When the mom-to-be is sad, it can make them very sad too to the point of crying inside the womb.
If the pregnant mom passes through a state of depression before childbirth, in the future, the baby may likely be diagnosed with depression before they turn 18.

5. Consistent Poking

It is an amazing thing to feel the touch of your baby from the outside. Poking is, mostly done especially in the third trimester. Poking is fun and I believe babies love it too. When this is excessively done, the baby will get angry and may want to move away from the position when next you poke him/her.

6. Sudden, Loud Noise

We all know that medically loud noise is not good for adults not to talk to children. The worst would be staying close to a military camp where they shoot guns. The truth is that they hate loud noises. An example of noises that you should avoid is those blaring traffic noises, music, and the sound of a blender or staying close to a speaker during an occasion.

7. A Stressed Mommy

Pregnancy is supposed to be a stage where you relax and eat good food. When you stressed yourself too much the baby will also be stressed. You can carry out some relaxation techniques such as meditation, sleep, deep breathing, exercise, or yoga to keep calm.

8. Startling the Baby

This involves taking the baby by surprise or to shock her. Unborn babies can startle easily.

3 ways a baby can get startled

A. When mom or someone else is poking her belly hard.
B.A sudden loud noise/loud noises.
c. Sudden quick movement from the mother such as entering inside a vehicle.
When all these happen the baby will quickly jerk away. When this happens you’ll see the mom’s stomach bouncing from one side to the other.

9. The Hunger Pangs

Your hunger pangs also affect your baby. Once, they are hungry they’ll disturb you a lot with moves and kicks. During pregnancy, it is not good to engage in fasting. If you’re the type that doesn’t like eating then you need to start food cravings.
Anytime you’re hungry grab something to eat and your baby will feel very happy.
Your baby needs lots of food and water to stay fresh and healthy!!

10. Lack of Space

This happens inside the womb. This is not your fault and there is nothing much you can do about it. Babies hate the lack of space because they also want to feel free within their horizons. All you need to do here is to keep yourself, stretched. Because, as they grow bigger they lose a lot of space which may cause discomfort.

11. Toss and Turn during Sleep Time

Like I said either about laughing too hard, tossing and turning while sleeping can make your baby jerk a lot. If you must toss or turn around, do it slowly, because you never can tell if the baby is sleeping or resting, so you won’t make the child uncomfortable.

12. Too Much Of Peek-A-Boo Lights!

The mother’s womb is usually a dark environment for the baby. Hence you should avoid a flash of light on your belly. If the baby is sleeping, too much of it can affect him/her.
Whenever you go for a maternity photo shoot, talk to the photographer so he’ll avoid plenty of flashes of light on your belly.

13. Going on A Bumpy Ride

Driving around a bumpy road is very close to tossing and turning around, and laughing hard. When you travel in a bumpy area the baby would just be bouncing inside. Sometimes, this is usually worse than that tossing around because you might be able to predict how good the road is.

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