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Exploring the different Baby Cries and their Meaning




Last Updated on April 7, 2024 by Joshua Isibor

We would be exploring the different baby cries and their meaning. Some may say is it really necessary to know babies cry and their meaning? YES!! It’s actually needed. This is what so many mothers neglect in knowing. Every mature person has a language he/she speaks, it could be French, Spanish, Chinese. In this article, babies also, have their language.

It is until when you understand their language that’s when you will be able to satisfy them quickly. When you don’t know the sign it becomes a challenge.

According to Dustan, There are 5 kinds of sound a baby makes before crying very seriously.

As a mother, you should be very vigilant in knowing all these because it would save you the stress of giving the child the wrong pleasure.

1. Neh- I’m hungry

2. Owh-I Want to Sleep

  1. Heh- Discomfort ( hot, cold, wet)
  2. Eairh-lower wind gas)
  3. Eh- Upper wind (burp)
  4. Neh-hunger: This is one of the most common sounds of babies that almost everyone knows. When they cry’ Neh” they usually express this whenever they are hungry so when you immediately hear this sound all you have to do as a breastfeeding mother is to give the child breast milk to suck.

Other Observation: another observation is that you’ll see the child sucking his/her thumb and even reaching their hands to your breast. What the child is saying is that

“momma feed me!! I’m so famished”


When baby makes this sound “owh” it means that they are very tired and need to sleep. This sound is not intense but calm. All you need to do put the child to sleep either by singing a cool song, carrying the child, or breastfeeding the child.

Other observation: The baby starts using his/her hands to rub his eyes. Sometimes when they doing this they may not make any sound but with the observation, you’ll know everything.

3 Heh:

This baby’s sound signifies that the child is experiencing discomfort. This could be a result of the weather condition. It could be that the weather is either too cold or hot. When they start making that sound they become restless they may not want you to touch them at that particular them. (because they may feel irritated).

4.Eairh (flatulence):

When a child starts making this sound it could be that the child is experiencing a stomach upset or the child just farted. So they always use this sound to pass the information to you.

This sound comes from a trapped air. Medically it happens when the muscles of the intestines tighten and force the air bubble out. When you fail to notice it becomes something else because the cry is usually very loud and intense.

Finally, it could be that there is a bowel movement.

5. Eh- (burp):

So it means a baby needs to be burped. Burping can also be called eructation and belching; the release of gas from the upper digestive tract (stomach and esophagus) through the mouth. It is usually Audible.

The observation you get from the baby could be a kicking foot, an upset facial expression, shaking arms, and squirming face.

Soothing a Crying Baby

When mothers understand the meaning of their baby’s cry, it is easier for them to comfort their babies. Understanding your baby’s cries can be confusing in the beginning, especially the reason for the baby that always cries at night. However, when you start listening closely, you will become an expert at interpreting your baby’s cries. Mothers should look for these things in their babies when they cry, such as:

  • how long has it been since you last fed the baby
  • if your baby’s diaper needs changing
  • if your baby has not been sleeping adequately for the past few days
  • if your baby shows any symptoms of infection or allergy such as a skin rash, breathing problems, redness, etc.

Soothing a crying baby is never easy but paying great attention to the sound of the cry, it can get easier and better with time. Some simple tricks you can do when your baby cries that works for some moms are, massaging the feet and toes in a circular motion, rocking the baby for some time, and singing or talking in a comforting voice.

Do you have a new sound of a baby you think we didn’t mention? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below

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