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A Sydney escort’s top tips for incredible sex



Last Updated on December 13, 2022 by Joshua Isibor

Of course – you want to be having great sex. Don’t we all? But it’s not as easy as simply jumping into bed and hoping it all works out. When it comes to incredible sex, there’s a lot to learn. And Sydney escorts, as well as many other types of sex workers, are great people to ask.

An escort is a kind of sex worker who swaps sexual or companionship services for payment. Escorts can provide their clients with a wide range of services, including companionship, massage, erotic entertainment, phone sex, fetish play, role-playing, BDSM (bondage/discipline, dominance/submission, sadism/masochism) and more. Some escorts work in the adult industry, while others work independently.

Thanks to the skills they use at work, escorts are sex experts! They know what their clients like best, how to make them feel good and how to get them off. So if you’re looking for an expert in amazing sex, look no further than your local escort.

Here are an escort’s top tips for having amazing sex – the kind that will leave you feeling satisfied and fulfilled.

1. Take time to relax before sex.

You’ll need to take some time to prepare yourself mentally and physically. If you’ve been working hard, you may find yourself tense and anxious. This won’t help you enjoy the experience and may create a tense atmosphere. A good escort knows this – they’ll often have a bottle of wine or a cup of tea close to hand and will spend time relaxing and chatting with their customers before getting intimate. So instead of leaping into the bedroom, try taking a few minutes to unwind with your date or partner. Ask them how their day was or offer to do something together. Share some wine and nibbles or make a simple cocktail together. It doesn’t matter what you do – just make sure you both have plenty of time to chill out.

2. Stay up to date with your health check-ups, and practice safer sex.

The last thing you want is to worry about sexually transmitted infections (STIs) when you’re spending time with a partner. Escorts know this – they are safer sex experts! They’re very good at using condoms, practising safe sex and getting checked regularly. It’s really easy for you to do the same – read up on good safer sex, keep condoms and lube handy, and make sure you keep up to date with your regular STI checks, too.

3. Be open minded about trying new things.

Sex isn’t just about penetration – it’s also about other fun activities such as massage, touch, teasing, talking, flirting, kissing, cuddling and much more. An escort is well-versed in all these activities and will often spend more time doing these things to get you both into the best possible mindset. Try different positions, different states of dress, techniques and toys to see which ones give you the most pleasure. There’s nothing wrong with being adventurous – after all, you don’t always have to go straight for penetration when you’re having sex. The build up often makes sex that much better!

4. Have realistic expectations…and be prepared to experiment

Just because you read somewhere that one position gives better orgasms, doesn’t mean it’s true. A sex worker knows that every client is different and will talk with their client, experimenting with different things until they figure out what turns them on. Being open to experimentation and communicating what feels good and what doesn’t will help you find out what feels right for you and your partner. Once you’ve found something, don’t stop there – keep experimenting and checking in. A world of pleasure awaits you!

5. Know your anatomy

Know where your body parts are located and how they work together. An escort has done research into this, so they know exactly where to put their hands, fingers and tongue to give the most pleasure possible! It’s easy for you to learn this stuff too. For example, do some research so that you know how to find the g-spot or how to touch someone’s clit. Doing your research about sexual anatomy is helpful, and if you’re following the above steps, your date will help show you all the spots they enjoy too.

6. Don’t rush things

Slow down, take your time and enjoy the moment. When you’re having sex, there’s no point rushing things along. Enjoy each sensation and savour every second – sex is pleasure after all. Being mindful helps you stay in the moment rather than falling into the habit of performing something you have seen in porn which doesn’t feel as good. Mindfulness means taking everything in, and not worrying about anything else but the present moment. Escorts are pros at it and it’s a great way to relax and enjoy yourself.

7. Respect your partner’s needs.

Your partner might not realise that they need to slow down or stop if they feel uncomfortable. Or they might not even notice that they’re feeling stressed or tired – but you should. Make sure you’re paying attention to your partner’s needs, and if they say they’re not enjoying themselves, then ask them why and how you could be doing better. This is all apart of the learning process and works for both you and your partner. This kind of communication is essential for good sexual consent – it shows respect for your partner and helps ensure everyone enjoys themselves.

8. Make eye contact.

Eye contact helps to create intimacy between two people. If you look away from your partner during foreplay, it can make them feel like you’re not interested in them. And if you’re looking elsewhere while you’re making love, it can make your partner feel insecure. So make sure you’re looking at your partner throughout the whole experience. Eye contact can help you get more in tune with your partner too!

A Sydney escort's top tips for incredible sex

There are so many ways to have great sex…and escorts are the experts.

I hope you’ve enjoyed a Sydney escort’s best tips for great sex! These tips can help you improve your own sex life, and maybe even turn up the heat in your relationship. Try them out next time you’re having sex….and enjoy!

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