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ALL you need to know about a SUGAR DADDY



sugar daddy

Last Updated on April 10, 2024 by Joshua Isibor

A Sugar Daddy is a mature rich man who dates younger girls. A sugar daddy is also called a boyfriend. One major difference between a normal boyfriend and a sugar daddy is the age difference. A girl could be 25 years old, dating a guy of 30 years old: In this case, you can’t say she’s dating a sugar daddy. But when she’s dating a man who’s 15 years older than her with 15 years and above we could say she’s dating a sugar dad. Many men may choose to have more than one sugar girl depending on their Financial status.

An average sugar daddy is aged 45.

Sugar daddies exist in different forms.

First, there are sugar daddies who budget a particular amount of money to be giving their sugar girls monthly.

Secondly, some only give money to their sugar girl(s) only when they hook up.

How to know a Sugar Daddy

1. He’s a confident Man:

A sugar dad is a fearless man. He’s not like other random guys that don’t know what they want. He is usually direct in action, he goes for what he wants. A sugar daddy doesn’t come to play games as the other guys do.

2. They are powerful men in society:

Apart from being rich, they are strong and also famous in society. Sugar daddies are men of High class.

Some sugar daddies may earn more than $250,000 and choose to give their sugar girl $1000 as a monthly allowance.

3.He is always busy:

No sugar daddy would want to waste so much precious time with a girl because he uses all his time to pursue wealth. Sugar daddies are generally not the calling type. They might choose to call you only when they miss or need you.

4.Most are usually married:

A sugar daddy is a man who cheats on his wife frequently for the sake of pleasure. ( One sign to know that your boyfriend is a future sugar daddy is when he always cheats on you always without a cause). Some men who are also a widower may choose to be a sugar dad too: This could be due to loneliness.

5.He is always older:

A young woman of 25 cannot be taking care of a man who is 60. Like I said, in the beginning, the average age of every sugar daddy is 45years. They are always older in knowledge, wisdom, and other aspects of life so they may want to share their experience and memories with the sugar baby.

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They are Successful men:

YES!!! They are not mere men who are struggling financially.

Sugar daddying YOUNG WOMEN IS seen as immoral behavior. This has made many women lose their marriage because about (10-15%)  of men who engage in sugar daddying ladies ends up in marriage.

Most people in the society sees sugar daddy as a taboo, that’s why it’s usually kept as a top-secret because when everyone knows the young woman in question, she would be labeled as a “prostitute”.

Like the men, when their secrets are being exposed… People would begin to call them a ‘dirty old man” and if they are religious men they would automatically lose savor.


Some men may choose to have a sugar baby because of the old and wrinkle nature of their wives. They would want someone fresh, beautiful succulent, endowed, young, smart, and strong enough to satisfy them in bed.

When men are not satisfied with their wife they may want to get it somewhere else.

The major goal of every sugar dad is to have sexual Pleasure and FUN.

One way to know a sugar daddy is that they usually magnanimous: That’s usually one difference between a salt daddy and a sugar daddy).

~A salt daddy is a man who has nothing to offer to his sugar babe.

The advantage of being a sugar dad is that..

1. They would have the opportunity of meeting gorgeous, amazing and beautiful ladies.

2.A transparent and Honest relationship; When dating a sugar babe you don’t have the opportunity to stress yourself about some exaggerated expectation. You would have the chance to schedule your time with your girlfriend.

5 Things every sugar daddy provides in a relationship

These listed are the 4 benefits and advantages of having a sugar daddy relationship.


This is one common love language for girls. Hence sugar daddies love buying loads of gifts for their sugar girl(s). Gifts are something that looks like a compulsory duty for every sugar daddy out there.

Sugar daddies are very generous in nature so they tend to get a gift for their bae for every single trip they take.

2.Fantastic trips and special treats:

Fact is, sugar daddies are fun to be with. They would spoil you and can make you think your peers are not worth being with.

Due to their massive wealth, they would always want to give you special treats such as going on a vacation to different parts of the world, visiting the best restaurant, and lots more.

3.Zero Drama:

Sugar daddies are too mature to engage in childish relationships such as playing games(hide-and-seek). Sugar daddies always want to live their best life, hence they try all possible means to have a foul play.

4.Connection, Networking, and Security: 

Due to their high level of influence in society they always want to treat their sugar babies like an egg.

When dating a sugar daddy all you’ll have is maximum protection. Most sugar daddies go to the extent of having a secret eye that watches over his girlfriend.

Most sugar dad relationships often turn into a big opportunity for ladies ( Both for the educated and the uneducated).  Most times a sugar daddy may want to settle his sugar girl financially: either by getting her a job in the industry or  Setting up a Business for Her.

5.Money and BILL PAYMENT

This is one of the top reasons why girls chase after sugar daddies… Girls chase after sugar daddies to be ok “money-wise’ and also to settle their bills. BILLS may include house rent, electricity, water, tuition fee, food, and lots more…


The 7 types of Sugar Daddy relationship according to a sociologist Maren Scull, Ph.D., assistant professor at the University of Colorado Denver, has identified seven types of these “sugar” relationships:

  1. sugar prostitution
  2. compensated dating,
  3. compensated companionship,
  4. sugar dating,
  5. sugar friendships.
  6. sugar friendships with benefits
  7. and pragmatic love.

NB: Having a Sugar daddy is not the same as prostitution, because sometimes sugar daddizim may lead to marriage. Everything depends on the CHOICES we make.


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