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Cute Ways To Ask a Guy Out



how to ask a guy out

Last Updated on January 11, 2022 by Joshua Isibor

Have you ever been attracted to a guy and you feel the urge to ask him out? You might feel so overwhelmed by your emotions, you really want to let this guy know how you feel and probably ask him to date you.

It might be odd to you or sound desperate to ask a guy out. Well let me burst your bubbles; it’s not that difficult to ask a guy out. There are some tactical ways to approach a guy without feeling desperate or stupid.

Proven ways to ask a guy out without feeling desperate

1. Send him shy and incomplete text messages.

A shy text message is a kind of message that spells out your feelings indirectly and directly. These messages should be short with fewer details. You can try this method by sending him a message that will tell him your intentions.

2. Send a cute note by post.

You can send him a cute note by posting it through social media platforms. This kind of note is a short one with attraction signals.Is a way of telling him you are attracted to him.

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3. Find ways in which you can get his help.

Perhaps, he is in a good position to help you out, get away to approach him, and ask for his help. Even if you are not in current need of something; just lookout for something he can do for you and try to approach him for his assistance; that way you get to be close to him.

4. Ask a guy out on your birthday.

You can plan to ask him out on your birthday. Birthdays are special days and memorable moments of our lives. People tend to grant our wishes and request on such days. So this is a nice opportunity to speak to that guy.

5. Go out as friends and come back as boyfriend and girlfriend.

Another way to ask a guy out is to plan for a date. This is perfect timing for you, go out together to your favorite place. This can create a good atmosphere for the both of you to bond, in the process, you can spill the cat from the bag. It is one of the easiest ways to ask a guy out but you must know how to make use of the moment to your own advantage.

6. Give a note to a guy when you are going separate ways.

If you met him in a grocery store or at the restaurant, certainly you guys will part ways. Just hand him a note, with your contact or Email so you guys are not cut off totally.

7. Ask his best friend to introduce him to you.

Asking his friends to help you will make it easier and more genuine for you. So if you know his close friends he trusts, you can ask them to introduce you to him. Meeting him through his friends will fast-track the process and make him focus on you.

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8. Make him ask you out.

This is a tactical approach, most guys feel embarrassed when they don’t have a girlfriend. You could ask him if he has a girlfriend. If he doesn’t it’s to your own advantage. Asking him about his relationship status will make him consider you to be his girlfriend especially when he is not in a relationship.

9. Tell your best friend to ask him out for you.

You can also use your best friend to speak to him on your behalf. Probably you are shy and you feel you don’t have the boldness or confidence to talk to him. Your closest friend might just be a good link to connect both of you.

10. Slip a note in a guy’s bag to ask him out.

We see something like this in movies, and we keep wondering if it really works or is one of those movie fantasies. The answer is yes it does work out for some, make sure your note doesn’t sound dirty or stupid. let him feel how great it will be to have you as his girlfriend when he reads the note.

11.Sit next to him on the bus.

If you meet a guy you are attracted to in a park when boarding a bus make sure you board the same bus together and sit close to him. You can initiate a conversation and exchange contacts.

12. Be bold and take the direct approach to ask him out.

This might sound too direct, but it shows that you know what you want. It tells him, you are a woman of confidence, just spill it!

13. Ask him out by writing a short poem.

write a poem for him

If you are good at poem writing, you can apply this approach to ask him out.A poem has a way of expressing one’s feelings directly to the reader, it goes deeper than the way it’s written. It is a piece of poetic writing, that is with intensity or depth of expression or inspiration.

14. Get cozy with your crush.

Try to feel cozy with him. He is yours if he makes the first move. Take advantage of it and feel comfortable or warm around him.

Final piece

Having the idea of asking a guy out can be frustrating, but its better to open up and let him know than allow someone else to take him. You never can tell he might feel the same way but might feel you won’t be interested in his proposal. So go for what you want girl, take the lead you mustn’t wait for the guy, be the smart “BITCH GIRL”.

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