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Women with big butt are actually the hot topic for the day. let’s take popular celebrities like nicki minaj, kim kardashian, jennifer lopez, beyonce and lots more. These musicians listed here are curvy ladies with big butt and being praised by millions of people for what they possess. It is actually true that whenever a girl with a big butt passes by, it is very true that over 80% of guys around the would look at her big ass at least twice. Ladies with big butt are highly irresistible to men out there. So many married men have cheated on their wives because of this big butt.
One top-secret that many ladies don’t know is that most guys prefer dating a girl that has a big butt, although there are men who prefer girls with big boobs.
During my university days, I once had a close male friend highly addicted to girls with big breasts. All he’s after is the size of the boobs, never cared about the size of a butt. It was then I knew that not all guys are actually attracted to girls with big butt.
According to a research report made by the Daily Mail, it’s not the butt that men are attracted to but the spine curvature.

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A butt is a powerful tool that women use to oppress men, there are men that would spend all their money just to be with someone with a big butt.
In the recent study that was published in the journal of evolution and human behavior, the researchers have shown that women with a spine curvature of 45 degrees have ease because it would allow them to move about during and throughout the stages of pregnancy without hurting themselves.
Here, I’ll be listing the reasons why girls with big butts are every guy’s dream.

1.They are simply attractive to look at.

Without a prophet telling you this, you’d know that girls with big butts are attractive. Men are visual beings, they are always moved by what they see. If as a girl you want to grab a guy’s attention, one of the easiest ways to get his attention is through your look. If a guy is opportune to see a beautiful girl, the butt is going to be the top 3 things he’d lookout.

2. Forbidden fruit is the sweetest( Sexual position)
Girls with big butt are usually regarded as “ a no go area “. Niggas with sexual fantasies feel that getting down with a big ass lady is like getting a medal. The first thing that comes to a guy’s mind when they see a girl with a big butt, is getting laid with them.

3. They are nice to feel
No doubt about this, big booty with the perfect amount of fat can serve as a pillow for guys and also fun to play with. There is nothing worst than touching a bony booty!! A guy would never play with a girl who has butt big butt (bony in nature). Having a curvy shape can make a guy lose his mind.

4. They’re like a drug
Studies have shown that big butts affect the smart part of the male brain that is triggered by drugs and alcohol. It can be intoxicating for some when they are around ladies with the big stuff

5. Sexual fantasies
Most men easily get turned on when they see women with big butts. There are some men that would see a big ass girl and get an erection immediately. For most men, this is actually their weak point. Just a sight would get them ON. Like I said in NO1, getting a girl with a big butt is like winning a UEFA champion league for some guy..its like a world-class testimony to them.

6. Boost Courage
There is this joy you have, when you walk with a gorgeous lady with big butts, it boosts the confidence of ‘most men. Hence, they’ll walk with pride knowing fully well that they are walking with a HOT LADY. Apart from boosting their courage, it also adds to their self-esteem.
When a shy guy mingles with big butt ladies, in no time they’d have more confidence relating with ladies.

7. Satisfaction Of Having Full Hands
No guy wants a woman who has bones around her backside. There is always a satisfaction of having full hands around the backsides to have full pleasure.

8. They feel they are more presentable
Guys feel that girls when big butts are more presentable to show to their friends than having a girl who has none. No guy enjoys being mocked for having a girl who has a frying pan-ass. Even if the girl is ugly, the big butts have a way of complimenting things.

9. They serve as perfect pillows


To be honest, I’d like to sleep on a nice, big, and round fleshy butt. It is more soft and comfy than the normal regular pillow we use ( You know what I mean ).

10. They lead to higher fertility ( Capable of producing brainy kids).
It is scientifically proven that ladies with big buttocks have ease in giving birth to children. And also, ladies with big buttocks have the tendency of producing brain kids because butt and thigh stores omega-3 fatty acids which are also found in breast milk and this is very important for the brain development of the child.

11. They look perfect in a skirt and sexy gown
I once told a friend that I’m more attracted to a big butt girl who wears a gown. Wearing trousers as a girl may not completely catch a man’s attention but putting on a gown would raise more eyebrows than putting on jeans. One special thing about gowns is that it would show you the whole curve a lady has.

12. Perfect resting place for their hands

It is true that when a guy hugs a girl, the first place that he’d place his hands is her butt/her waist region. It won’t be fun to place your hand in a bony butt!!!

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