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Relationship Seeds




Last Updated on April 11, 2024 by Joshua Isibor

In this article, we’ll be talking about relationship seeds before we processed. we’ll need to do a brief discussion about seeds.

A seed is any mature fertilized ovule of angiosperms and gymnosperms that contains an embryo and the food it will need to grow into a new plant.

A seed is a small embryonic plant enclosed in a covering called the seed coat, usually with some stored food. It is the product of the ripened ovule of gymnosperm and angiosperm plants which occurs after fertilization and some growth within the mother plant.

These are all biological terms…in simple words, a seed is food that plants need in order to grow which is found in the soil.

A relationship is like a garden, when you stop watering ( nurturing)it. It stops growing.

What’s a Relationship:

A relationship is when two or more people are connected or related.

When two people become emotionally attached they end up going into an intimate relationship.

That’s what we are talking about, the intimate kind of relationship.

When you decide to be in a relationship, it means you have to work according to your partner’s terms. Meaning you need to be able to come to terms with your partner’s needs and wants, you need to be there any time they need your attention.

For a relationship to work out, two people have to stay committed. The work has to be coming from both sides and not just one side or else it starts losing its sweetness.

The love for each other should be two-sided and not one-sided, trust me one-sided love stories can be heartbreaking.

When both of you decide to stay committed to each other, it means you both will always have to consider each other when making huge and little decisions.

The Seeds:

The seeds we are talking about are the day to day relationship we have with our partners. It takes a lot of patience and persistence to grow a seed, you have to spend time and energy every single day watering that seed (Relationship).

Most people do not want to spend time nurturing that relationship but want to enjoy the fruits and benefits from that relationship, like how is that even possible?

What do you think happens to a seed that isn’t watered every single day of course it dies and that’s what happens to so many relationships just because many of us are impatient.

You can only eat the fruit of your labor.

There are a lot of seeds that when they are planted in a relationship can lead to sweet or bitter endings.

These are the wrong and the right seeds.

Hence relationship seeds are seeds a partner plants in his or her relationship that produces good or bad fruits in the Future.

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Wrong seeds  that are sown in a relationship:

1) Miscommunication:

Many relationships end due to this major problem, many people don’t know how to communicate while growing up, so it becomes difficult for them in a relationship.

They end up making excuses for why they can’t make out time to talk which are unnecessary.

Many times it’s from the kind of family they grew up in, maybe the relationship between themselves and their parents or siblings wasn’t that stable.

Eventually, they grew up believing that their partner would take them as they are. Which doesn’t happen in every case!

2) Manipulations:

This is a point Whereby, one person or both tends to become manipulative especially emotionally…just so their partner would agree to whatever it is they want.

When one person starts exacting power and control over the other, making the other person to do exactly what they want.

The relationship becomes stale.

3) Untrustworthiness:

When you sow a seed of mistrust in a relationship, it eventually comes to an end.

Like when you tell them, “this is a white bag,” instead of them believing that yes! that bag is white, they decide to go and confirm to see if it’s really white or black.

Of-course you two might still be together but little by little you would be drawn apart.

4) No equality:

This is a situation where one person is a giver and the other is a taker. Like none of these want to take it easy on themselves they claim they love each other, but keep draining each other unnecessarily.

Many people say relationships is a give and take affair, but I disagree. Two partners who love each other should be willing to help each other out at all times…not in a give and take way.

When one person doesn’t have, there should be a form of support from the other.

5) Misunderstanding:

When there is no understanding in a relationship, there will always be a bitter taste.

You need to learn to understand your partner at all times.

6) You need to be a good listener:

Your partner comes home one night looking troubled and decides to confide in you about their problems.

Only for them to finish talking and realize that you weren’t listening all along.

That definitely wouldn’t end well, it can be frustrating when the one person who you could tell your problems to don’t even want to listen.

It’s worse when they can’t even pretend to be listening, showing they just don’t care. Telling you to sort it out your way.

7) Untruthfulness:

One or both parties is a liar. They tell white lies, yellow lies, black lies, all sorts of lies.

Like they lie even when they don’t have to.

When they are already caught yet they keep lying making you look like a fool.

8) Impatience:

Patience is an art.

It’s not easy because no one is perfect, but there are some people who lack that virtue.

And when your’re in a relationship there would be so many ups and downs, so many times when you’d have every reason to snap!! that’s why you need to master the art of being patient trust me!!

If you start getting unnecessarily angry over every little thing your partner does, little by little you both are going to get tired of each other.

9) When you can’t control your emotions:

it can also lead to your relationship coming to an end. You should also learn to control your thinking.

Don’t always base your actions and questions on assumptions, that never ends well.

Your appetite needs to be controlled too, not every man or woman love it when their partner gets and eats everything they see even when they can’t afford it.

You also need to be able to control the way you spend. When your partner dosen’t also know how to control the way they spend it can lead to serious problems where you two would be unable to save.

Not been able to control the mouth has put a lot of partners into problems.

You both need to learn how to keep each other secrets to yourselves.

10) Disrespect:

Many partners lose Respect for each other just because they have grown so used to each other.

They forget that no matter how close you can get with somebody, there still need to be even if it’s a little respect.

It’s Paramount in a relationship really. The respect.

11) Discontent:

Many relationships go through problems because one or both parties ain’t satisfied with themselves.

If you can’t be satisfied with the little your partner is bringing to get table, if you are so greedy and selfish and lack understanding then maybe just maybe you need to grow up and you ain’t ready yet for a real relationship.

The right seeds to sow in a Relationship:

1.Self Love:

This is very important, at the end of the day before you can sow a seed of love in another you have to love yourself first. If you can’t, there wouldn’t be anyway you can be open enough to love someone else.


The two people need to learn to trust each other, without this, the relationship can’t work out.There should be a huge trust between you two, the kind where if you tell your partner “that’s a dog,” they wouldn’t need to investigate further to believe that it’s really a dog.


There should always be understanding between couples. Even if one or both of you ain’t understanding for the sake of your relationship, you need to learn to be understanding.

4.Listening ears:

You should be a good listener. Even if you don’t know how to give advices at least know how to sit still and listen without interrupting. Many people appreciate that, they just need a good listener.

5.Be Respectful:

it helps both couples, being respectful to your partner builds the love in a relationship. It boosts the man’s ego, it improves the woman’s respect for her man.

6.Be Truthful:

Truth they say, can be bitter. But then it is better to be truthful…a relationship builds on lies comes to a crushing end before you know it. Cause know matter what, the truth can’t be hidden forever. No matter how much you can keep secrets, one day, one way or another it will definitely come out.

7.Be Patient:

Patient is a good virtue when put to use in a relationship, it helps. Being patient dosen’t mean you have to be unnecessarily patient, yes it’s a virtue, yes it’s good. However, there are times when you have to let go. You can’t always exercise patient with someone you’ve fallen out of love with, with someone who you know has know commitment towards your relationship.


Communication is the key to an effective relationship. Lack of communication in a relationship leads to a bittersweet ending, cause you two should be able to talk to each other when things are going wrong.


We all have to learn to be open at all times to our partners, it involves communications too…to be open in your relationship means to be open to new ideas and opportunities to better both your life and partner’s.


Passion is described as any powerful, compelling emotions. Passion can push you through difficult times because you don’t care what it takes to become better. Passion is vital in relationships with our partners, it’s said that passion is ardent love a more intense feeling.

Passion spices up your sex life, you can spice up your sex life by trying out new positions in bed, you heard or read somewhere about a new sex product…you can come back home to discuss it with your partner and of course if they like your idea (if there crazy is crazier than yours or on the same level with yours) it gets more interesting, without this ‘passion’ in your relationship it becomes really boring.


Love is another thing that should be steady in a relationship, I get it many people would be like “of course I know that, I won’t go into a relationship with someone I don’t love,” well, here’s how it goes. You can! Many people, are in a relationship just for the fun of it, many people are together but not in love…they are just waiting for the right time. Of course it’s good you know to have loved someone very much before going into an intimate relationship with them but that’s not how many people see it.

Many people just decide they want to go with the flow and see what the future holds and eventually one (both) starts falling in love and because they feel none of them are ready, the relationship and everything they’ve shared goes down the drain. Love is really important. “Love is something that you consciously create every money, every day__Tony Robbins.

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