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Signs that your man is no longer into you: What signs do you look for in a relationship to know it has jammed its hallmark? Worry no more; that’s the purpose of this article as I will enlighten you on the signs—of which some are glaring, and some are not—you’ve got to look out for to know he is no longer into you.

A time might come in a relationship when you, as a woman, begin to question if he loves you anymore; it’s almost as if the romance is dwindling day after day. He doesn’t touch you anymore, nor does he call anymore. In fact, it’s as if you’re more of a nuisance than a partner in that relationship.

Now you worry; what have you done wrong? Did you say something wrong? You might have not done anything, but the most important thing is to understand that perhaps the spark of light that was at the beginning of your relationship has dimmed and is now on the verge of going off completely.

Again, you might ask yourself why searching for these ‘signs’ in your relationship is important. Know that, for one thing, it might save you from taking a full hit of heartbreak. Yes, just the same way you prepare for an exam, you can also prepare for heartbreak once you see the trigger warnings that something has gone terribly wrong in your relationship. It would still hurt, but it will be less as long as you prepare for the emotional damage that’s to come.

Another reason you should search for these signs is that you would be the person to end the relationship yourself if needed. Wielding that power yourself once you see the impending doom that is to come makes it hurt less than if the man is the one to end the relationship.

7 Signs that he is no longer into you


This is one of the most glaring signs that he is not into you because it happens to you as a woman/lady.

You see yourself worrying, biting your lips, checking your phone for his calls or messages, wanting to check his phone to know if he is cheating on you… the end line is that once the above things start happening to you, it means you’re in doubt and that your man’s behavior must have triggered it.

Once you’re in doubt, you’re no longer in that comfortable ease you were when your relationship started, and it’s a sign that your man is no longer into you. What’s more, you actually start to search for the signs that he doesn’t love you: You question his every movement.

You question every call he takes. You question the reason behind every lady he talks to. Inadvertently, you might not realize it, but you’re desperately trying to grasp a shred of evidence that he doesn’t love you anymore, and that’s because you doubt him and don’t trust him. For instance, you start surfing the web for signs he is no longer into you, which might have brought you across this article, and I want to assure you that you’re in the right place.


(After one hour, he left, he came back)

 You: “Baby where did you go to?”

Him: “To church service….”

You: “But you stink of alcohol.”

Him: “Yeah, I went to a bar afterward.”

So you see, one hour was enough for him to go to church and get drunk at the same time. Lies, Lies, Lies.

The funny part of this point is that you know he is lying, but one big part of you is unwilling to accept the truth. He tells the glaring lies, and you wave them off because you’re afraid of the heartbreak that will come to you if he is lying.

Now, I’m telling you to not be afraid; be brave. You see those lies, face them, and question them. Don’t take it in with a pinch of salt because you’re only prolonging a relationship that is already off the cliff.

See another instance: He smoked before you were in a relationship with him. You made him promise that he would never smoke again, he stopped smoking, and ever since then, your relationship has been blissful. But just the other day, you saw stubs of unfinished cigarettes in the dustbin; you see, he lied to you. He was willing to not smoke because he loved and cared about the relationship, but now he smokes because he no longer has feelings for you. He doesn’t see the need to quit a habit because of you; going back to that habit is a sign that he no longer cares about you.

Digest this point: when he is no longer into you, one of the signs is that he lies and, just like in the above scenarios, breaks any of his promises.


This is a very glaring point, but you know my problem with it is that most people ignore it. I also call it the ‘excuse point’.

Before, you and your man spent a day-long texting each other. He calls at midnight because his network provider gives him a two-hour call bonus at a cheap rate; it’s become a norm, so you lay awake waiting for his call, and when the time comes, he calls immediately, and you both chatter and laugh to the voice of each other.

But now, no more calls, those long goodnight carefully calculated—sometimes stolen— texts have turned to no texts at all.

He now answers your texts with one word, like yes, no, yeah, or okay. Oh… and all the gibberish short texts in the world. Do you know the worst part? He even takes time to reply, and when they are finally going to reply to your long, carefully crafted text, they just say… ‘okay’. Like, who does that? Only a man that doesn’t love you!!

Now you call him, and he says he has to go because he is busy; you call again and say he is sick; you want to come; he says he wants his privacy.

Excuse upon excuse about why he doesn’t call keeps piling up and down:

Work has been so hard, and I’ve been busy. My boss has been stressing me. My family needs me…blah blah blah

So beware of this sign: once he goes incognito, one-word messages, and one-minute calls, he is no longer into you. Open your eyes and save yourself from an impending emotional wreck.


Some will say that when your partner fights you all the time at everything, then they have stopped loving you. But I’m here to tell you that’s a lie. A man who is no longer into you won’t even care to fight you again.

What’s the use of fighting you in that relationship since he no longer cares about you or the relationship? Only a man who cares about a relationship fights in it. The only exception is a naturally abusive man, which is not what we are really discussing here.he stops caring

Another situation is when he stops getting jealous. He sees you with a man, and the totality of his response will scream: “whatever. I don’t care”. I don’t know about you, but I believe that any man who loves you has a tendency to get jealous when he sees you with another man.

So when a man stops making an effort to make the relationship work or just doesn’t care about anything and everything, it’s a sign that he is no longer into you. So watch out for this trigger.


Physical contact is one of the most important manners in nurturing a relationship. So when a man stops touching you, cuddling you, or even holding your hands, then just know that something of utmost importance has gone wrong in your relationship.

This can be so, especially when it’s obvious that the man is avoiding every kind of contact with you. When you lay your head on his lap, he pushes you away or tells you he has muscle cramps. When you want to massage him, he tells you he has body pains…excuse me, what’s the importance of body massage then? I believe it’s to get rid of body pains; they give you all sorts of silly excuses to make sure you don’t touch them, and they too.

So you see, once he starts to avoid everybody’s contact with you, he will no longer love you.


Once you see that you’re always the one who initiates every single outing, be it to see a movie or have dinner while your man just tags along, sometimes grudgingly, then just know that he no longer loves you.

Originally, he was head over heels for you, taking you out, buying you things, showing you places, but now he doesn’t; there it is, another warning sign.


A man who loves you will make you feel like you’re Perhaps he worshipped you before, made you feel like you’re his paradise come to earth, but now he makes you question yourself. He makes you feel like you’re not enough or that you don’t deserve him; once the man that supposedly loves you starts to make you feel ‘not enough’, then that’s a sign that his emotions for you have burned off.

Some people will tell you to avoid having a relationship with a man who makes you feel like you’re too fat or too thin, but I will tell you that once your supposed lover makes you aware of your flawed qualities, then he is no longer into you. If he’s into you, he will make you feel flawless. Once he is no longer with you, your flaws are always highlighted whenever he is around. That’s the point.

With this, we end this article: “Signs He’s No Longer Into You”. If you’ve read to this point, the wheels in your head are probably turning as you’re trying to place a point you must have noticed in your man.

It’s important to note that most of these points can only be applied if the man acted the opposite way at the beginning of the relationship. And like I said at the beginning of this article, a very good way to avoid taking the impact of a full-blown heartbreak is by ending the relationship yourself. You’ve seen these signs in your man, and you’re sure he is no longer into you? Then, end the relationship and build yourself more. Search for love where it searches you, and be happy!


Originally posted 2020-08-18 12:30:37.

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