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what to do if youre unhappy in a relationship

Last Updated on May 20, 2024 by Joshua Isibor

We would be talking about what to do if you’re unhappy in a relationship. Relationships aren’t perfect because it is usually made up of two imperfect people but then it should ‘add’ and not take away our peace and happiness, a healthy relationship should challenge us to grow, add glitz, and have fun too…. but sometimes it is not always like that. Some relationships turn out to be toxic and bad, making one unhappy all the time.

Signs you’re unhappy in your relationship

You are always complaining

You resent your partner

You feel insecure and bitter oftentimes

You suddenly lose the desire to do something you used to love to do before

You find an excuse to be somewhere else other than with your partner

You feel you might be walking on eggshells


If this sounds like you then you are probably in an unhappy relationship, nobody should endure an unhappy relationship because it may do just more harm than good.

Even if you’re still interested in keeping the relationship, maybe because of several reasons; like the length of the relationship or you both share a flat or have a kid together.

Breaking up and moving on might be hard but it is not advisable to endure, because oftentimes your resentment might rob off on your personal life.

There are certain things you can do if you find yourself in an unhappy relationship without calling it a quit right away.

1. Evaluate the situation:

First, you have to sit in a quiet place, with a pen and jotter try to understand the situation you are currently in. How do you feel about it? How unhappy are you?

Does it sap your energy, peace, and happiness? Does it make you hate your partner or the people around you? Tell yourself the truth when trying to understand the situation. Make sure you write out exactly how this makes you feel.

2. Analyze the problem:

Now that you understand how you really feel and how the situation affects you, it’s time to find out the main problem for this.

Usually, you could feel your partner is no longer treating you the way you want to be treated and that is why you feel unhappy in your relationship but sometimes it may not be your partner’s fault.

It might be your boss at work, who is always on your neck or the plenty of chores you have to do at home alone because you feel angry, you might just unnecessarily vent your anger on the people closest to you, who usually are your partners.

Your partner who doesn’t know what you’re going through might just snap back and start developing cold feet for you. Sometimes it might not be from your end,

maybe your partner has been fired from the office, he is sad and frustrated, and he no longer wants to do the normal things he usually does for you and with you.

The problem could be anything, probably just a misunderstanding so it’s important you know the root cause and when it all started.

3. Communication:

After knowing the root cause, it’s time for you to pick a good day and time to discuss the situation with your partner. You can tell them how the situation makes you feel, what you understand might be the problem, and what you both can do to handle the situation.

Understand this is communication, so you must allow your partner to also contribute and speak!

4. Work on the problem:

Now that you both have come out with a solution, everyone should do their part in making sure the problem is solved.

5. You may just have to give up:

Yes, you should, especially if you tried to communicate with your partner and he or she isn’t making an effort. You can’t continue to go unhappy and worn out. Do yourself a favour and give yourself a break from the relationship. You deserve to be happy in your relationship!

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Originally posted 2020-07-10 12:26:24.

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