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9 Things Men Should Never Do on a First Date



9 things men shouldnt do on a first date

Last Updated on January 17, 2023 by Joshua Isibor

There are several things you shouldn’t do on a first date as a man because it could be embarrassing or even make the lady feel uncomfortable. Some ladies are usually sensitive to how a man treats them on a first date. They believe the start of a “Thing” defines its entirety.

As a man, you might unconsciously exhibit a particular behavior and a lady would not utter a word about it. But, mind you, she’s made a mental note. More like an auto-reminder of that incident in her brain. And somewhere along the line of the relationship, that incident is bound to spring up again and probably jeopardize the future of the relationship.

So let’s dive into it.

9 Things men should never do on a first date

1.Bragging too Much of your Life Accomplishments

Mature-minded men do not talk too much about what they have achieved in life. This can sometimes make the lady feel inferior and intimidated.

Take things slowly, let her find out about these things bit by bit. She’ll respect you more. No woman loves that. Unless the woman is only interested in your accomplishment and wealth.

Mature-minded women detest blabber-mouth men.

2.Do not ignore her

Aside from cheating, nothing hurts a lady the man she is on a date with ignoring her. When she brings up a topic, try chip in something as much as you can. Engage her word wise. Women love attention therapy. Yes, give her attention.

3.Do not be Grumpy

Ladies usually want a guy they can do small gossips with. A guy who can make them laugh now and then. Your first date should be an avenue to show your lady that you are fun to be with. Avoid grumpiness. Over seriousness kills a date. When the conversation isn’t as captivating for her as you would want it to, make a joke, any joke. Make her feel at ease with you. It could boost the tendency of her opening up to you about private and personal issues in the nearest future.

4.Don’t talk about work or business

Leave work in the office unless she asked for it. Rather, tease her about a lot of things, particularly her appearance. But do not flatter. You could tell her for instance, how her hairstyle gives her so much resemblance to a popular model. You could also tell her how her earrings look like they came from Dubai or how her body spray smells like fresh roses.

5.Offensive body odor

This can be so offensive. We all hate offensive smells from a human being. Do not appear wearing a nice fragrance. Being dirty isn’t so nice on a first date. As a guy when you’re going on a first date you should use deodorants/perfumes on your body. Smell nice.body odor

6.Don’t talk about your salary

A date isn’t a business meeting. It’s time when you get to know each other. Do not give attention to other women.

One of the best keys to get a woman is attention. You should know that you came for a date with her and not with other women. She needs 100% of your attention if you can afford it. Peradventure you saw someone more beautiful than her in the bar doesn’t mean you should look. She’ll feel so bad when you do that on a first date.

7.Getting drunk or getting her drunk

This brings a bad omen to you. I once experienced a thing like that. At the end of the day, the girl left the guy and went home. It was so embarrassing. He was trying to impress. Lol.

You have to take a few glasses of wine/beer and drink.

8.Being Rude to People around (like the waiter, security, and people at the next table)

Be a gentle Man. A gentleman doesn’t mean you have to be so calm and quiet. Always be nice and address people respectfully. The way you treat other people other than your date reflects who you truly are.

9.Stay away from phones

No matter how boring the date is, you should abstain from using your phone except it is urgent. Don’t make the girl feel unwanted. Because phones have a way of taking one’s attention.

avoid your phone

I hope you have learned something from the topic 10 things a man should never do on a first date.

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1 Comment

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    July 7, 2020 at 1:13 pm

    This is amazing and very true👍

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