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If you must get pregnant, there are some foods and other things to avoid. Pregnancy is a very delicate stage in a woman’s life. It takes an extreme amount of carefulness in order not to sabotage your efforts.

In this article, we’d be looking at some foods and other physical activities that can affect your fertility as a woman.

Foods To Avoid For Conception

If you are planning to get pregnant either as a wife or as a single lady you must avoid these foods, because they might reduce your chances of getting pregnant.


Examples are king mackerel, shark, swordfish, tilefish.  Studies have shown that women who are pregnant or who wish to get pregnant should avoid such seas foods because they are extremely high in mercury content.

They are known to cause miscarriages and can lead to infertility.

Another effect of mercury is that it damages the nervous system of the unborn child.

  1. High Intake of Caffeine

Caffeine is a natural stimulant most commonly found in coffee tea, and cocoa plants. Although some of the side effects associated with caffeine are restlessness, tremors, anxiety, irregular heartbeats, migraines and high blood pressure in some individual (1)

In as much caffeine has all these side effects, it can lead to miscarriages and can escalate the risk of infertility.

Taking more than five cups of coffee a day is associated with decreased fertility. What ever you take in the first four weeks of your pregnancy matters a lot. Taking more than 200mg of caffeine content in a day can surge the risk of getting a miscarriage. To be safe from infertility you’d need to take a few cup(s) each day.

  1. Foods high in Trans Fats

In the older generation, we eat natural foods back-to-back, but now reverse is the case. Currently, most intake of foods are what we buy or order which is usually processed. But for someone looking for a child, it’s better to avoid baked, processed and fried foods.

Foods high in trans fats can affect the ovulatory infertility and also decreases the sperm count(and quality)

  1. Soy Products

Examples of foods containing soy are edamame, miso, soymilk, soy nuts, soy sauce, tofu, tempeh. Soy products are good but it can lead to infertility because it contains phytoestrogens

.5. High Intake of Carbohydrates

Taking excess of carbohydrates and having a low intake of it can also contribute to infertility.

For example low intake of carbs can affect the insulin and testosterone level while, high intake of carbohydrates can lead to ovulatory infertility.

6.Junk Food


Taking lots of junk food is not a certainty for infertility. But it can pose a great danger to our health due to the high intake of sugar and processed foods. We should also have it in mind that our body needs healthy natural foods such as vegetables, fruits, protein etc. Taking more of junk food does not improve our health in any way. When you start taking foods that will help boost your fertility, it would rank you a high chance of getting pregnant.



  1. Smoking


No matters how much you love smoking as a man or a woman smoking has so many negative effects!! It may be one of your favorite hobbies.  As we all know smoking has grades; a person who smokes a normal cigarette and a person who smokes Indian hemp. The effects on both are quiet different.

Smoking increases the risk of getting lung, colon and pancreatic cancer which can pose a great danger to your health. Smoking as a lead, can lead to early menopause and also increase risk of infertility. Generally those who smoke liable to die youth.

Apart from leading to early menopause, smoking can also compromise or pose a damage to the sperm.

  1. Too much Alcohol

drinking alcohol

Taking excess alcohol can pose a great danger when trying to get pregnant. No amount of alcohol is regarded safe because it can stop you from getting pregnant which can also lead to multiple miscarriages.

  1. Extreme Exercise

extreme exercise

Exercise is something vital that the body needs regularly, but excess of it can be bad (i.e over-exercising). Studies has shown that over-exercising can lead to extreme weight loss and hormonal shifts, which can make a lady to have irregular or missed periods.

  1. Sperm-Harming Lubricants

Its okay to use lubricants when trying to get pregnant. There are some brands of sperm lubricants that contains some ingredients that can affect sperm mobility.

To be on a more safer side it is better to use lubricants such as conceive plus or Pre-seeds,  which are PH-balanced.

  1. Chronic Stress

Life is full of stress and worries, and it’s impossible to eradicate them all from our life.  You don’t get good health while stressing yourself, likewise peace of mind.

Recent Research has shown that the higher the stress the longer the time taken to be conceived. Chronic stress can pose a negative impact on ovulation and fertility. If by any means you’re having predicaments managing your stress,  speak to your doctor for counseling.

Other ways of getting complementary treatments is through mediation, yoga, and acupuncture. When you do all of these it would enhance your chances for conception.

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