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Poem Title: Thoughts




Last Updated on April 16, 2024 by Joshua Isibor


Just when I thought  it was all over,

It started again suddenly I was looking for a stronghold.

For so long I thought I had found myself.



if we learned to live some more and take things one day at a time…

Life wouldn’t be so hard.

Maybe if we stopped looking behind

The future would be brighter

We can’t have forever if we haven’t taken

The moment.


People think you have to jump off a cliff to die,

Put a bullet through ur own head,

Hang yourself…

They don’t realize that the moment you stop living you die.

But slowly though.




_Emotions  has never been something hard.

Many people thought it to be a weakness

In her case,

She wanted to feel even if it was a little

She wanted to feel every damn thing

Even if it was pain.

She had always been numb…

There was a time when she thought

She could do without this emotions

But now pain, love, hate she wanted to feel all.



_Maybe if I just kept walking On and on

I would end up forgetting

I sat still for a long time

Waiting for something

Which I can’t place my hand on

Every time,


I feel the emptiness over and over again

I have friends.

They are always here,

But they would never understand

They never really listened when I spoke.

But I…

I would sit with them and laugh for hours

My cheeks aching

My throat becoming dry

And they never notice…

They never really look at me to realize that all this laughter and smiles were just a cover-up.


✍ ✍ ✍ ✍ ✍ ✍ ✍ ✍ ✍ ✍ ✍ ✍ ✍ ✍ ✍ ✍ ❤️

_I know a boy

Who writes because he feels he is talented

Who writes only when he’s bored

Who writes just to show off

Who writes when he’s sad

Who writes cause he wants to be heard

Who writes cause that’s  the only way he communicates

Who writes cause he wants to change the world

He says he wants people who are sad to read

His words and find inspiration




And I no another

Who writes because he can’t help it…

His words make me lightheaded!

✍ ✍ ✍ ✍ ✍ ✍ ✍

He thought…

He always thought

He was a good thinker

Sometimes he over thought

It used to bother him

He’d overthink every little  thing

The punctuations used in a sentence

The pause in a statement

In a conversation

And he…

He wanted  to know everything


Yes, Curiosity was what they called it.

Then she came along


She was the girl his mother warned to stay away from

She could influence you with her negative side.

She was weird

Maybe a little different

But they called her weird

And she gave a damn not

She told him it was good to overthink

She told him it was ok

She said it was humanly…

She was the one who told him

“Maybe we all come from the stars AFTERALL…”

And he never forgot her.


Originally posted 2020-10-18 07:42:24.

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