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Last Updated on May 22, 2024 by Joshua Isibor

The zeal to be successful is Inbuilt. it takes a step or few steps to fail but many steps to succeed, the craving for success comes every time you wish and desire to accomplish a goal. Becoming successful is good, and everyone admires successful people, but the question is, are you ready to walk through the road of success? Are you willing to take bold steps make a positive difference in your life and achieve your goals? If yes, then these tips will help you achieve that.

Success is not just a mere word but a word transformed into actions and getting a positive outcome. To achieve this you must embrace Determination, discipline, dedication, and focus. No focus no success, your success determines what your life turns out to be. what you make out of your actions determines your success lines. Your zeal, strength, motive, and massive action are also key tools for becoming successful.
Below are some tips to motivate and inspire you to walk down the path of success.

What is motivation

Motivation is the willingness to take action, especially in behaviour. It is Something that drives you, an incentive, or a reason for doing something.

What is success

Success is the positive outcome of massive action, the achievement of one’s aim or goal.

Top 10 motivational tips to achieve success

1. Never give up

never give up

Success is a great commitment that requires consistency and patience. These two keys keep you on and determined irrespective of the difficulties and failures encountered. Failure should never be a stopover but a stimulant to push harder and accomplish your aim.

The most successful scientists never achieved their results on the first attempt, but with consistent action, they finally reached their goal. They were never overwhelmed by their weaknesses or failures but rather focused on their strengths, potential, and motives for embarking on the mission.

According to Henry Ford: who invented the Ford Motor Company, said
“Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently”
According to Albert Einstein: Known Inventions/companies: Special and General theories of relativity.

“A hundred times every day I remind myself that my inner and outer life are based on the labors of other men, living and dead and that I must exert myself in order to give in the same measure as I have received and am still receiving.”

I’d like to mention a few notable scientists who toiled but never allowed their mistakes and failures to hinder their projects and success.

“Failure is a pain, but persistence is the pain killer to failure which eventually leads to your success”. Your journey to success and success story will always be a guide for you and others to learn from and make better options that will give you and others a satisfactory result.

2. Be focused and have a direct vision

pic of a woman's right fiest saying be focused

Focus is the concentration of one’s attention; it’s like a direction that keeps you on track; before setting out to begin any project, be ready to concentrate and give it your full attention.

No focus, no success. Just think of a driver driving with his eyes and brain focused on the road and where he is going. The movement seems smooth and easy, but immediately, he diverts his attention to something else, and the movement and location change. The car changes its direction, and the next thing is boom!!, serious damage occurs.

This is exactly what happens when you lose focus on whatever you plan to achieve. It eventually leads to complete disaster: everything you planned for goes the opposite direction and goes down the drain.

A focused man is a man with a vision. Have a direct vision of your goal(s); what you have imagined for that project should always be in your mind.

Always avoid distractions because they are “success hackers”, it kills your vision. Have a strong vision and be passionate about your vision, and success is yours. Focus and vision align together so keep both in check and watch out for the positive outcome.

3. Dont dwell on your past experience

Experience, they say, is the best teacher, whether good or bad, but it becomes an obstacle when you are being hunted by your horrible past experience or that of a close friend who has tried the same project you want to work on. It can be so frustrating and you might want to give it a second thought or even give up, but the truth is past experience could help you get a better result in that same project but in a different.

From your past, you must have made a series of mistakes and encountered difficulties; those mistakes are lessons you will learn from. The difficulties sharpen your knowledge to avoid repeating that same error that leads to initial failure. It becomes a compelling force that pushes you to strive harder to achieve your goals.

Any project without trials and challenges is not always well valued, you appreciate and value what you work hard for. Many scientists who invented some equipment in use today were not the initial people who started the project; along the line, some died or even gave up, but someone picked it up and continued from where they stopped.

Note: “Your past experience could be your hunting shadow to success and could also be your stimulant or compelling force to push you to succeed”.It all depends on how you want to be influenced by your past.
Choose a positive part and follow a lead to accomplish your mission. Let your will and zeal to be successful be greater than your doubts. Avoid myopic thoughts, and focus on your goal.


4. Never be satisfied with your present position

Your present position should not be your final destination or rest point; rather, it should be a point of continuity. Don’t have a stagnated mindset. Successful people are goal-getters, and they never stop pushing after their first achievement because they want to create and invent new things that will influence the world and touch lives positively.

Note: Your success is not for you alone, until you have the mindset of impacting lives with your achievement, you will never see success as worthwhile.”Success is not a destination, success is a journey”

Let your goals and wish to be successful go beyond “I, Me, and Myself.” People should feel the impact of your success. When you have this idealogy, you will understand why it’s important not to be satisfied with your present position. You need to do more, create, and always impact. Invest your time, potential, and energy in changing lives and the world positively.

Your potentials, gift, or talents are not meant to be hidden, it is to be cultivated, harnessed, and used. There are lots of wonderful and amazing things you can do if you can identify your inborn potential. So never stop, keep pushing, and strive to achieve more and greater things.

5. Dream big

A dream is an imaginary event, what you hope for or desire. Your dream sets you on board and ready for action. The category of your dream determines the effort you put in and the level of success you attain or achievement you make.

A big dream attracts huge success through much effort and vice versa. So it all depends on what you intend to accomplish, but mind you, we all have an inborn capacity to be creative and enormous if and only if we see that in ourselves.

Myopic thoughts kill your dreams, and they prevent you from becoming the best and getting a suitable or satisfactory outcome. Only a lazy and shallow-minded man dreams small. Always classify yourself to be among the best. Let your success have value, something that people will always call for or make reference to. Your dream tells who you are and how far you will go in life. Dream big aim big, and see how your life turns around.

6. Set positive and achievable goals

Positivity leads to creativity and productivity, set goals that are influential, that will take you to a greater height. If you set a goal, the first question you should ask yourself is, “How will this affect me and others?” Will it result in something positive or negative? So many inventors we have heard of had positive goals, and they set their minds to influence the world with their dreams of being creative and productive. Example: Michael Faraday was one of the greatest scientists who made many inventions and discoveries in electric science and chemistry, Blaise Pascal invented the calculator” in the year 1642, Charles Babbage invented the computer” in the mid-1830s, and Alexa Graham Bell invented the telephone” in June 1875. These scientists influenced the world with their inventions.

Goals that are not achievable could lead to failure. Your goals should fall within a certain standard that you can handle. A lot of people try to do what is above their strength. Imitation and indolence are major attitudes that cause failure. Do what you have a good knowledge of, and concentrate on your capacity and ability.

Achievable goals are goals that you can define yourself because you are the person who set them. They should have meaning, direction, and value. Let them be based on the Standard you can take and manage so that the outcome will be extraordinary and outstanding.

7. Don’t rely on or wait for people’s validation

The worst thing that can lead to downfall is waiting for someone to give you the go-ahead or approval. People will always give you a thousand and one reasons you should not embark on your journey to success, It’s not as if they hate you or they don’t want you to succeed, the honest truth is, they are myopic, they see things in a different perspective, they imagine below your expectations. Nobody, I mean nobody is responsible for you, you are one man standing, so take responsibility of yourself and plans, don’t expect them to view things like you. Your temperament, personality and character make you different from others.
If you want to succeed, be ready to validate yourself, put in your best, and see to it that you accomplish your aim and prove them wrong.People’s validation can never help you grow. Learn to listen and follow your heart and instincts, believe in yourself, and create a better and bigger picture of what you are set to do. Then, you will see yourself scaling through.

8. Be Ambitious

Ambitious means Possessing or controlled by ambition; greatly or inordinately desirous of power, honour, office and superiority. ambitious people are successful people, no ambition no success. Being ambitious doesn’t mean you should be desperate or be dubious in your actions. Ambition is your aim or desire to obtain something great. That you are ambitious doesn’t make you gluttonous,it shows how focused and willing you are to make things work out for you and your craving for success.

9. Fight for what you believe in and what you desire

Have you ever tried to start something, and along the line, you got discouraged and doubtful of the possibility of getting a good result? Probably because you have not done anything like that before or no one has, that kind of feeling you experience could make you despair. It’s natural, but that should not make you back out. Believe in yourself and your goals, even if it seems to be impossible, believe, and fight to make it work, you might be surprised at the outcome.

10. Be optimistic

Optimism is expecting the best in all possible ways; above all, always expect the best and be positive. It boosts your courage and energizes your inner strength. even when it becomes tough or demanding, assure yourself that you will get there. Expect an amazing and outstanding result, that way you see yourself trying by all means and making possible plans to attain success.
Note: “Optimism is a compelling inner strength or force only you can develop or create, which keeps you determined and focused on accomplishing your goal.”


Success is only attainable when you set things right and have a scale of preference of what you want to achieve. Make a reasonable plan that will direct and guide you in your journey to success. Optimism, persistence, and consistency aid you on the road to success, always stay focused and your success story will sure be what you have always wished for and a lesson and guide to others.
Always remember this “Success is not a destination,Sucess is a continuous journey to always achieve,impact and create a lifetime record”.

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