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how to love again

Last Updated on May 22, 2024 by Joshua Isibor

Love is a beautiful and unique experience; it’s fulfilling and can be overwhelming. “LOVE’ they say is happiness, sacrifice, commitment, pain, giving, receiving, etc. When you love someone you either gain or lose. One party is likely to sacrifice more. The fact is, when you are in love, you get hurt. In love and relationship, we break up to make up, but if there is no makeup or reconciliation, then you should know when and how to draw the line and move on. This article will guide you on how to move on and love again no matter how chattered or heartbroken you are right now.


Loving again could seem difficult, and you might not see the possibility of falling in love again. But the truth is you should love reason again because your life shouldn’t be centred around someone or your past.
You should love again because:
Love is an experience and is worth trying, the feeling of love is amazing, and you need to be happy because love brings happiness and a feeling of fulfillment, wholeness, and completeness.

Your love life is another important part of your life to pay attention to. It has to be developed and nurtured. This process can only be achieved when you forget your past and are open to accepting love.

You are not meant to be alone. We are meant to love one another; even the scriptures encourage love. Fighting yourself not to love again won’t bring you any fulfilment; rather, it will make you feel more empty, bored, and lonely.

When God created Adam, he knew he needed a helpmate, a companion, a soulmate, his better half that would complete him and make his world lively. So he created Eve from Adam’s ribs, and when he woke up and saw Eve, he said this is the bone of my bone and the flesh of my flesh.

Before Eve was created Adam had no human to interact with, no one to share his feelings or ideas with, he only had animals around him, that he couldn’t relate with properly, because they were lower animals having no understanding of human feelings, they couldn’t fill the vacuum in his heart. With Eve, he was happy, they could share their feelings, and thoughts, plan together and defend each other. Nobody is meant to be alone, love is meant for man. .love is a risk, so taking the risk to love again is worth it, you shouldn’t give up on love until you find your better half that completes you.


1. love yourself

self love


See yourself as a unique creature, appreciate yourself, think highly of yourself, avoid an inferiority complex, and don’t see less of yourself or think you are worthless and unworthy of being loved.
Love yourself dearly; that’s the only way you can love another. Show yourself some love, treat yourself right, do not be affected by what people say, always be positive, and see yourself as lovable.

2. Forget your past relationships

forget your past
The easiest way to love again is to let go of your past, dwelling in the past can become a blast in your present and future. It demoralizes you and leads to frustration. You may even have trust issues and doubt the existence of true love.

3. Forgive and avoid resentment

“To err is human, but to forgive is divine.” Forgiveness is letting go of the offences and grudges you feel against someone. It liberates you from the pain and sadness of concealing betrayal and heartbreak in your heart. You sure need your inner peace, and unforgiveness and resentfulness won’t help you achieve that. So let go and be free with whoever hurt you. It is the quickest and easiest way to heal emotionally and come back to life. Keeping them locked in your heart will hunt you forever.

4. Take the lessons

learn from lessons
Every experience comes with a lesson, good or bad, it’s meant to shape us and make us better in all ramifications of life. Don’t weep over heartbreak but pick the lessons and learn from your mistakes to build a better and healthier relationship.

5. Be honest with yourself

Being honest with oneself is one of the most technical things to do. Telling yourself the truth is very important. Are you the cause of your failed relationship? Is there something you are not doing right? Or maybe you are too reserved, and it is difficult for someone to access you. These are questions you should answer critically and sincerely. A lot of people blame others for everything but refuse to see their lapses and errors. Try to be honest with yourself and discover where you missed it.

6. Take your time

After a heartbreak, it is advisable to take your time and analyze your previous relationship, what exactly went wrong and how you intend to build a healthy long-lasting relationship. Never rush into any relationship because you want to fill the vacuum or avoid being lonely, this could be more disastrous.
Be careful and act prudently to avoid repeating the same mistakes and ultimately regretting your actions. They always say, “Once bitten, twice shy.” Don’t make yourself an object of ridicule or victim of circumstances because of anxiety about starting dating again. Be smart and always make a wise decision. “Don’t be in a state of oblivion.”


7. Open your heart

open your heart
For you to love again, your heart must be opened to accept and love someone. One mistake people make after heartbreak is that they vow never to love again and fight themselves even when someone makes advances on them.

Fighting yourself will make you feel hurt more. Everybody is not like your “Ex.” Try giving someone a chance; you never know who is real. All you need to do is be careful. Love should be felt in the heart and mind while your head should be in control. Your emotions should not surpass your reasoning.

8. Build trust

Trust is earned not forced. Learning to trust again after being betrayed might be difficult. But for love to grow, you have to trust them for who they are. Don’t judge their every action or act too sensitively towards them. Understand their personality and see them differently from your Ex, there should be no room for comparison, everybody can’t be bad, we all have our lapses and weak points, have confidence in them, and let it flow. Avoid being judgmental it could pollute the atmosphere you are trying to create.

9. Spend time away from each other

To realize you are in love again or want to love again, try to spend time away from each other, as this will help you know how much you miss them if you crave their presence and wish to be around them often. This will enable you to develop feelings and also allow your feelings to grow to a point where you finally accept your feelings.

10. Ask yourself what they need

This is a good question that requires a genuine and sincere answer, discover what he/she needs, remember needs do not want, you might want something but you don’t need it. When you can discover or identify what he/she needs, you get closer to them and build a bond that connects you guys. Identifying people’s needs draws you closer to them, and also gets a better understanding of who they are.

11. Spend more present time with them

spending time together
When you like someone, you should also spend time with them. It helps you guys study each other and mingle. Attraction and bonds are formed when you are always with someone you like. You can go to the mall or cinema, or even take a walk together or go for a picnic. Spending quality time with people intensifies your likeness or feelings for them.

12. Have silly times together

It must not be an official outing or a merry hangout. Do something silly or crazy at times. You could watch out for reactions and see how you guys blend or tolerate each other. Sometimes, silly play, intelligently organized, is fun when you unconsciously engage in it.

A Word From Relationshipseeds

Love is always risky, but it’s a worthwhile risk. It’s better to risk loving than not loving at all.
love is not a gambling game; it is not a competition.
Love is a commitment to each other, it’s loving without a reason or expecting anything materialistic.
Love is beautiful, amazing, and interesting. It brings optimum fulfilment and joy from the innermost part of the heart. Love takes away fear, worry, depression, and loneliness. When you love genuinely, you become courageous, transformed, optimistic, and always certain about everything you want to achieve.

Love gives a great feeling of maximum satisfaction because you feel engrossed in your emotions. Love heals and strengthens, feeding and healing the heart and every other emotional wound. It is even more exciting when you are with the right person, and the feelings are mutual. Love penetrates the heart when you least expect it. It’s the most beautiful feeling in life.
Love is magical—the greatest magic ever known. So never give up on love because the more you love, the happier and fulfilled you become.


Originally posted 2021-03-24 20:21:59.

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