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21 practical ways to make your ex-boyfriend envy you



make ex boyfriend to envy you


How to make your ex-boyfriend envy you

Are you looking for ways to make your ex-boyfriend envy you? Do you really want him to get smack in his face and regret leaving you? If yes, this article is for you.
Breaking up with someone you love is really hurtful especially when you don’t deserve it at all. Sometimes, it makes you feel like you never worth it from the start. You keep asking if you had not given your best to please him and still, he gets to treat you like a bad girl. Just smile for me, cause he will surely get his own test of the medicine.

Truth: men are naturally jealous likewise women. But no man wants to see his lover (whether past or current lover) hanging out with another man. Unless you are not a good lady and you deserved what you got.

On the other hand, if the breakup just happens so suddenly all in the name of “not getting the vibes or has seen someone better than you”. Trust me, he won’t resist coming for you if you play your game well.

Note: Making your ex-lover jealous can only show two things:
Either you want to get back at him and see him hurt badly or you want him to feel sorry for losing you and come back to you. This article covers both in a way you will like him to act.
Here are the proven ways to make your ex jealous and still come back to you.

1. you need to be sincere if you can handle it or not.

Being honest with oneself is the best medicine to overcome one’s weakness. You need to be sincere at this stage about your feeling before embarking on this do-or-die game. What I mean is, you might want to make him jealous and you ended up making yourself mad.

Can you handle those “myriads” of emotions when they start flooding back? Can you withstand him holding another girl’s hand? Flaunting her pictures on social media and sharing their romantic moments, huh? Or do you want to show him you can’t do without him and still come back to shed tears?

This can totally drive you crazy. That’s why you need to be honest this time and ask yourself if you can handle such.
I am a woman and I understood how our hearts work. We are too weak when it comes to love especially when it involves the person we ever loved. We might be strong outside but weak inside.
So just made up your mind that it is going to be tough and I advise you to stay away from him for like 3-4months to heal from the breakup(if it happens recently cause you need time to heal)

2. Get busy.

getting busy

always be busy

You need to do the things you ever wanted to do when you were dating. Sometimes, we are so reluctant when it comes to achieving our dreams and it seems we need the other parties to help us.
Now, you need to pick up from where you stopped. If you want to successfully see him envy you, you need to make your dreams real.

Follow your passion, learn new things, follow your heart, know what you can do best. Practice how to make your heart strong, work on your self-esteem, invest in yourself, read books, travel as much as you can, meet new people, expand your horizons, give yourself the best treat( pamper yourself, spend time with yourself).
Know that, you are not changing the nature of who you are before you met him but there is no harm in updating a better version of yourself.

3. you need to draft out your plans.
You need detailed plans to hit the nail in the wood. You need to write them out. Go from the lesser ones down to bigger ones. Do it in a way that he won’t suspect that he is your prey.

drafting out plans
This helps you to act naturally without leaving a trace of “jealousy” for him to detect.
Four: Know when you are ready to do them.
Not every payback game ends up well. You might think, you can go out there to make him jealous and it would backfire.
It is only you that knows when your heart is ready to meet him.

Peradventure, you might think that you can handle all these when they come knocking straight to your door because you think, you have achieved what you ever wanted.
But the truth is, It won’t be easy to hold back those emotions when they start coming back. I suggest you take your time first, keep your distance and make sure you have that guts to burst those bubbles when they come flying.

5.Try to initiate a friendship Again
Find a way to make friends with him. If you can apologise for the last time, do it. Let him see how sorry you are.
Trust me, this is the best way to accomplish your plans. If he doesn’t want to be friends with you, it is fine. Don’t force him.

make friends with him again
What matters is, you have made the first impression of being his friend. He would only wonder what made you act the way you do. It might take time for him to accept but that doesn’t mean he won’t.
Probably, he might be thinking what actually gave you the guts to ask for that.
Chill! He is going to fall into your trap and accept your friend request.

6. keep a little distance.
If he finally accepts the friend zone thing with you. Don’t rush to check up on him, call, text, chat, or even comment on his posts.
Even if he calls, don’t pick up, let him stay there and when he complains about that, tell him you were busy with work. This way, he will wonder when you got so busy to the point you don’t have his time. He will get nosy and this makes him follow you up.

7. Reply to his text or call wisely.
You know all these morning calls or texts, we normally get while in bed.
He will love to get to you by doing all that. Just know, he also wants to trick you into loving him more. Just let him play his own thing.
Know when to reply or pick up but I suggest you stay away from his early morning calls. You might start falling for his sweet coated tongue. Try to apply wisdom and know when to cut off.

8. put your jealous card away.
This is really tricky and it is bound to happen especially if your love is greater than his.
Besides, you need to play it well. Don’t show you are jealous(cause you will be) when you see him with another girl.

You might feel hurt inside but never let him see that trace of jealousy on your face.
Wear your smile like a queen and do compliment him on his newfound love.
Note: Never allow him to initiate a conversation on his new relationship. Always wave it off and let him know, you aren’t his therapist.

9. Don’t be too obsessed about it.
What I mean is: don’t let making him envy becomes your priority.
Yes, you want to see him mad but you can’t cast other things in your life aside all in the name of making your ex-boyfriend envy you.

Getting obsessed over that will only hurt you more than before. Just go about with your works and still try to keep in touch with him.

10. Look extraordinarily good.

look good always

look good always

One of my friends who had this issue said:
“Dressing well is the best way to make him want you. Anytime, we bump into each other, I really love the way he looks at me. He would compliment my dress and makeup. Sometimes, he doesn’t look happy and I love that look.”
This is where you need to kill it, girl! If you do wear all those old-fashioned clothes, it is time you augment them with the new one.

Watch all these fashion shows and add a little sparking to your dressing code.
For instance: you can wear a short straight gown and a scarf around your neck like a French lady.

Put your ass together and buy nice things you need ( but don’t go overboard with that. Remember it is your money, don’t waste it)
If you are not the makeup type, I suggest you give it a try.

Put on your best clothes while going out. You never know where you will bump into him and don’t forget to snap cause you need to flaunt them for him to see.

11. Make sure you keep a close relationship in his circle of friends and family.
You know, the worst mistake we normally do is to cut ties with everything associated with someone that got us upset.
You shouldn’t rush to hate everybody because you got hurt. Try to maintain your relationship with them and enjoy your life.

Sometimes, you might get invited to an occasion from his friends or family. Just come around with your new guy or someone that is more handsome than him(Maybe your friend).

Hey! They won’t bother you about that, after all, he was the one that dumped you for another girl.
Just be calm and enjoy the show.
Stay focused with your new guy and don’t care if he walks around with his new love.

12. Accidentally bump into him.
Like, find out from his friends, where he is likely to be. Just dress sexier and go there for a couple of drinks with a guy( maybe, his worst enemy if you can).
When you see him, you can invite him over or just wave at him and be in your own best mood.

Laugh so hard and make sure, it draws his attention. You guys are friends. It won’t ever look like you are getting back at him but just having fun.

13. Try to initiate a conversation about your new dates.
This one is really good. Ask him if he can spare you his little time.
Perhaps, you can try to get some answers from him on this relationship stuff.

For instance, you can go like this:
You: I don’t know if you are in a position to help me feel relieved from all these my relationship burden. I just feel sad thinking about them.
He will impulsively stop what he is doing to answer you.

Then, bombard him with questions. Make him feel guilty and a little pity for you.
Sometimes, he would object to the first question but he will still say something. You also need to be careful at his words. He might see it as an opportunity to cajole you into being his girl.

Whenever he is coming in that direction, try to choose your words and don’t fall into his trap.

Note: you can just wave it off and reminds him of his new girl and advice him to stay faithful. Lol!

14. flaunt your pictures on social media handles.
The best weapon you can use to make your ex-boyfriend envy,is social media(especially Facebook and WhatsApp). Don’t hesitate to flaunt your beautiful pictures on your social media handles.

Show him that you are the best thing that can happen to a man.
He will love to say something and always go with this reply “thanks friend” nothing else. No ‘love,’ sweetheart, and many of them. Just leave him mad and he will be so jealous of the brim.

15. Invite him for a drink
Yah! Not like you want to steal him back, it is just a random drink for the day.
Ask him when he is less busy, give him the ‘girlfriend’ act.
Trust me, he won’t waste time to accept your proposal.

dinner time taking drink
All you need to do is to be in an open place. Don’t go too close or stay in a closed place.

16. Don’t get too nosy.
Don’t go about knowing what he is up to. You can just try to bump into his walls or see his post. Drop a comment and leave.
Don’t go and be checking up on his new girl. Just be yourself and stay clear.

17. Avoid posting broken heart messages.
Don’t ever do that, rather post something that keeps him around. Post about your day, your dreams, the things you want to do in the future, and how guys are really into you.
This will drive him crazy cause he is not part of your plans. Make him so jealous to the point, he comes begging for a second chance.

18. Try to flirt with him
This sounds nasty but it is just for fun and don’t go overboard.
You can go to a party with him or hook up with some friends. Just get a little close as if you are craving for his touch. At the end of the day, just dismiss him.
Tell him you are now single and need to stay faithful to your future guy and you can’t do anything because you don’t want to betray yourself. You know what to say that will only ignite guilt in his heart.
Don’t worry, he will only be hurt and he will question himself for leaving you.

19. let him know you are really happy for him.
Let him know that you will always support him in whatever he does. That you are not angry or mad at what he did in the past.
He might try to console you but let him know you are not weak. You are strong than ever before.

Truth: we all want what we can’t have. Let him feel you from inside whenever you are with another man. This will make him envy you so much.

20. Try to flaunt the-next-in-line-guy pictures on your social media.
When you post it, tag him along. He will feel so jealous and he won’t do anything cause you two are friends.
Make sure, you ask him how the other guy looks after posting them and let him do the choosing.
If you can post his enemy pic, just go ahead. All you want to see is that bad look on his face.

21. Crack jokes about your past relationship.
This might sound somehow, but trust me. This will ignite jealousy in his heart. He will wish and wish to have you back.
Tell him how you really missed your moments together. Always find a way to crack jokes about it.

Don’t let him off so easily. Make him feel the pains you passed through and tell him you are considering dating again.
This is the best thing to do if you want him back. If not, don’t do it. It is excluded.
Rather, you can just try to compare your new relationship with your past one( if you are already in one).
Post it on your WhatsApp status. You can go like this, ”I never knew I could find a guy who always appreciates you and help you fight your flaws.I haven’t experienced such since I started dating.”
You know what to say to ignite jealousy in his heart, just find something he hasn’t done and post.

Finally: if you really want him back, don’t hesitate to let him know, he still has a chance.
Yes! He acted cowardly but nobody is perfect. You might be there trying to make him jealous but deep down, you want him back.

Give him another chance, if you feel like but don’t make it too open for him to come in and mess up again.
Enjoy your show and let me know if these tips are really effective for you.

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Love & Dating

Signs of a controlling boyfriend



Who is a controlling boyfriend?

You  May think you understand who a controlling boyfriend is, but have you thought about the dangers of dating a controlling boyfriend? If you don’t know what controlling boyfriends, or the inconspicuous signs of a controlling boyfriend, then this article is for you. Read on and find out.

A controlling boyfriend is a practically a controlling person, i.e a person who wants to have control in all that you do, not minding your privacy.

is practically a depressed and unhappy person, with very low self-esteem, and with serious problems in their relationships. He is always distrusting others and his partner. You never have peace, because you are not aware of your actions, but you are aware of the actions of others.

They think that they can have people in the time they need it, without caring about the commitments and needs of others. Controlling boyfriend become unbearable tyrants, and while the people who have their barker accept it that way, they are “calm.” But if the person complains about something, they immediately dismiss it and go what? you’ve offended him.

This usually happens in the workplace and all areas of your life; for example, if you are dating a controlling boyfriend, he never asks where you’d like to go for dinner. Rather, he takes you to the place where he chooses. And this continues in all other aspects of your life. Eliminating the right to comment or express that which you like or don’t like.

A controlling boyfriend is pending to check the phone of his partner from time to time, under the pretext of any “reason to distrust”; just to see the messages from his partner. Because they need to be in control and they think all the time that you are going to be unfaithful. The controller does not believe in anyone, not even his own shadow.

what makes you think you’re being controlled?

1. Does your boyfriend tells you to behave with your family or friends? Forever?

2 He does not know how to behave in public!
Sometimes, you’re afraid not to mention certain things, and makes you feel bad because you can’t express yourself freely right?

3. Has he ever told you how to dress? you almost ask each time what to wear?

4. You started taking drugs for appetite or started healthier food so that you do not have temptations at home. And, this is because he makes you feel worst about yourself?

5. You don’t say anything to him because you don’t want to make him feel bad. you’re as careful as possible with your words.

1. The control freak, furious and despot

being furious

This type of man is dedicated to controlling you by telling you what you have to do and how you should do it. He will do so by intimidating you with his anger and his fury. If you don’t do what he wants, he will get angry and be more aggressive.

This type of man is the most toxic. He is aggressive on a verbal level; all his controlling words and phrases are hostile and he seeks verbal confrontation. His philosophy is “either with me or against me”, challenging him will provoke screams and voices. In his voice, there is an alarmist point as if there was always an imminent danger. He will judge you very often: “No, that’s not right.” You have to do it like this. Are you not listening to me?


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2. The meddlesome rude and traitor

This character puts your things all the time as if they were his business and they try to manipulate the situation and you to take advantage or get you to do things his way. This control-freak will quickly give you his opinion (which you have not asked him) on how to lead your life (and that of others). He is not usually diplomatic and firmly clings to his opinions, so he is very critical and often speaks in direct and emphatic terms. He can twist your words and turn what you’ve done to turn it against you. He is also a master of sarcastic witticisms and deceptive flattery, meaning that it is not known if they are or not. This man tends to point fingers a lot, especially when he’s telling you what you should and shouldn’t do.

3. The self-destructive victim who sees everything black. The controlling-abusive boyfriend.

This type of man sees the world and life as a glass, half empty and not half full. Since he is always seeing the negative side and expecting the worst, negativity comes out of every pore. If by any chance things go well for him, he will do everything possible to sabotage his circumstances. This man carries a tremendous amount of emotional pain, which is why he sounds so negative and gives the impression that nothing is worth it.

Since he has low self-esteem and feels that the relationship is not going to work, he will constantly say things that he knows the relationship will not work, he will constantly say things that hurt him to provoke an argument. A common gesture of these men is to constantly move the feet or to cross and uncross the legs.

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4.The scarecrow weak and without initiative

He is unable to decide anything and is usually carried away by people’s opinions. He lives in fear and will never create any conflict or vindicate himself or anyone else.

This personality is not capable of facing people so he stays out of any challenging or uncomfortable talk. It is his intention not to create conflicts that make him irritating and offensive.

5. The egocentric narcissist whose motto is: I, my, me, with me and for me. The controller with no emotion.

A controlling boyfriend’s only concern is himself. He is the center of the universe and he expects you to consider him just that. The only thing that matters to him about you is what affects him or has something to do with him. If you are not willing to do anything for him, you will be of no use to him.

It is difficult to have a conversation with a controlling boyfriend because everything that is said will end up coming back to him. A controlling boyfriend doesn’t care what you say or answer him, he will keep talking and talking until he is done with what he wanted to say. His conversation reveals that he wants to be treated better than everyone else. Usually, a controlling boyfriend is attracted to vulnerable victims because then he can feel superior and will emotionally punish anyone who seems inferior to him for disappointing him.

It is what he spits out: “You would be nothing if it weren’t for me” or “Without me now you will be on the street”, they are usually followed by phrases that show how unhappy you are and that you are worthless.

6. The emotional freezer

He is cold and shows almost no emotion. He stops seeing very little of himself and he is a man of few words, so you never know what he thinks or what he feels.

The emotional freezer is stingy with words. As he will not let you know how he feels, you will always have to be guessing and you will be permanently left with the feeling of unease and insecurity. If he thinks that with time you can change him, you are wrong.

7. The socio psychopath

socio psychopath

He is the most toxic and dangerous type and they can cause you great harm. They usually make a memorable first impression, because he tells you everything you want to hear. He will want to know what you like, he makes you happy, he makes you sad so he can control your emotions, which he doesn’t have. He will not hesitate to lie to you to get what he wants and you will hear from him many sadistic comments, but the clearest sign that you are facing a sociopath is that he will contradict himself in the same sentence.

8.A controlling boyfriend lacks confidence in himself.

In their mind, you are challenging their authority when you do not agree with them or do not carry out their wishes.
In conjunction with mood swings, people with temper flare-ups can be troublesome because you never know what posture to take with these people. Unfortunately, your inability to handle your anger or resentment can result to assault.

Think about how this person reacts to common questions. Questions can reveal quite a few things when it comes to a controlling person when they respond in a frustrated or condescending way:

As stated above, a controlling boyfriend thinks that you can read their mind. If you ask them simple questions about what to do together, where to go, what it is they want, etc., they can easily get frustrated because they expect you to have all their needs in mind and above yours.

The questions imply that a decision has to be made, and a controlling boyfriend, believes that the decision is already made, being everything to them and their convenience.
Controlling boyfriend, often assume they understand how you think, even when they don’t. They can get frustrated because the image they have built of you does not correspond to what you say.

Questions can irritate a controlling boyfriend because they prefer to be in control when asking questions, and not others.

Questions can state for a controlling boyfriend d that the questioner needs help and control because they do not know the answer.

This can be aggravated over time because the controller seeks to be in control.

9. A controlling boyfriend is an Emotional blackmailer.

Sex is also harmful. Sexuality between lovers should be a way to bond, to feel complete, and to connect, but sometimes it ends up being one of the reasons for breaking up. Not so much because difficulties arise, which can be overcome, but because it becomes a way of using the other or making them feel bad. In this sense, there are cases in which, according to Granados, it is observed that “a member of the couple limits, manipulates, restricts freedom in making decisions about how to have sex or not, or even in the use or not contraceptives ”. In this case, the job is for the other party to wake up and run away looking for a much healthier relationship.

If you have found any of the traits that we have mentioned above; Beware!! you’re been controlled. But don’t worry, with our advice you can get out of this ugly situation in a simple way.

A Word From Relationshipseeds

Do not beg to be in a person’s life, you are not that hopeless.

Though it may crush you and feel like the world is spinning you into dizzy darkness, there’d always be someone else to bring you back your light, someone who wants to bring you light, and at no cost. You’ve got your light anyway, rediscover it.

Sometimes, we get so emotional about trying to correct that we ignore the process of correction and just focus on the result. We, forget also, that the result will forever be a product of the process that birthed it so a person who was corrected by being crushed and humiliated will become the teacher or leader who crushes others thinking they are being taught or made better.

It is commendable to see the room get better and try to affect it on someone, it is heroic to do this in the face of the rejection of the lesson or upgrade (some of us are just too stubborn to be corrected, yeah I know) but it is going to be almost impossible to justify doing this by crushing the person. This is not tough love, it is what many tyrants are made of, something we do not want to be. Similar to raising a voice or being abusive, belittling a person does not tell a tale of their character, it tells a tale of our character and the huge hole in our ability to teach. In the end, the person is left depressed rather than energized from the message, an anti-climax of sorts.
This is a message, first to me, then to you.

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Love & Dating

5 reasons why dating a Married man will lead to Heartbreak



dating a married man

Marriage is a wonderful Union, which is made between a man and woman who turn to become husband and wife. It is Union where this both parties should understand that their togetherness is not just for a while or for the moment but forever.

In today’s world, the word “Marriage” has changed, the purpose of which marriage is such to be fulfilled has lacked its source. Some marriages nowadays are in higgledy-piggledy because of infidelity and sometimes lack consistency and dedication. Some married men tend to look away from their various homes because of a lack of understanding and sometimes a little mischievous attitude which one party tends to portray.

Some men in today’s world have already made it normal not to be submissive to their partner even when they’ve already taken a vow on it. They care less and some even go to the extent of threatening to deal with you if you dare open up to relatives.

“A woman some years back divorced her husband because she wasn’t getting enough of him, even when she tried her best in the area of communication, to know or rather find out the husband’s reason for always not making out time for them. But it yielding any result so on a very good day she found out that her husband has been frolicking with another lady outside their marriage, at first she didn’t believe what she saw. She caught her husband making out with another lady on their matrimonial bed.
After this scenario happened, the husband warned her strictly to keep her mouth shut. He threatened to deal with her if she dares to tell anyone.

after few years of this experience filed for divorce Because she can’t stay in the marriage again.
So, they are really men out there who have no reason for playing wrong on their marriage. They just do it for doing’s sake and in the end, they themselves end up destroying and losing their marriage.

On the other hand, the ladies make matters worst in Society today. A few research done shows that some ladies date married men because of the pleasure they get, in other to sustain life. Some regard it as what they call “Cruise” and accompany it with a saying “Enjoy it while last, that nothing lasts forever.
This truly has put some family, marriage into confusion because the partner sometimes tends not to understand the fire he is bringing to his home.
To some ladies, the married are the ones that spend more on them and even take good care of them, therefore, there’s no need of dating or hanging with single men/guys.

This really has caused a lot of Heartbreaks even without knowing because, in the end, some ladies might not know they are dating a married man. While some intentionally do it because of fun and sometimes do it as a pay-back period.
Indeed, this is becoming alarming to Society and trying to curb it seems not to be abortive because some ladies on their own, have taken it as an oath to date a married man without valuing or regarding that it has its own repercussions.

The men on their own, sometimes drag this on their head, because they’ve refused to build their homes the way they should be.
A man had a misunderstanding with his wife, instead of him fixing the problem, he left his home and never returned until three days. He angrily left to see one of his female folks who vehemently refused to sleep with him the very day he had this misunderstanding with his wife. Alas, the very day he discovered that the lady is the daughter of his wife’s friend.
Now, what is this man suppose to do??
A misunderstanding that could be fixed within few minutes, would have ruined his home.

Indeed dating a Married man will surely lead to Heartbreak, because Marriage itself is a lifetime vow, even when many tend to take leave, the vow on the altar has already been made.


Five reasons why dating a Married man will lead to Heartbreak

1. They will never leave their home:

No matter how committed a man is in a relationship outside his home, he will never turn his back on them. Because, no matter how a man will love you in a relationship outside his home, he will always sacrifice his love, care, and attention for his family. He wouldn’t want his home tear apart because he is with you.
You will always have to dance and believe his excuses because you will always want him, his attention and all. So there’s a 100 percent tendency that you will surely suffer from Heartbreak if you are dating a married man.

A man started dating outside his marriage because he is not getting enough of his wife,(he refused to initiate communication)and the wife, on the other hand, didn’t know about this, she never noticed she’s not giving enough. He kept frolicking with side maiden, promising her heaven on Earth and so, but what happened at the end. He later left his beautiful maiden and went back to talk out things with his wife.
So no matter how you fall in love, never dream of falling for a Married man.

2. Time Difficulties:

A married man won’t have time for you because they’ll spend 80% of their time with their family and would give you little or less attention because they know it’s not a wasted time. Being with you is just to cool off the moment, while they wait and settle for other things that don’t even involve you in the picture. They will always give excuses of which you have no choice but to accept.

3. No active Communication:

You don’t expect a man who already has a family to maintain an active Communication with you. No, it’s not possible. Even while at home with his family, he always finds a way or rather tells you not to call him when he’s home. No time to express your so-called feelings or to talk about where the relationship is heading to.

4. There’s no hope for the future:

You have no future with a married man because already, he has settled with his own family. You’ll only be there wasting Your precious time being faithful to someone who’s already committed to his family.

5. The man will stick to his family:

A married man will never leave his family

I know of a student who dated a Married man. Yes, she got everything she ever wanted, but there was a warning given to her by this man.
“No matter how we roll with each other, just know that I can never leave my family because of you, what we are doing is just for the moment, so be careful with us.”

So, no man in his right sense will leave his family just because they want to satisfy your unnecessary pleasures, it is never done. If they have kids at home, they can sacrifice the whole world just to stick and make a responsible father or Dad and also a good husband to their wives. You being there is just a waste of time and energy, because you can never get to know his family or even any of his relatives.

Dating is not a crime, but dating someone who has already found his life partner is out of the box because you as a young lady will get to lose many things, Heartbreak too. So in all you do, tend to find someone who will really care and give you the full attention that you need, not a Married man who already has whom he wants, need and whom he has already chosen to care, love and his attention to. Be Wise!



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Love & Dating

7 Tips to Improve Your Mental Health and Relationships



mental health

Mental health is vital to our overall wellness because it affects how we think, feel, and behave in our daily life. Working to improve it can help both you and your relationships with others.

Benefits of Improving Your Mental Health

Building resilient mental health can empower your life in many ways. Although many associate good mental health with overcoming depression or anxiety, there’s far more to it than that. The way we think about the things we do every day is dependent upon our mental health, and the benefits of good mental health include:

  • Increased self-esteem
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Greater sense of inner peace
  • Enhanced mood
  • Improvement in relationships

Benefits of Improving Your Relationships

Developing positive relationships offers a multitude of benefits, including:

  • Boosts feelings of happiness
  • Lowers stress
  • Promotes healthier behaviors
  • Improves healing
  • Provides a greater sense of purpose

Improving your mental health and, in turn, your relationships with others can be achieved using the following simple, yet vital tips.

7 Life-Changing Tips to Improve Your Mental Health

  1. Diet and Exercise — Getting the proper nutrients and physical movement can enhance our moods and provide long-term health benefits.
    1. Foods to include in the diet — The following foods can help boost our spirits:
      1. Fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables
      2. Omega-3 fatty acids, which are found in various fish and seafood.
      3. Healthy fats, including avocados and nuts
    2. Foods to avoid in diet — The following foods are best to avoid as they can negatively affect one’s mood:
      1. Trans fats or anything that contains “partially hydrogenated” oils
      2. Fried foods
      3. Refined carbs and sugary snacks
    3. Physical Exercise — When we exercise, it increases the brain’s blood flow and regulates dopamine and serotonin levels, influencing our moods. There are many exercises to choose from, but the following can have a particularly powerful impact on improving mental health:
      1. Resistance training can include lifting weights or any weight-bearing activity that helps to build muscle and bone density.
      2. Pilates and Yoga are highly beneficial for strengthening the muscles and improving balance, but they also improve mental health through controlled breathing and mindful thinking.
      3. Cardiovascular training includes walking, running, and cycling, all of which get the heart pumping and blood flowing, allowing endorphins to be released.

Engaging in positive lifestyle changes, such as a proper diet and regular physical exercise can be achieved by utilizing holistic mind and body fitness, which provides overall wellness for both the mind and body through natural sources.

2.Sleep — Getting enough quality sleep every night is imperative to both the body and mind. Inadequate sleep can impair thinking and behaviors, which may lead to other mental health problems such as depression and anxiety. A few ways to improve sleep quality include:

    1. Relaxation techniques — These include controlled breathing, meditation, and visualization.
    2. Lifestyle changes — Excluding alcohol and caffeine before bed can help, along with turning off all electrical devices that emit blue light.
    3. Aromatherapy — Utilizing essential oils in the air such as lavender can help improve sleep quality.

3.Meditation and Mindfulness — When we practice meditation and mindfulness, we stay in the moment and avoid focusing on past regrets or anxieties about the future.

    1. Set time aside to meditate — Meditation can be done at any time of the day for as little as five minutes.
    2. Create a space of your own — You can create this space at home or work; what’s important is to make it your area and tune out all distractions.
    3. Focus only on your breath — Staying focused on your breathing helps clear the mind of any unwanted thoughts.

4.Practice Gratitude — Having a positive mental attitude can improve mental health immensely.

    1. Have an attitude of gratitude — Start each day by writing down three to five things you are grateful for, and that will start your day on a positive note.
    2. Keep a gratitude journal — When things happen that you feel thankful for, write them down. Then, when you are feeling sad, you can open the journal and get reacquainted with that more positive, grateful feeling.
    3. Volunteer — Take a day out of your month and volunteer for a meaningful cause such as an animal shelter or homeless shelter. This can provide a healthy dose of gratitude and a greater sense of overall well-being.

5.Relaxation and Deep Breathing Techniques — Relaxation helps decrease stress, and deep breathing helps shift the body into a calmer state by tapping into the parasympathetic system. One of the best ways to do this is with the 4-7-8 technique.

    1. Start by inhaling a deep breath through the nose for four seconds.
    2. Hold your breath for seven seconds.
    3. Exhale with pursed lips through the mouth, creating a whooshing sound for eight seconds.

When you breathe in, it activates the part of the nervous system responsible for the fight-or-flight adrenaline releasing action.

6.Nurture Yourself Through Nature — Being in nature, whether for a leisurely walk or adventurous hike, has been shown to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression while increasing pleasant feelings. There are other ways to include nature in your daily life.

    1. Gardening — Planting and growing flowers, herbs, and vegetables is a boost for your mental and physical health, as you can reap the rewards of both beauty and nutrition.
    2. Bring nature indoors — Including house plants adds beauty, but it also has health benefits as they assist in humidifying and purifying the air, which aids your respiration and breathing.
    3. Walk or ride a bike to destinations — By incorporating exercise with the great outdoors, you are getting double the benefit through movement and nature.

7.Therapy — When it comes to improving mental health and relationships, the benefits of therapy are unsurpassed. You can also receive these astounding benefits in the privacy of your own home through telehealth therapy. Many different forms of treatment can be used.

    1. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) — This highly effective therapy involves identifying and changing a person’s thinking and behavior patterns and replacing them with more functional thoughts and behaviors.
    2. Interpersonal Therapy — This form of therapy focuses on how a person interacts with others, notices negative patterns, and replaces them with more positive actions.
    3. Couples Therapy — Many relationships can benefit significantly from couples counseling, during which trained professionals offer insight and tools to improve communication.

Therapy offers a positive life-changing opportunity that can be utilized in daily life, so the benefits are long-lasting. Learning new ways of thinking about things that would typically cause stress or anxiety from a trained professional helps to develop coping skills and knowledge that can last a lifetime.

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Start turning negative thoughts into positive actions by utilizing simple daily activities to improve your mental health and relationships.

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