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21 Practical Ways to Make Your Ex-Boyfriend Envy You



make ex boyfriend to envy you

Last Updated on August 4, 2022 by Joshua Isibor

Are you looking for ways to make your ex-boyfriend envy you? Do you want him to get smack in his face and regret leaving you? If yes, this article is for you.

Breaking up with someone you love is hurtful especially when you don’t deserve it at all. Sometimes, it makes you feel like you are never worth it from the start. You keep asking if you had not given your best to please him and still, he gets to treat you like a bad girl. Just smile for me, cause he will surely get his test on the medicine.

Truth: men are naturally jealous likewise women. But no man wants to see his lover (whether past or current lover) hanging out with another man. Unless you are not a good lady and you deserved what you got.

On the other hand, if the breakup just happens so suddenly all in the name of “not getting the vibes or has seen someone better than you”. Trust me, he won’t resist coming for you if you play your game well.

Note: Making your ex-lover jealous can only show two things:
Either you want to get back at him and see him hurt badly or you want him to feel sorry for losing you and come back to you. This article covers both in a way you will like him to act.
Here are the proven ways to make your ex jealous and still come back to you.

1. you need to be sincere if you can handle it or not.

Being honest with oneself is the best medicine to overcome one’s weakness. You need to be sincere at this stage about your feeling before embarking on this do-or-die game. What I mean is, you might want to make him jealous and you ended up making yourself mad.

Can you handle those “myriads” of emotions when they start flooding back? Can you withstand him holding another girl’s hand? Flaunting her pictures on social media and sharing their romantic moments, huh? Or do you want to show him you can’t do without him and still come back to shed tears?

This can drive you crazy. That’s why you need to be honest this time and ask yourself if you can handle such.
I am a woman and I understood how our hearts work. We are too weak when it comes to love especially when it involves the person we ever loved. We might be strong outside but weak inside.
So just made up your mind that it is going to be tough and I advise you to stay away from him for like 3-4months to heal from the breakup(if it happens recently cause you need time to heal)

2. Get busy.

getting busy

always be busy

You need to do the things you ever wanted to do when you were dating. Sometimes, we are so reluctant when it comes to achieving our dreams and it seems we need the other parties to help us.
Now, you need to pick up from where you stopped. If you want to successfully see him envy you, you need to make your dreams real.

Follow your passion, learn new things, follow your heart, and know what you can do best. Practice how to make your heart strong, work on your self-esteem, invest in yourself, read books, travel as much as you can, meet new people, expand your horizons, and give yourself the best treat( pamper yourself, spend time with yourself).
Know that, you are not changing the nature of who you are before you met him but there is no harm in updating a better version of yourself.

3. you need to draft out your plans.

You need detailed plans to hit the nail in the wood. You need to write them out. Go from the lesser ones down to bigger ones. Do it in a way that he won’t suspect that he is your prey.

drafting out plans
This helps you to act naturally without leaving a trace of “jealousy” for him to detect.
Four: Know when you are ready to do them.
Not every payback game ends up well. You might think, you can go out there to make him jealous and it would backfire.
It is only you that knows when your heart is ready to meet him.

Peradventure, you might think that you can handle all these when they come knocking straight on your door because you think, you have achieved what you ever wanted.
But the truth is, It won’t be easy to hold back those emotions when they start coming back. I suggest you take your time first, keep your distance and make sure you have the guts to burst those bubbles when they come flying.

5. Try to initiate a friendship Again

Find a way to make friends with him. If you can apologize for the last time, do it. Let him see how sorry you are.
Trust me, this is the best way to accomplish your plans. If he doesn’t want to be friends with you, it is fine. Don’t force him.

make friends with him again
What matters is, that you have made the first impression of being his friend. He would only wonder what made you act the way you do. It might take time for him to accept but that doesn’t mean he won’t.
Probably, he might be thinking about what gave you the guts to ask for that.
Chill! He is going to fall into your trap and accept your friend request.

6. keep a little distance.

If he finally accepts the friend zone thing with you. Don’t rush to check up on him, call, text, chat, or even comment on his posts.
Even if he calls, don’t pick up, let him stay there and when he complains about that, tell him you were busy with work. This way, he will wonder when you got so busy to the point you don’t have his time. He will get nosy and this makes him follow you up.

7. Reply to his text or call wisely.

You know all these morning calls or texts, we normally get while in bed.
He will love to get to you by doing all that. Just know, that he also wants to trick you into loving him more. Just let him play his own thing.
Know when to reply or pick up but I suggest you stay away from his early morning calls. You might start falling for his sweet coated tongue. Try to apply wisdom and know when to cut off.

8. put your jealous card away.

This is tricky and it is bound to happen especially if your love is greater than his.
Besides, you need to play it well. Don’t show you are jealous(cause you will be) when you see him with another girl.

You might feel hurt inside but never let him see that trace of jealousy on your face.
Wear your smile like a queen and do compliment him on his newfound love.
Note: Never allow him to initiate a conversation about his new relationship. Always wave it off and let him know, that you aren’t his therapist.

9. Don’t be too obsessed about it.

What I mean is: don’t let making him envy becomes your priority.
Yes, you want to see him mad but you can’t cast other things in your life aside all in the name of making your ex-boyfriend envy you.

Getting obsessed over that will only hurt you more than before. Just go about with your work and still try to keep in touch with him.

10. Look extraordinarily good.

look good always

look good always

One of my friends who had this issue said:
“Dressing well is the best way to make him want you. Anytime, we bump into each other, I love the way he looks at me. He would compliment my dress and makeup. Sometimes, he doesn’t look happy and I love that look.”
This is where you need to kill it, girl! If you do wear all those old-fashioned clothes, it is time you augment them with new ones.

Watch all these fashion shows and add a little sparking to your dressing code.
For instance: you can wear a short straight gown and a scarf around your neck like a French lady.

Put your ass together and buy nice things you need ( but don’t go overboard with that. Remember it is your money, don’t waste it)
If you are not the makeup type, I suggest you give it a try.

Put on your best clothes while going out. You never know where you will bump into him and don’t forget to snap cause you need to flaunt them for him to see.

11. Make sure you keep a close relationship in his circle of friends and family.

You know, the worst mistake we normally do is to cut ties with everything associated with someone that got us upset.
You shouldn’t rush to hate everybody because you got hurt. Try to maintain your relationship with them and enjoy your life.

Sometimes, you might get invited to an occasion by his friends or family. Just come around with your new guy or someone more handsome than him(Maybe your friend).

Hey! They won’t bother you about that, after all, he was the one that dumped you for another girl.
Just be calm and enjoy the show.
Stay focused on your new guy and don’t care if he walks around with his new love.

12. Accidentally bump into him.

Like, as finding out from his friends, where he is likely to be. Just dress sexier and go there for a couple of drinks with a guy( maybe, his worst enemy if you can).
When you see him, you can invite him over or just wave at him and be in your own best mood.

Laugh so hard and make sure, it draws his attention. You guys are friends. It won’t ever look like you are getting back at him but just having fun.

13. Try to initiate a conversation about your new dates.

This one is really good. Ask him if he can spare you his little time.
Perhaps, you can try to get some answers from him on this relationship stuff.

For instance, you can go like this:
You: I don’t know if you are in a position to help me feel relieved from all these relationship burdens. I just feel sad thinking about them.
He will impulsively stop what he is doing to answer you.

Then, bombard him with questions. Make him feel guilty and a little pity for you.
Sometimes, he would object to the first question but he will still say something. You also need to be careful with his words. He might see it as an opportunity to cajole you into being his girl.

Whenever he is coming in that direction, try to choose your words and don’t fall into his trap.

Note: you can just wave it off and reminds him of his new girl and advice him to stay faithful. Lol!

14. flaunt your pictures on social media handles.

The best weapon you can use to make your ex-boyfriend envy is social media(especially Facebook and WhatsApp). Don’t hesitate to flaunt your beautiful pictures on your social media handles.

Show him that you are the best thing that can happen to a man.
He will love to say something and always go with this reply “thanks friend” and nothing else. No ‘love,’ sweetheart, and many of them. Just leave him mad and he will be so jealous of the brim.

15. Invite him for a drink

Yah! Not like you want to steal him back, it is just a random drink for the day.
Ask him when he is less busy, and give him the ‘girlfriend’ act.
Trust me, he won’t waste time accepting your proposal.

dinner time taking drink
All you need to do is to be in an open place. Don’t go too close or stay in a closed place.

16. Don’t get too nosy.

Don’t go about knowing what he is up to. You can just try to bump into his walls or see his post. Drop a comment and leave.
Don’t go and be checking up on his new girl. Just be yourself and stay clear.

17. Avoid posting broken heart messages.

Don’t ever do that, rather post something that keeps him around. Post about your day, your dreams, the things you want to do in the future, and how guys are really into you.
This will drive him crazy cause he is not part of your plans. Make him so jealous to the point, that he comes begging for a second chance.

18. Try to flirt with him

This sounds nasty but it is just for fun and doesn’t go overboard.
You can go to a party with him or hook up with some friends. Just get a little close as if you are craving his touch. At the end of the day, just dismiss him.
Tell him you are now single and need to stay faithful to your future guy and you can’t do anything because you don’t want to betray yourself. You know what to say that will only ignite guilt in his heart.
Don’t worry, he will only be hurt and he will question himself for leaving you.

19. let him know you are happy for him.

Let him know that you will always support him in whatever he does. That you are not angry at what he did in the past.
He might try to console you but let him know you are not weak. You are strong than ever before.

Truth: we all want what we can’t have. Let him feel you from inside whenever you are with another man. This will make him envy you so much.

20. Try to flaunt the next-in-line-guy pictures on your social media.

When you post it, tag him along. He will feel so jealous and he won’t do anything cause you two are friends.
Make sure, you ask him how the other guy looks after posting them and let him do the choosing.
If you can post his enemy pic, just go ahead. All you want to see is that bad look on his face.

21. Crack jokes about your past relationship.

This might sound somehow, but trust me. This will ignite jealousy in his heart. He will wish and wish to have you back.
Tell him how you missed your moments together. Always find a way to crack jokes about it.

Don’t let him off so easily. Make him feel the pains you passed through and tell him you are considering dating again.
This is the best thing to do if you want him back. If not, don’t do it. It is excluded.
Rather, you can just try to compare your new relationship with your past one( if you are already in one).

Post it on your WhatsApp status. You can go like this, ”I never knew I could find a guy who always appreciates you and help you fight your flaws. I haven’t experienced such since I started dating.”
You know what to say to ignite jealousy in his heart, just find something he hasn’t done and post.

Finally: if you want him back, don’t hesitate to let him know, he still has a chance.
Yes! He acted cowardly but nobody is perfect. You might be there trying to make him jealous but deep down, you want him back.

Give him another chance, if you feel like but don’t make it too open for him to come in and mess up again.
Enjoy your show and let me know if these tips are effective for you.

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